Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I'm Lovin Thursday!

Okay so I dont really have anything for ya today!! We just had a great weekend with family and I LOVED that!! Here's a few things to tide you over til I have something else :)

I did LOVE how the bridal shower we gave for my cousin turned out!
 We had SO much fun planning it and decorating! Kayla is beautiful and I can't wait for her wedding in a little over a month!!

I also loved helping my baby sis get ready for her engagement photos! I can't wait to see how they turned out { Can you tell she got a spray tan ;) ha! ha! ha!}

I LOVE these cousins! Pax and Aiden are best friends and they both ADORE Harper! Its just the sweetest thing...

Im lovin dressing Aiden in his Halloween shirts!! I think  he has 5... one for every day next week!! he he

Lovin my new BOOTS! Yup that's right I found them!! Actually the sweestet friend of ours from Mike's home town {its his best friend Matt's mom!} Denise e mailed me last week saying she was looking through an ad she received in the mail and thought she saw the boots I had posted about. She included a link to the store and she was RIGHT!!! I was like a kid on Christmas! I told Mike I loved Denise and was going to marry her! ha!
So you'll never guess where the boots are from...

I was SOO shocked!! I thought the reason Natasha didn't post where she found them was because they were outrageous expensive... um nope they're from Kohl's and I got them for $60. I know that still sounds expensive but boots are ridiculous and all the other ones I've found are atleast $100.. no way. They are pretty tall and I have extremely short legs... like freakishly short... so with skinny jeans and a long shirt and the boots I look like i dont even have legs. Oh well. I still love them and will rock them all winter long. ha!Thanks again Denise!!!

Sorry they were just some simple, silly things Im lovin this week but that's all I got :) Happy Thursday!!

LOVE my boys!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buckaroo Preview!

Im getting so EXCITED for Aiden and Harpers joint Buckaroo birthday party coming up in December! My go-to site... Hostess with The Mostess  just happened to post a lil buckaroo party for an Aidan (that's the way they spelled it, i didn't spell my sons name wrong. ha!) turning 2! Its meant to be :) Here is a sneak preview of what we have in mind... trust me it WONT be this extravagant but one can dream, right?!?

we HAVE to have that cake!! Im obsessed!!

For ms. harper ellison. She is going to look A- freakin -Dorable!!

Mike's mom (thank you linda!!!) combined these two looks I found and whipped Aiden up a vest and chaps. SOO cute! You'll get to see that soon since its his Halloween costume as well!!

Can't Wait!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Things I'm Lovin!

Im back with a few things I'm lovin! My sweet girl Heather faithfully did her post last Thursday like a good girl and I'm the slacker who didnt do it. But hey I said I would TRY to do it Thursdays :)

1. WEDDINGS! - Starting with my cousin Kayla's coming up SO soon in November! And my baby sis's of course. Its been so fun watching her plan, she has done everything herself and I'm so proud of her! We went shopping this weekend for outfits for her engagement photos THIS coming weekend! Im so excited and can't wait to see how they turn out. She is using our friend and amazing photographer Beth Meysenburg!! Her work is to.die.for so I can just imagine how stunning they will be :) Also this past week Mike's best friend Matt and his gf Genie got engaged! We are so happy for them and Mike was asked to be the best man in their wedding. We can't wait to celebrate with them! And lastly but certainly not least my very very very bestestestestest friend PAIGE has finally set her date to marry the love of her life Zane! She is having a casual yet beautiful beach wedding in Oregon and I couldn't imagine missing it for the world. Me and our other besties are planning away and although our first seach for flights showed $500 Im confident we'll eventually find a deal. (fingers crossed!!)  Im hoping Mike can join me that weekend in March and we can get away together (for once!) to celebrate her special day. I can't wait and am so anxious to visit Oregon for the first time!
CANNON BEACH!! (where the wedding will be) B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!

2. Cognac Boots! Actually... its more like ALL boots. he he.
So Natasha over at A Day In The Life posted these boots on her fall fashion post and although she divulged where she got everything else she never said where she got these and Im DYING to know!! I desperatley need them in my life right NOW!! They are so beautiful and I can just see them with some dark skinny jeans... be still my heart!! My sis Sarah said she found some similar at Von Maur so I might have to check them out but wah wah wah I want these!!! ;)
ps, why are boots SOOO expensive. Such a bummer!

3. Bribery :)

= potty training success???

Not yet... but we haven't tried TOO hard we are just introducing it and seeing if he's interested.

 At daycare he is one of the youngest so a lot of them are potty trained. The teachers said once Aiden saw the big kids going he would definitely want to try himself and boy were they right! At school though, not at home :( They'll have him sit every thirty min at school for a few hrs and so far he has only gone once. But I think thats great! He isn't even 2 yet so Im not pushing it at all! We went with just buying him a toilet seat (elmo of course!) instead of a potty chair because we wanted to be consistent with what he is used to at daycare. They have a real toilet but is super low to ground... Im sure you all remember the ones they had when we were in kindergarten right??? So I wanted to keep him doing that so we just bought a seat to go on our big toilet. We bought some M&Ms and plan to give him one when he goes... but no luck yet. We'll keep trying and Ill keep you posted!

 4. Coffeemate!
Can we just talk about ALL those yummy flavors!!?? Im OBSESSED to say the least!! Peppermint mocha will always be my numero uno no matter what! But this past week I tried caramel apple and once again Coffeemate has stole my heart. It is SO yummy! It tastes like Fall in a bottle :) I almost went crazy at Price Chopper the other day because they were all on sale... I literally grabbed 2 peppermint mochas, 1 caramel apple, 1 gingerbread and 1 pumpkin spice. Thankfully I pulled on my own reins and put back the gingerbread and pumpkin. I get nervous trying new things, especially when it involves spending money on them so if anyone has tried either of those please give me a review!! PLEASE go try the peppermint mocha and caramel apple because you will NOT be disappointed I promise!!

5. A NEW DO! which I haven't got the courage to do yet... but isn't it so fun!? Or maybe I just love SARAH at For the Love... I mean could she be any cuter???!! She is so tiny and beautiful so she can pull off the do, I think my face is too fat. Maybe one day... Ill just dream of it for now :)
                                 (click to enlarge collage for a better peek at the do)

Thanks for listening to me ramble about Things I'm Lovin!! Please join in anytime!!

             And I can't complete the post with out sharing someone Im ALWAYS lovin...

(I have no new pics of lil man... but Im ALWAYS ALWAYS loving him too!! )

Adjusting...(and holy picture overload!)

We are really starting to adjust to our new life in KC! It doesn't feel like a weekend getaway anymore and I've realized we're not going back to Manhattan come Sunday night. I can honestly say its starting to feel like Home.

Mike is enjoying his new job. His team has been working on two accounts both in Topeka right now so he leaves at 6:45am and gets home at 6:45pm. Its not that bad but it WILL get worse. We had a get together with some of his co workers last night and it was a great time. Everyone is so nice and although his "team" will change with each new account, its nice that they do these kick off parties and I get the chance to meet the people he works with for weeks at a time. I just can't get over how cute he looks all grown up :0) Im also so impressed with  how cooperative he has been come weekends. Im a go go go type person and he is NOT. So I thought he'd get a little grumpy when I jam pack our weekends with things to do, after his long work week, but he has been so easy going and completely up for it all! He's really great... I should probably tell him that more often than I do :)

I'm back working full time as well! The president of my old bank called in a favor and got me a job at a bank his old friend is the president of. So I pretty much got a job handed to me and I'm so grateful. Im not sure working at a bank is what I really want to be doing for the rest of my life but it works out good for us now so we'll just have to see. Everyone is nice and I caught on really quick last week. They use completely different software for EVERYTHING... just my luck! I enjoy learning new things though so its been really interesting and Im really liking it. I get sad though because working for CFNB was amazing and I miss my friends there SOOO much, why can't they just open a branch in KC!?!? :(  Maybe one day...

Aiden is going to daycare now! We call it "school" :) He is adjusting really well! The first day broke my heart when I had to leave. He had the biggest alligator tears I've ever seen and I wanted to grab him and just go home! Instead I had my own bawl fest in the car on the way to work. They give me a written report at the end of each day saying what he ate and how much, when he slept and for how long, what activites they did, when he went to the bathroom and all that good stuff. Its great. He has eaten really well and has gone on the potty ONCE last week! That's something we're starting to work on with him!

 His naps have NOT been great. He was taking 3 hr naps the week I was home with him and sleeping 8pm-8am. He is now sleeping 8pm-6am and taking a 1 hr nap. I think the longest he has slept at daycare was almost an hour and a half. Not good! They say he goes to sleep just fine, but he wakes up after an hour. So weird! I think it might just take another week or so. His teachers are sweet and are really trying to figure out anything they can to keep him asleep. They even made a "tent" over his cot to make it darker. Since he is OVERLY tired when I pick him up it makes the rest of the evening, the time we get with him, REALLY hard. He is so grumpy and it breaks my heart! After I pick him up I go home and start dinner which is nearly impossible to do  because he is just wailing and tugging on my shirt. I've tried to put off dinner and just hang with him for awhile but that still doesnt help. He still just cries and cries and can't communicate what he wants, even though I know... Sleep.  It will get better... its only been a week.

 I can't get over how much older and smarter he gets every day. The whole car ride home he is jabbering away all these new words and talking about his "fiends." Its adorable. He is such a little boy these days!

So we are getting a long just fine in the big city... we've done the Deanna Rose Farmstead TWICE. We checked out the River market and this past weekend was spent relaxing with lots of family time. Its been great having Tony, Sarah and Derek, Mom, Dad and Kelly, Joe and Alissa, SO many family members so close again!  I wish I could just get Amy and her family her and Mike's parents and I'd be the happiest girl ever :) I also LOVE having girlfriends to spend time with!

Life is CrAzY lately and we have something planned every weekend from here on out! Lots of fun stuff so Im excited yet exhausted thinking about it. Sorry for the boring post just wanted to update on our life lately.