Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reunited & it feels SO good! {Part 2}

In a mere 48 hrs I will be back in Manhappiness with my beautiful best friends getting ready to celebrate an extraordinary event...

Ramey & Greg's WEDDING!!!!

I can not wait to celebrate their special day. They are truly an amazing couple, and their love for each other is so rare and unexplainable.

 I couldn't imagine a better man to marry my best friend, I know Greg will love her and provide for her "til death do them part" no doubt!!! He has definitely become one of the "girls" and we all just adore him!! Thank you Greg for being such a great guy and for treating our girl Ramey like a queen, we know you'll take good care of her forever!!

 I can not WAIT to see Ramey, I know she is going to make an INCREDIBLY stunning bride. It seems like yesterday we were cruising to cheerleading practice in her blue neon... those were the days!!! I love you SO much and am so happy for you and Greg!!

I also can't wait to spend ALLLL weekend with these loves of my life!!!! If only I could scan in old high school pictures :( We've all been friends for 15+ yrs... CrAzY to think about but very true!! LOVE YOU GIRLS!!! Not sure Manhattan is ready for us all to be back...

the ONLY high school pic... oldie but goodie! ha!

Seriously Can.Not.Wait for this weekend! I haven't stopped smiling ALL week!! Im planning on being like paparazzi and taking a bunch of pics so Ill have a full follow up post after the BIG weekend!

Congrats Ramey and Greg!! We all LOOOVE you guys!!

{Midweek Randoms}

If I wait to do this post after the holiday weekend then there will be TOO much to blog about and I'm not great at doing multiple posts in a timely matter {ha!}... so here's whats been going on lately round here...

:: Putt Putt::
Last week Mike emailed me during the day with an idea of a way to spend our evening.... putt putt! He was playing in a golf tournament Friday and wanted to hit a bucket of balls to get warmed up so he found a place that had both. I picked up Aiden after work and we met Mike at Smileys! Aiden's become more interested in golf lately so I though he'd love it... and he did, for about 2 seconds. Ha! He definitely didn't understand the concept (which is understandable for a 2 yr old) but had a good time hitting his ball and running around.


Friday night I met my girl friend Michelle for dinner, then we went to FINALLY see Bridesmaids!! Hands down the FUNNIEST movie E.V.E.R!!! I was lunging out of my seat I was laughing so hard... and I was SO embarrassed to leave the theatre because ALL my make up was smeared down my face since I was bawling from laughing so hard. I can not wait to see it again and will for sure be purchasing it! If you haven't seen it... please go IMMEDIATELY!!!

:: Last weekend: Saturday::

Mike went to another bachelor party this past weekend back in Manhattan so it was just me and Aiden on Saturday! After he took a late nap we got out of the house to run some errands. We went to home goods, Target and Old Navy and as usual Aiden made out like a bandit at all 3 places. New polos, pajamas, movie, hand soap (ha! ) and a bike helmet. He's not spoiled... nope, not at all. :)
LOVE Marshall's!

(Aiden spotted these and really wanted them... I was fine with it, I think its fun to have cool soap in our bathroom so he WANTS to wash his hands. ha!}

We finished up at Fire House Subs having a sandwich for dinner. Its a neat little place and Aiden liked the fire trucks and the "helmet" he received for his meal. We had a great time together, I love my one on one time with my lil man!!

My mom came over when we got back to the house and we all watched his new movie BOLT.

 He always sleeps with me when Mike is gone... but this time he was ALL over the place and I barely slept an hour! I think we'll be done with that now... ha!

::Last weekend: Sunday::
I knew we'd be spending ALL of Sunday at Sarah and Derek's pool so thats why we used Saturday to run errands. Me and Aiden were out the door by 10am and headed to walmart to pick up sub sandwiches for the pool and some other snackies as well as the stuff to make cheesy hashbrown casserole to go with our family dinner.

I had talked to Sarah earlier in the week about our sunday plan, pool &  family dinner, and showed her a Pioneer Woman recipe that we HAD to make.

Pioneer Woman's Pork Sandwiches w/ Cilantro- Jalapeno Slaw

Aiden had fun at the pool and has become quite the little fishy!  Thank goodness!! He has always liked the pool but last summer was a little hesitant about having any water in his face. He also hates it when I pour water on his head in the bath tub. I knew this would be the summer that he really would be able to "swim" on his own and was really concerned that he would hate it and want nothing to do with it. Which would not be okay because we LIVE at the pool in the summer time!

Enter ugly swim jacket floaty thing....

I've never been a fan of these things, so bulky and ugly {sorry, just my opinion} but I bought it a couple weekends ago when we spent the day swimming at Kelley's. It was a LIFESAVER!! He let me put it right on (he refused to wear floaties when I tried those) and got right into the pool!! phew!  He swims all over by himself and is getting braver and braver each time we go to the pool. Hallelujah! :0)

Nana took him in for a nap in the afternoon giving me an hour or so to hang with the siblings then we all headed back to sarah and derek's to get dinner ready.  The PW recipe was a huge hit as well as my cheesy hashbrown casserole and my moms strawberry jello pretzel dessert. It was a great day with the fam and we were exhausted! Pretty sure we were in bed at 9pm on Sunday :)

::Coffee Mate::
On a TOTALLY random note... I had to warn you all {try at your own risk} about the Coffee Mate Natural Bliss. I saw these new beautiful bottles at the store and was intrigued. I was even more impressed by the 4 simple, all natural  ingredients.

I purchased the vanilla AND the sweet cream, thinking they both sounded succulent.


 I thought they were absolutely disgusting. A feeling I can't even put into words about how they tasted. I thought at first I liked the vanilla but the more I drank it the more I dry heaved. {sorry, TMI} Im not sure what it was about them but lesson learned...Ill stick to my peppermint mocha, and french vanilla from now on!

::Summer Reads::

Im not a reader. Never have been, probably never will be. {it makes me SO sleeeepy!!ha} I usually only pick up a book when one is highly reccommended by my book worm sister, Amy, or a fellow blogger. Which is why I decided to read Water For Elephants. It was a really good book,  and now I'm excited to see the movie which I'vealso heard is really good!! It was part of my mother's day present along with another book from the same author, Ape House,  but that book worm sister I was telling you about borrowed it and I haven't gotten in back yet.

Its fine though, I needed a change of genre and just started reading Heart of The Matte,r by Emily Griffin. LOVE HER. This will be my fourth book of hers that I've read and they are all SO good. One of my faves, Something Borrowed, has been made into a movie, and once I again I can't wait to see it!!

Other Summer Reads on my list include....
Heaven Is for Real & The Help. That should keep me occupied for the next couple months. Im really enjoying spending the evenings outside reading in my lawn chair while Aiden wears himself out  plays.

::Aiden's New Bicycle::

Aiden LOVES bikes. Every time he sees a kid riding one he  just STARES in envy.  A while back my friend told me about Balance Bikes....Problem was they are around $100 :(   He already has MORE than enough to ride and play with right now, so we decided it wasn't a necessary purchase at the time. I had told Mike's mom about it and apparently she REALLY thought he needed one and did more research. She called a couple weeks ago saying she found one for $50 and asked if it was okay if she went a head and ordered it. Of course we said yes!!
{Similar to the one she ordered}

Unfortunately the company sent her the wrong bike :( But they sent her a $100 bike and she only paid $50... so were thinking about keeping the one they sent, since she got a DEAL. We'll see them this weekend for the 4th and they are bringing the bike so we'll see if its going to be too big or not.

{the one they sent}

Aiden will love either one that's for sure!!! Of course we had to go get a CARS bike helmet :)