Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 Months old!!

He loves his puppy!!
watching the big kids at the park
"SO BIG!!"
our lil man is 10 months old!! We can hardly believe it, seems like yesterday i was pregnant and anxiously awaiting his arrival and now he is a walkin, talkin, lil toddler! Aiden has been walking for few weeks now, he's been taking steps for a while but while i was on my trip (go figure) he decided to walk EVERYWHERE. Its just the cutest thing when they are this small and are walking. He can also wave bye bye and he does "touchdown" and "big boy" (which are the same thing,) he gives kisses and can point to my nose when i ask him "where is mommy's nose?" He also dances when there is any sort of music on. We're working on patty cake and blowing kisses as well as a few other things. Its amazing how smart they are. He also has quite the tude... he knows the word "NO" and does not like it! Im having so much fun looking for ideas for his first birthday and hope to have quite the bash! This has truly been the most amazing and life changing ten months of my life and we are so blessed and grateful for our baby boy. 

Life is good at PaPa's!!

Papa is so funny!!
We love papa's home made doughnuts!!
2 little monkeys jumping on papa's bed!!
they can get away with making the biggest messes here!
aiden's swing,  he loves it!! 

We've been spending a lot of time at my dads house or PAPA's house to the boys. We love it here because the boys just run and run around and chase each other plus he has an amazing deck that over looks the lake. He put a swing out there for aiden and we all just sit for hours. We're sad that the weather is rapidly changing to winter because our days on the deck are coming to a end.  We all still love coming HOME and spending time as a family and enjoy my dads phenomenal cooking. We look forward to many more memories out at papa's house!

Bye Bye Baby Food!!

Aiden has decided he is DONE with baby food. Its been about a month now but since i'm horrible at this blogging thing its new news to our followers. My grandma can sometimes get him to eat it but he refuses for me. He now eats whatever we're eating. I thought i would like this more because baby food was so nasty but im finding that it takes a little more planning and preparation, cant just throw a jar in the diaper bag anymore. Mike and i both LOVE really spicy food but can't cook like that anymore because aiden is eating what we eat. I also have to make sure whatever i order at a restaurant he will be able to eat too. He doesn't eat enough yet to spend the money ordering him his own meal off a kids menu. I am enjoying watching him try tons of new food and seeing what his likes and dislikes are. So far he really enjoys everything we give him. Its funny how he picks out all the meat on his tray and eats it first then the vegetables or fruit. He's definitely a boy and likes his meat!! He's also a bottomless pit and will eat and eat and eat until i just decide he is done. This is just another reminder that our baby is becoming  a little boy and in two short months he will be one year old, my how the time FLIES!!