Monday, February 20, 2012

A month in review!

Well it looks like its been about a month since I've last blogged...shocker. I'm sure no one cares or notices... except for my daddy, he tends to remind me every time we talk. HI DAD!! :)

So here' s what we've been up to!

{Randy Rogers/My Birthday}

We had an absolute BLAST celebrating mine and Cortney's birthdays and watching our favorite band play!! I still can't believe everyone made it to KC that weekend... it was SO good seeing everyone and another reunion is already on my mind... let the planning begin :)

 {LOVE my sisters.}

 {we had to send this one to my brother... all the women in his life :) He's so lucky. ha!}

{the crew... minus Michelle. Not sure where she went??!!}

 I got some sweet gifts including some fun wine :)

{Thanks Les!}

 {So obsessed with this Middle Sister wine. It says drama queen underneath, so true! Thanks Amy!}

Sunday after the concert Mike was going to take me out to lunch or dinner for my birthday. Of course I did not want to move from the couch that day so he offered to go grab take out from where ever I wanted. He was taking quite a long time and when he finally walked in the door he had a gift in his hand...

He had gone up the street to a little boutique and picked me up earrings and a new wallet. He knows me too well :)  We don't really do gifts so I was completely surprised and he did SO good. I wear the earrings every other day and have gotten so many compliments on the wallet :) He's too sweet to me... love him.


Poor little Aiden has been sick for a few weeks now. Last year he was sick all.the.time. and we've been super lucky up until recently. It started with a high fever and we took him to the doctor to get checked out and he tested negative for strep and his ears and lungs were fine. So, just a virus. We stayed home from school a couple days and thought he was over it. A week later the high fever came back and instead of going straight to the doctor {like we should have} I figured it was the same thing and just gave him ibuprofen. After a few days and he still had a fever I took him in and the poor thing tested positive for strep. This is the first time he's had it and I felt horrible!! It makes sense now because he refused to eat for a few days but when I asked him if his head, tummy, mouth etc. hurt he would always say no :( And most moms know what I'm talking about when I say how annoying it is to take them to the doctor to be sent away with them saying there is nothing they can do... "its just a virus."  I hate those words. I was almost relieved that he finally had something and we could get a prescription to knock it out.  He's still not 100% and this past Friday/Saturday he was running a low fever again. So weird! It's like a vicious cycle!!

Besides being sick, he has been quite the little monster since turning 3. Everyone always warns you about the "terrible 2's" but the truth is 2 is an easy age. SO easy. I would do anything to go back to age 2. ha!

Slowly but surely we will get through this stage. He is super confused about daddy being gone so much lately and it's hard to understand at this age that it's just for a period of time. All Aiden knows is daddy's not home every night anymore and I'm sure that has an effect on him. I think he's really confused and not sure how to communicate it so he's been testing his limits big time and stressing this mommy out to the max!!   Praise the Lord Jesus Mike will be back home this Friday and we can get back to our normal routine and hopefully Aiden will start acting better. If not, at least I wont be alone anymore and Mike and I can tag team this together. ha!

It's not all bad. Somewhere in that strong willed little body, his kind heart still remains. He is still his lovey, cuddly, sweet self at times.

{Valentine's Day}

Most likely Aiden and I will be spending most Valentine's Day's without Mike. It's just a busy time of year for him but it's actually okay and I like the little traditions that Aiden and I are developing.  The Sunday before the holiday we celebrated with Mike. I made a big breakfast and we gave Aiden some treats.

Pretty simple this year. We watched Lady and The Tramp after breakfast and just spent the day as a family. Tuesday we made treats for Aiden's class and got ready for his party!

Heart shaped "krispies" as Aiden calls them... with Toy Story valentine's for his friends.

I found those adorable mugs at Target and they were fairly cheap so I grabbed a couple to give to his teachers.

They had a party in the morning and I'm pretty sure it was a sugar filled day because he was in a MOOD when I picked him up. My mom insisted she take us out to dinner and refused to take no for an answer. Although we didn't have to wait that long, Aiden was acting SO horrible and almost had me in tears at the restaurant.  Even my mom was shocked at his behavior. We made it through dinner and went home and straight to bed. I'm still glad we got to spend the holiday with my mom and it was so sweet and thoughtful of her to want to take us out. {But next year we are sticking with our Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza and parking it at home! ha!} Love you mom!!

 {Shirt courtesy of Grandma Linda! She is the BEST!!}

Once again Mike went above and beyond for this holiday. Some might laugh at his gift for me {and trust me he's gotten made fun of for it}  but I thought it was SO sweet and thoughtful...

Window tinting for my new car :)

Ha!! I know that seems so silly but the week before Valentine's he found a good deal on it and sent me a link asking if I'd like that more than flowers :) DUH I would!!! Who doesn't like getting flowers.... but they are SO expensive.  I mentioned as soon as I got my car that eventually I wanted the windows tinted and he remembered that and made it happen. It might not be the most romantic of gifts but to me it meant the world. I still laugh out loud when I tell people, just because it sounds so funny, but I'm truly ecstatic about it!! Good job babe. 

Well that's our life lately!

Like I said we are BEYOND excited for Mike to be done with this busy season on Friday and we are celebrating by spending the weekend in Manhattan with the Stallbaumer's! They've been wanting us to come and stay with them since they purchased their new home. The plan was to all go to the K State/Iowa State game but with little miss active Ava and Mr. attitude Aiden... we will probably just all watch the game in the comfort of their house. ha! :) I cant' wait to go HOME and spend a relaxing weekend with friends!