Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up!

This might be the most boring post I have ever done but Im really trying to post more often, Im trying to keep everyone updated and informed on what Mr. Aiden is up to these days!

Honestly we didn't do too much this weekend. The plan was to go to El Dorado and help my sister Sarah watch my niece and nephew while my other  sister Amy and her hubs were in Vegas. Last minute I decided to stay at home. Snow was predicted plus last weekend was crazy busy so  I decided it would be best to stay home and just get some things done around the apartment.

Friday I got off work at 2... I had big plans to go to the gym and target but once I got home and put my pajamas on I knew we wouldn't be doing ANYTHING. It was really nice to just stay in and play with aiden. We ate pizza and snuggled and went to bed early. Mike works most every friday night so its usually just me and lil man!

The one thing I wanted to accomplish this weekend was "aiden proofing" the kitchen. We have been using a gate to block off the kitchen up until now. We can't cook or clean the kitchen with out him standing at the gate SCREAMING. I never wanted him in the kitchen because it just grossed me out, no matter how much I swept and cleaned the floor I didn't want him to be crawling and playing on it so we just blocked it off. So every time we go in the kitchen we have to step over a gate. Not a big deal for us but I know its a pain for my grandma when she watches aiden. Plus since we live in an apartment we didn't want to drill holes in the cupboards to put the latches on. Well screw that now! Ha! Mike, Aiden and I headed out saturday morning to bed bath and beyond and target. We got everything we needed to make the kitchen "aiden friendly." We even got him his own little pots and pans set and gave him his own drawer in the kitchen. I filled it with his new set plus a bunch of utensils we don't really use. As soon as he saw the drawer and what was inside he said WOW! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen and he loves his drawer and it keeps him completely occupied. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! (Except im a bad mommy and didn't photograph anything. I will try to get some soon!)

It was nice to spend the day as a family! I did get some pics of aiden looking handsome in ONE of his valentine shirts mike's mom made. I figured since he has 3 he should wear one on saturday. He has a matching hat she made but he refuses to keep it (or any other hat) on. And he refuses to let me take his picture these days so here are the ones i managed to snap.

Hopefully I can get some this weekend with his hat on, its just TOO CUTE!!

Here is Aiden eating dinner, we're working on using a fork and spoon!

But sometimes its just easier to use my hands!!
On Sunday morning I got a call from Mike's parents. They needed an "Aiden Fix"  (it had only been a week since they saw him last) so they were heading to Manhattan to spend the afternoon. They are so sweet and they love him SOOO much!!  We got ready, they picked us up and we all headed to wal-mart then to visit mike and uncle hoop at work. Aiden had fun running around Willies and The Pub because it was the middle of the afternoon so it was dead. There were a couple tables at first and Aiden of course had to show off  for them.  He even walked up to the complete strangers and put his arms up like "hold me."  Oh Aiden... 
He was so running so fast it was hard for me to get pics, he would not stand still for a second!

Once Mike got off work we all ate some yummy food I had made for our own little Super Bowl party and just watched the game. Aiden kept us quite entertained... he found some wax paper we must of missed while "aiden proofing" and I just let him play with it for a bit, I had plenty more and he enjoyed unrolling it so much! He also played his new game of putting his sippy cup through his b-ball goal. The cup gets stuck he gets mad and throws a fit and I have it get it out for him... its a blast :) I can honestly say I didn't pay too much attention to the game and was on the internet once aiden went to bed and although he probably wont admit it, Mike slept through the 2nd half of the game :)

Very Excited for HEART DAY this coming weekend!! Once again we don't really have plans but I like it that way! We have Cole's 1st birthday on sunday then we planned on spending the rest of the holiday together at home. Nothing better! I have monday off so it'll be a great long weekend.