Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Im Lovin Wednesday!

Once again I'm linking up over at Jamie's blog! This is fun :)

Here are some randoms Im loving right now....


Im LOVING the fact that we can get the coffee ready at night, set the timer for 6am and its made when we wake up!! When I can smell the coffee from our bedroom... it really does help me get out of bed!! We used to do this religiously in our apartment but stopped doing it when we moved... just too lazy to do it at night I guess.
{thats so sad, it takes TWO seconds, we're pretty pathetic. ha!}
Im just glad we   I got back in the habit of doing it because there is really nothing better than waking up and having the coffee waiting for you.  Simple.little.Pleasures :)

While Im on the subject of coffee....

Im LOVING this Simply Smooth Folgers. I grabbed it on a whim at the store last time.
I do NOT like the taste of black coffe... ew. So I always use creamer and 1 sweet and low but with this stuff I dont need the sweet and low! {baby steps people!!}
I think I MAY even like it black... but not trying that anytime soon. It is what it says it is.. simple and smooth!! Try it!

:...No WILW post would be complete with out some sort of food Im loving...:

This stuff is SOOO not helping the low carb low sugar plan I was attempting...
oh well its absolutely

:..For Mr. Aiden Im loving...:

SOLO brand makes cups for kids! I love those cups :) Unfortunately I have not seen the sesame street ones but I couldn't find a picture of the ones I got. They are just green and have different colored straws. They are SO cute!! Sadly I had to pack away almost ALL of Aiden's sippy cups
:***( wahhhh!!! But he is my BIG boy so he doesn't like them anymore. Most the time he refuses to use a cup with a lid but he doesn't mind these... he likes anything with a straw.

:..Im Lovin my new facewash...:

Am I the only 27 yr old still using clean and clear??? HA! I know at this age I need to invest in a good skin care line but im just too cheap!
Anyways, I picked this up just because it had a cute bottle and smells amazing!! I meant to have mike smell my face when I got in bed last night, but totally forgot. he he
really hope it doesn't make me break out because of all the fragrance and stuff.  :)

:...Dont be mad... but im kind of LOVING the thought of FALL...:

Dont get me wrong I love, love, love Summer... Im just dreaming of Fall :)

:. and the NUMERO UNO thing Im Loving...:

37 days.... enough said.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photo dump

I once again forgot my camera (or it was dead or something) so I had to use Mike's i-phone to take pics of Aiden doing fire works this year. I just had him upload all the pics from his phone and found a lot more that I didn't know he had...

So here are some pics from Mike's phone....a lot are REALLY old!! :0)

Aiden's first pair of LIGHT UP Shoes courtesy of grandma Linda :) {August 2010}

Trick or Treating at Joe and Alissa's- {Halloween 2010}

Chiefs hat and gloves that Grandma Linda made {Fall 2010}

Bass Pro shop {Fall 2010}

Schnuggle buddies {winter 2010}

Wearing daddy's hat and jacket

Christmas 2010

The AMAZING playhouse/tent Linda made

she appliqued and sewed every single detail on... SO COOL!!!

She is THE BEST!!!

Mike's first Corn Hole Project

Father's day 2011

Mike's 2nd corn hold board project... this one was for a co-worker's husband

4th of July 2011

Aiden's new CARS bicycle

Sorry, I really want these for OUR memory and for when I FINALLY do a blog book.... plus I know the grandparents and great grandparents always enjoy the pics :)