Thursday, July 22, 2010

under construction

TCBOTB was going to delete my back ground tomorrow. Didn't really read why exactly, something to do with photobucket. There was a way to fix it so it didn't get deleted but i messed it up and my back ground was gone. Oops. So I deleted everything and since we have ZERO plans this weekend Ill hopefully get a new back ground and header completed as well as AIDEN'S post!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have been looking forward to this past weekend for weeks now and it went by SOO fast :(  The point of the trip was to go wedding dress shopping with my baby sis then since the Royals had a night game we decided to go to that as well.

I got up at 5:40am saturday morning and got ready and out the door with Aiden. Sadly Mike could not join us :( He had to work and also had to STUDY!  STUDY! STUDY! He took his 1st test for the CPA exam on Monday in Lincoln. 1 down, 3 to go! yea!!

So as soon as I got to KC sarah had breakfast all ready for us and we ate and headed to her 1st appt. Derek and Josh took the boys over to Kelley's house to swim and grill out. They had SO much fun!

Sarah is NOT a shopper and HATES to try on clothes so she was not too excited to go dress shopping. I think she is NUTS!! This is every girls dream! I told her I would gladly try on all the dresses for her :) She had it in her mind that she would for sure find the dress at the first appt and would be canceling her second one. She even hoped the first one she tried on would be THE ONE. Well we thought it was THE ONE but insisted she try on more. I felt like I was on say yes to the dress, one of my favorite shows on TLC. After seeing some of the dresses the consultant picked I piped up and asked if she had anything a little more simple. A couple of the dresses she had chosen were pretty full and sarah is so petite they just swallowed her. She ended up bringing out a really simple gown and a belt... they are super popular right now. We didn't think Sarah would be the one to cry when she found the one but sure enough she did as did we all. It was SO stunning! She doesn't like veils but didn't think she would feel right walking down the aisle with out one so we picked one out and all together its absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait for APRIL!! It can't get here soon enough. Now that she has her dress, venue, flowers etc we can look for bridesmaid dresses that will cordinate and Im super pumped. Its all going to be so amazing, I can't wait for her special day!!

After dress shopping we headed to lunch. It was SO hot we were boiling and the first few places downtown we tried were only open M-F. Apparently corporate america gives these restaurants enough business during the week they dont need to be open weekend.s I still think thats super annoying and weird. After walking what seemed like a mile in WEDGES I was hot, feisty and hungry! We ended up driving to West Port and eating at a great restaurant there called McCoy's

Miss Harper got so much attention, she is such a doll.

We headed back to Sarah's and the boys returned from swimming. After taking a quick power nap we all got ready and headed to the Royals game. I was so excited to take aiden to his first royals game. And it was even more special that he got to enjoy it with his cousin Pax. They had matching shirts, SO cute! As soon as we got there we headed to find seats in the shade. Wish we would have seen the escalator or elevator because me and my brother carried aiden in his stroller 4 flights of stairs! I didn't feel so bad about that hotdog i ate after that :) As soon as we sat down one of the royals players hit a GRAND SLAM! It was awesome! The crowd went crazy and there were fireworks which Aiden loves! We couldn't sit for long because aiden is 18 mo and thats just not an option with him so after eating we headed to the kids area. The boys rode the carousel and thats it... the lines were too long and the playground was packed... a kidnappers dream. So we went and watched the fountains and headed home. We were still there 3 hrs and that was plenty of time.

I planned on giving aiden a bath but after coming down from changing I found aiden asleep in Josh's arms. It was too cute, poor little guy was exhausted!!

I decided to head to bed early and forgoed staying up with everyone and having some drinks. Im glad I did because not only did we have family pics in the morning but aiden woke up with a tummy ache and threw up at about 1:20am. Gotta love that! :) He was fine, we just ate a bunch of crap that day so it didn't sit well. Poor baby, it was ALL my fault, I should have known. Lesson Learned!!

My brother's co worker took some pics of us siblings, significant others and kiddos on sunday morning at Loose Park. It was  a nice morning and the park is gorgeous. There were TONS of other people and photographers taking pics that day. We havn't had pics taken in years so hopefully some turned out good. Aiden was a little stinker and didnt want to stay put, smile or even look at the camera. AHH! I'm so sad mike wont be in them... I felt like such a single mom taking pics with just me and aiden. I didn't like that at all!! I can't wait to share them as soon as we get them back. The photographer was a doll and super sweet and incredibly patient. Maybe Ill have her take some more for us once we get to kc!

It was a great weekend and I love spending time with my family. I can't wait to be in KC with them, I already have a list of things I want to do when we get there. Mike will be working a lot so Ill be spending lots of time with them!

I've decided I need to start blogging more often so i dont keep doing these ridiculously long posts. They are super long and boring... sorry.

Up next ... what you've all been waiting for... a post All About  Aiden! This little guy is up to all sorts of things these days! Can't wait to share!! (I promise... less talking and more pictures! yea!)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Wishing everyone a SAFE and HAPPY 4th of July!! I bought Aiden his own lawn chair at Wal-Mart last night. Not a huge fan of the color but it was that or pink :) He is having so much fun with it already and we're praying for some sun so we can sit outside, play in his pool and sprinkler and enjoy the holiday weekend!
Here he is testing it out last night in the living room. I had him all dressed up in his red white and blue for daycare yesterday...too cute.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Silence for Cohen...

I can't imagine... I cry just thinking, talking and reading about it. My prayers are with THIS family today.