Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Okay Im going to keep this as short and sweet as I possibly can {who am i kidding, ha} but we're EXHAUSTED from the weekend and ready for bed!!

We had a WONDERFUL Easter weekend!! It started Thursday night with Aiden helping me make an Easter treat, edible birds nests!

Aiden had a little Easter party at school Friday so he got to take his basket to school!

Friday night we dyed eggs and made homemade pizza. I had to work saturday morning til noon so we couldn't head to Hanover til after I got off. So we spent the evening as a family getting ready for our Easter weekend! It was the first time Aiden had dyed eggs... he had fun dunking the eggs in every.single.color. so they all turned out a little different looking. ha! I thought he did a great job and i think he had a good time. Mike and I were both nervous wrecks watching him PLOP the eggs in the dye... but we had a great time as well.

After work Saturday we headed to Joe and Alissa's and all rode to Hanover together. Aiden enjoyed watching his movies in the back seat with the head phones. Unlike our DVD player, thiers has the head phones so the whole car doesn't have to listen to the movie... even though we ended up turning it on the speakers because Aunt Sissa was very interested in the movie CARS and wanted to watch too! :)

{this was on the way home... sorry joe I couldn't resist!!}

When we got to Hanover we picked up Linda and headed to Washington. Our very good friends Brooke and Jeremy were in town from Auburn with their brand new baby girl!! Its been devastating not being able to see this little darling or being with them during the pregnancy and birth. They were there from day 1 with Aiden and we wish we could have done the same for baby Ava. {A family trip to Auburn is in the works so we can see them again soon!!} We visited for awhile, me and linda fought over who got to hold the baby more, and just enjoyed catching up! I brought my camera but failed to take any pics!! :(
Baby Ava is getting baptized tonight so I've been working on a baptism gift for a couple weeks. It was quite the task for me since im not too artistic but I had fun and I wanted to do something very special and home made for sweet Ava. So here it is...

{its a sign they can hang in her nursery}

I hope they liked it!! We LOVED Ava and can't wait to see her again! {and Brooke and Jeremy of course!!}

Aiden was very anxious to get back to grandmas house so he could see his grandpa don who had been working at the farm all day. We all had a nice dinner together, watched a movie and went to bed early!

After putting Aiden to bed I got busy...

Growing up us kids always had to find our Easter baskets in the mornings, the "easter bunny" would hide them. I've yet to hide Aiden's {i will one day!!} but I do hide eggs every year around the house for him to find when he wakes up... its always so fun!

We had everyone up by 7am and Aiden was ready to go!

He checked out his loot for awhile, ate a ton of candy super early and we all got up and around for Church.

gotta love the photo shoot with mommy!!

We got pictures with everyone but grandpa, ron and daddy! Oops!! I was horrible about pictures this year
:( we didn't even get one of our little family of 3, dang!!

We were exhausted after church and I just didn't feel like getting the camera out.Church was really long or maybe it just seemed exceptionally long for us because we have a very squirmy, talkative, attention hog 2 year old! ha! He really did good in church but it just stresses mike and I out because we feel like he takes away from the service for the people surrounding us. He drops his toys so they have to pick them up and he likes to stare at people and they all think he's adorable and funny but we just wish he'd sit still and let everyone enjoy church :)

Afterwards we headed to grandma shirley's and had an amazing Easter lunch with the whole family. 
Aiden is finally of age where he can go outside with the other kiddos and doesn't need our supervision as much. {I still check on him all the time though and he's in good hands with cousin Shelby who is of age to supervise kids!} It was nice to catch up with all of mike's wonderful family members and just hang out. The kids had so much fun hunting eggs, blowing bubbles, playing baseball, using side walk chalk and just running around!!

I was SHOCKED aiden didn't get sick once this weekend. He has a bit of a weak stomach and had enough candy to last him a life time! ha. We are on sugar detox for AWHILE after this Easter weekend.

Sorry this post was very poorly written and all over the place... I really just wanted to get the pictures up!!
We hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend!!!

This week is just as busy as we get ready to head to Manhattan friday!! Baby sis is gettin hitched!!! WOOO HOOO!!! Im so freakin excited! I still dont have a bridesmaids dress that fits but im positive everything will fall into place and it will be a wonderful wedding weekend. So far the weather is saying 75 and sunny and we'll be praying everyday that it remains that way!! Can't wait!!