Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shutterfly's Holiday Card Promotion!

Christmas cards are SOOO fun and I love sending and receiving them!! Im really excited because Shutterfly is doing an awesome promotion right now. By creating this blog post I will get 50 FREE Christmas cards. This is such a great deal! 50 cards is WAY more than I can even imagine needing but hey they are FREE,no complaints here!!

 Im so excited to design our card this year. This will be my first time using shutterfly but have heard great things about their products!

I've already found a neat card to use for Aiden's Buckaroo party so ill be placing that order at the same time as our Christmas Cards. They have an adorable selection of birthday invites!

Im not sure HOW Ill possibly choose a Christmas Card this year... here are a few of my favorites though..

ALL of them are to die for!!

After browsing the site for a bit I found another cute idea... a wall calender. I have been needing a calender and I thought it would be cute to design one for next year using monthly pictures of Aiden from this year! It will be fun to see how much he has changed in a year and compare what he used to look like.

Another item I fell in love with were their gift tags! So cute and personable!

Okay so now that my Shutterfly shopping cart is FULL Im going to go check out! ha!

If your needing a Chrismas card go take a look at thier site... you wont be disappointed and **BONUS** for a little extra cost they will address AND mail the cards for you!!

Have fun shopping and creating!! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Excuses... Excuses...

I swear I have some really good excuses  reasons why I haven't blogged lately...  One of the MAJOR ones is my camera is broke :( Who wants to ready my blog if I have no pics... No One!

The friday of Halloween weekend I was packing up the car to head to Manhattan and Aiden was holding my camera. He proceeded to drop it TWICE on the driveway. I didn't think anything was wrong with it { that camera has been thru it all!} until the next day at the KSU game when I tried getting a pic of my sister and I and it was stuck on video. I can't get it off the video option!! UGH!!  Back to the geek squad it is for my poor Canon :( I haven't even taken it in yet... Im pretty sure my warranty is up so Im not sure what its going to cost to fix it. BOO!!

So I have some pics before the camera broke and few from my sisters camera of Aiden during the Halloween weekend. That Friday we went and visited Mike at the Deloitte office down town to do some trick or treating. It was nice to see where Mike is working when he's actually in the office, which is hardly ever. Too bad I got super sick from the elevator ride up to the 34th floor of the Town Pavillion building and was so dizzy and out of it the short amount of time we were there. Elevators never do that to me but man that one went super fast and really messed me up! ha! To makes matters worse as soon as we got off the elevator and Mike was waiting for us Aiden walked SMACK into the glass doors!! This is the second time he's done that! So with a huge red mark on his forehead{plus the huge third eye he already had from a fall earlier during the week} we proceeded to visit Mike's co workers and get some candy! It was fun and everyone is so nice there!

We then proceeded to visit my mom and brother to do some more trick or treating at their place of work. They are very fortunate and get to work in the same office building! Aiden was in hog heaven with all the attention and scored TONS of candy!! 

The rest of the weekend was spent in Manhattan and Hanover. Mike's mom took him all around town in his cowboy get up and he was spoiled rotten by everyone!! Who knew a 2 yr old could get so much, he is so loved!!

We had plans to go trick or treating once we got back to KC but the weather had really cooled off and Aiden had a horrific cough. We decided since he had already received so many treats and had been in his costume ALL weekend we would just go to uncle joe and aunt alissa's. They of course spoiled him with even more gifts and he was a happy camper! He was so intrigued by all the neighborhood kids out and about and wanted to go with them SO bad... next year for sure!! We had pizza with sarah and derek and called it and early night. It was a great weekend and I cant wait for Aiden to wear his outfit again for his lil buckaroo birthday party coming up in less than a month! CRAZY!!

So Halloween seems like FOREVER ago!! Can't believe Thanksgiving is already next week... time is flying by!!
We haven't been up to anything really... Aiden is sick with the FLU right now for the first time :(  I got a call Friday morning saying he had thrown up and had a temp of 99 degrees. His teacher said they didn't require us to pick him up unless he threw up 3 times and had a fever of 101 but I immediately called Mike and asked him to go get him. My poor baby didn't feel good and I didn't want him to be at school when he should be at home being taken care of by his mommy and daddy. Mike thought it was unnecessary because Aiden was acting fine. So they napped, went to the grocery store and just hung out! {Can I tell you how great it was coming home to dinner prepared and dessert too! Mike could be a great home maker! ha!}
I stopped to get gas after work and in the five extra minuntes I took getting home Aiden had ERUPTED again. Mike was pretty frantic. He got it all cleaned up, we spent the rest of the evening just relaxing, put Aiden to bed and he slept until 6:30 saturday morning. We were convinced we had just conquered it.
 I had met some family at Kites to watch the KSU game and Aiden and Mike spent the day together. Aiden had been fine all morning and day but as soon as I got home he got sick again! Poor guy!! He laid in my arms until I put him in bed around 9. At 11:30 he was up again sick and it continued all.night.long. He was so miserable and I felt so bad for him. Its so hard when they are at this age and cant communicate very well  how they feel, im sure its so confusing for them. He kept wanting to eat and drink so i'd give him water and saltines and it'd all just come up an hour later. It was a vicious cycle but i cant not give my baby food and drink!! So total we got MAYBE 3 hrs of sleep and we're up and wide awake at 530 this morning. This has been the longest day of my life!! {Not really sure why Im up writing this instead of being in bed!} He got sick about an hour ago and is now asleep in bed. We'll see how the night goes... PRAYING we've beat it... AND that Mike and I dont get it next!

Other than that we've just got a busy schedule coming up...

::My sister's wedding dress is in so this coming weekend Im going to go with her to try it on again then begin the hunt for bridesmaids dresses! Im so obsessesd with her dress and can't wait to see it again!! Very exciting!!

:: This is our first year getting a Christmas tree and having a house to decorate!! {our apartment was tiny and there was absolutely no room for a tree last year. Still depressed about that }  Im so excited to get stuff up for the holidays but not pumped about how much it will all cost. Why are Christmas trees so expensive??? Oh well, like I told Mike, its an investment :)

::My cousin is getting married Thanksgiving weekend which is going to be a BLAST!
I can't wait to spend time with my amazing family!!

:: One of my bffs Michelle and her hubs Creighton are having an ugly sweater party Dec. 4th! LOVE those parties! So hilarous and always a great time. Cant wait!

:: DESPERATELY needing someone to take a pic of  Mike, me and Aiden for our Christmas cards. I need to get a jump on those but we have ZERO family pics! I found a photographer in Gardner that seems really reasonable but I literally just need someone/anyone with a nicer camera than mine or my sis's and spend an hour snapping some pics of us. That should be plenty of time to get ONE decent pic for our card right?? I need to do my Shutterfly post so I can get some free cards! :)

:: I've REALLY been wanting to have an Uppercase Living party, a Scentsy party AND a Willowhouse party. I love ALL this stuff and wish I could just do one huge/joint party. What a great time it would be... if only I HAD the time...

:: Aiden's 2nd birthday is in less than a MONTH!! Crazy!! Another thing  I need to get crack-a-lackin on... his invites.  Still can't believe my baby will be 2... I hate how fast it goes!! Seems like yesterday I was being induced. I remember every second of every minute and every detail of that day and Im so thankful for that!! Those first few months were a total blur but I remember the labor and delivery like it happened yesterday! Such a magical experience and I thank god each and every day for my beautiful and healthy son.

Okay I think that sums up our life lately...
Hoping the camera is back in business SOON!!!
Later dudes...
{his new thing... putting his arms behind his head...chillaxin. Hilarious!}