Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's Recap....

Sorry, I've been in a blogging FUNK. I love to blog, and I LOVE to read blogs but man do these posts  take time!! With work full time, then coming home and making dinner, cleaning up dinner, playing outside, bath then bed time... I'm just beat!! I actually started this post weeks ago and finally today (since Im home with a sick lil boy) got to sit down and finish it. horrible...

 So that explains my blog laziness....I'm sorry!

So let's recap the past month... {ha!}

:: Sarah's Wedding::
 It was an incredible weekend I must say! There really isn't a point to add pictures when you can just see my sister Amy's post about it HERE and Sarah's posts about it HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE! Happy reading, ha!

Oh and here is the the photograher's {who is also a dear friend of ours and was 7 months prego photographing the wedding. She is AMAZING!!} video of Sarah and Derek's pictures she took. They are all stunning and she put it to their wedding song which makes me bawl every time I hear it. I've only watched the video 3 billions times... which I think is pretty good :)

I do have to say one thing and that is Sarah married a wonderful man and into and incredible family. To be in a relationship and then marry one of us LONG girl's is not an easy thing... we are dramatic, emotional, demanding, controlling, high maintenance woman! { who are also loving, nuturing, affectionate,  fun, smart, and beautiful, duh.  ;) }  I am completely confident that Sarah has married someone who will love, care and provide for her, FOREVER and that is SO comforting to me as the protective older sister! ;)

His family is equally incredible... he comes from wonderful parents who adore Sarah and would do anything for the both of them. They did an incredible job on the rehearsal dinner incorporating Sarah's wedding colors grey, yellow and white. Derek's whole family was decked out in the wedding colors both Friday and Saturday and I just thought it was the cutest sweetest thing. I love all things coordinating and matching! ha!

 {total meltdown. look at my face! this pic makes me laugh out loud every time!}

 He also has a super sweet older sister who is married and pregnant with her 4th child. Very sweet family and a lot of fun! {Sarah would like 4 children of her own too... lord help Derek's parents. ha! ;) }

It was just a very long anticipated event that turned out more amazing than we could have ever imagined.
Congrats Sarah and Derek!!! Love you guys!!

{unfortunately Aiden got sick at about 4am the day of the wedding. vomitting :(  We were hoping if he even got a little better we'd put him in his tux just so Sarah had him in her wedding pics but no dice. He actually got progressively worse. Such a bummer! Mike's parent had come up for the wedding but went and stayed with him so Mike could come instead. So sweet of them. I can't believe he wasn't a part of the day at all :( He did so great at the rehearsal though, we were so proud of him.}

::Mother's Day 2011::
This was my 3rd Mother's Day! So hard to believe! We had a wonderful day as a little family. Mike and aiden took me to the  bookstore to buy a couple books that I've been wanting to read then to Home Depot to pick out flowers to plant in our yard. Mike was going to get me perfume but I hinted enough that the ONLY thing I wanted to do on Mother's Day was plant flowers and that's exactly what we did. He always pulls through for me :)  We spent the whole afternoon outside, I planted, Mike washed the car and Aiden soaked us time and time again with his favorite new toy... the garden hose. ha!

I love my flowers!!! So happy about them!! {I just have to keep them alive now :)}
Aiden is the best help ever and will water them while I sit on the porch and watch. He is obsessed with watering them, I dont have the heart to tell him no but Im alittle concerned we're maybe over watering them! Ha!

We ended the day having my mom, brother and Sarah & Derek over to grill out some yummy burgers and dogs. It was THE BEST DAY... it always is :)

::Engagement Party::
Last weekend we attended an engagement party for my bestie Mandy and her fiance Brady! It was such a good time and I can't wait for their wedding in MEXICO, February 2011!! Im REALLY  hoping Mike and I can attend. It would be such a fun vacation with all our favorite people and a beautiful wedding celebrating an amazing couple. Mandy picked out her dress last night and sent me a pic... UNREAL. She looks sooo gorgeous, I this dress on her in mexico. period. :)
Mandy's sister was the coordinator of the party as well as Mandy's BF Megan. Michelle, Stacey and I were in charge of cake and decorations! Stacey had our friend lindsey do the cake and it was adorable! Tasted amazing too!! I feel bad because as soon as I knew I was in charge of decorations I ran with it... I didn't even give Stacey and Michelle a chance to help. oops. I can't help I LOVE this kind of stuff! I ran out that night and gathered stuff for centerpeices and sent them a mobile pic within hrs with what I came up with. I wanted to do a subtle beach theme since they are doing a destination wedding and tried to incorporate colors that Mandy had mentioned wanting to use. I changed things up a bit the day of the party and incorporated some yellow but unfortuntately I did not have my camera that night :( such a bummer! Im pretty sure Mandy's dad took a bunch of pics so maybe he got some of the decorations. All I have is my mobile pic that I sent the girls :)

I fell in love with these flowers at Michaels and HAD to use them. They were a pretty reddish coral color, so bright and fun! I borrowed some vases left over from Sarah's wedding and filled them with sand and sea shells and put the flower in. Tied a grey bow around it and spray painted a bunch of  grey B's since their last name will be Bannister :)
The party turned out REALLY cute and we had a grea time celebrating their engagement!!

Our little guy is SO much fun! He makes us laugh and keeps us thoroughly entertained every single day! His reports at school have been a lot better {mark my word, I JUST jinxed myself. happens every time} and it makes me so happy. He is a good kid, he's just ALL BOY and gets a little wound up when he's around other kids and has a hard time listening. Typical 2 yr old boy that's all it is.

He talks great and in full sentences. Its so nice that he can communicate what he wants and how he feels.

He is fully potty trained and hardly ever has accidents. We still do a pull up at night but we're about to nip that in the butt. A couple times we've forgotton to put one on and he'll wake up if he has to go. So really the pull up is just hindering him and not helping move forward at all. We're just going to use up what we have then not buy anymore. He'll be just fine.

His favorite thing ever is CARS. Like obsessed. I might have lied and told him we left it at nana's just so we dont have to watch it as much. {even though I love it almost as much as he does and it doesn't bother me to watch it, I just dont think HE needs to watch is as much as he does} We cannot wait for Cars 2 to come out at the end of the month. It will be his first movie we take him too in the theatre! Wish us luck :)

He still loves Thomas the Train and anything pertaining trains, coloring, and a new found love for trucks and tractors. He is playing with the toy trucks every day when I pick him up from school. The bigs ones that he can run with while scooting them on the ground. He's obsessed. He'll do it at home too, my favorite is when he leaves his old, metal, legit John Deere tactor in our bedroom and I trip over it. Can't believe I haven't broken my foot on it. Hurts SO bad! 
Every morning on our way to school/work he points at every semi, dump truck, trash truck etc and says
"mommy yook, thats a BIG ol' truck! I like big ol' trucks!"  Too funny ;)

He also loves books and Im realizing we need to invest in some new ones. He has a ton for 0-18 months but we're lacking ones that are more age appropriate for 2-3 yr olds. Need to start looking....
Daddy reads to him most every night and even takes him to the library when he can.

If Aiden had his way he'd be outside all day every day. I love that he loves playing outdoors and would rather do that than play inside. Growing up I was outside every chance I got, sun up til sun down and I think that's how it should be. Fresh air and physical activity! We usually go out every night if weather permits and play til dinner. Its always a knock.down.drag.out. getting him inside.  He loves to water my flowers, play on his 4 wheeler, "mow" the yard,  blow bubbles, RUN, fly his kite, push his strollers around, croquet, golf, you name it he loves it, if it involves being outside.

I need to write down some of the fun things he's doing and saying and make my next post all about him.

Here are a few quotes just from the past two days...

On our way to school he was throwing a fit wanting a drink of my water, as soon as I gave it to him I hear
"goodness gracious mommy!"

Today he put his flip flops on and said to me
"mommy I got to paxton's house RIGHT NOW!!" - he is very anxious to spend Memorial weekend in El dorado!

Last night while watching Gnomeo and Juliet he says
"mommy, im over this."

One night recently we were running really late with bed and bath and Mike had just got done mowing so he asked Aiden if he just wanted to take a shower with him. Aiden said YES! and its now his favorite thing! He's taken a few with me too! I think for right now its fine, and it really is so much faster and we're in and out but its still weird! He's 2 he should LOVE baths!
Now when we say its bath time he says "no mommy, I shower." Im pretty sure if I let him shower he would.... ha!

He's also very smart! Not only can he count past 10 and say the alphabet... I can point to letters and numbers and he knows what they are! When we were out side we were looking at our license plate and he could tell me ALL the letters and numbers on it just by looking at them! Such a smart kid... just like daddy!

I could go on and on about Aiden... he really is something else. Im so proud to be his mom... he truly complestes me! Ill try for a week to keep track of what he's doing and saying and he can have his own post! I need to take more pics too!!

Dont think I've forgotten about him :) He's keeping busy with work and likes to spend the weekends relaxing. Im sure he'd like to golf more, it just seems to be bad weather every time he wants to go! Work is going well and Im pretty sure he is enjoying what he does and really enjoys the people he works with. He occasionally does the Happy Hour thing with them and maybe they'll be more get togethers now that its summer and nicer weather. He recently went to Manhattan for a recruiting thing. It was an outdoor BBQ so he had a brilliant to make something that made Deloitte really stand out. Corn Hole!! Im pretty sure you all know what that is but Mike decided to make his own from start to finish. He put a LOT of hard work into it {slightly OCD} and they turned out GREAT!! He even had his mom sews the bags together and a lady in Hanover screen printed Deloitte on them. Wish I had a pic, they are so cute!

He even ordered these lights that go in the hole so you can play at night. They turned out REALLY cool! Im bugging him to make K-State ones for football season/tailgating! :)
Other than that he doesn't have too much else going on. His best friend is getting married in July and he's the best man so he's planning the bachelor party coming up in a couple weekends. I can only imagine the shenanigans going down that weekend. Ha!

I think that pretty much sums up our life lately! Nothing too crazy! :)
We are soooo pumped for Memorial weekend and spending it with the family!! Lots of sun, food and FUN!!!