Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Pictures

So a few weeks ago when we all got together in KC we had some family photos taken. My dad has a new office and was saying the picture he has of us siblings was from the early 90's! AHH! We thought it'd be nice to take some pics so not only dad but ALL our family members can have some updated photos of us kids. Tony works with an great girl who also happens to be an amazing photographer. Cassy was SO sweet and patient and did a great job. I personally hate myself in ALL the pictures but I think everyone else looks great and even though we didn't "plan" outfits we all ended up having really great colors that coordinated nicely. We did it early in the morning before it got too hot and we went to Loose Park. Aiden was not cooperative at all but she somehow got some great shots.

The biggest bummer is that Mike couldn't be in KC that weekend therefore he isn't in the pics! :(  He is working so hard studying for his CPA exams as well as trying to make money and provide for us so he really couldn't get away that weekend. Im sure we can all get together again once we move there and get some with him in it. I felt like a "single mom" in the pics of just me and aiden. I didn't like that at all, we are a family and it just doesn't look right with out him!

You can CLICK on the collages to make them bigger and easier to see. Enjoy!!

We had a great time and I think my siblings, niece,nephew and son are BEAUTIFUL and I'm so very blessed to have such a wonderful family!

If your in the KC area here is Cassy's site. Check her out... she is really sweet and does a phenomenal job! Thanks Cassy!