Sunday, November 22, 2009


Why does my favorite season always have to be the shortest as well!! Although the weather is still beautiful out i have a feeling it wont be like this for long. We had a blast this fall! K-state football, Aiden's first halloween,  weddings, birthdays, spending time with family and some very good news for mike!! Aiden could care less about his first pumpkin carving experience but thats okay, i made him a little monster on his pumpkin that turned out being so hard to carve but in the end looked decent. We got to spend the day before halloween with mike's mom in hanover and marysville. We visited great grandma shirley and then headed to the black squirrel festival in marysville. We TRIED to get some cute shots of our little monkey at a nearby pumpkin patch but aiden was having nothing of it. We entered him into a costume contest and of course he SHOULD have won but that may just be me being his bias mommy :) Halloween day we headed to El Dorado and spent the day with nana jana, aunties amy and sarah and cousin pax. We went to Walters Pumpkin Patch which was AMAZING and then after naps took the boys trick or treating. They had a blast and looked so cute being pulled in the wagon!

Sadly K-state Football is over :( We actually never took aiden into one single game, i know we're horrible parents!! Im bummed and wish we would have but he is just at the stage where sitting still is not an option so i didn't even want to attempt it. I regret it now but he did get to experience some tailgating and we were decked out every saturday in our purple and watched the cats on tv at home or at willies!! Next year we'll be living in kc but will definitely bring aiden back for a game and im sure he'll enjoy it much more. My nephew pax is a year older than aiden and he REALLY enjoys the games, he is actually obsessed with football AND bill snyder, its so cute!! Hopefully when aiden understands a little more next year he will feel the same way!

Anxiously awaiting Miss Harper Ellison Hall!!

I'm very excited to be an aunt again VERY soon!! My sister Amy is scheduled to have a c-section on December 9th!! Sadly that is only 3 days before aiden's 1st birthday so they will not be able to attend his party :( But i have taken the day off work and will be heading to el dorado to welcome our sweet baby girl into the world... hopefully we'll be able to see her!! With all the H1N1 going around hospitals are STRICT on no visitors, things have calmed down so we're hoping they let us in for a bit. They really don't want to try to tell my family NO... it wont be a pretty sight :) my little sister sarah is awfully feisty! The past 9 months have flown by and i can't believe its already time for her arrival, we have been patiently awaiting a baby girl in this family and we're so excited to see her pretty little face. Im also anxious to see how my nephew pax will handle her. he is the sweetest little boy and he is so gentle and loving with aiden but he is also a MAMA's BOY so i don't know how he'll feel about sharing mom with his new baby sis. I'm sure he'll be fine and he might be a little jealous at first but he'll smother her with love and kisses just like he does his cousin aiden. My sister sarah and i threw amy a "sprinkle" last weekend. We had to get some pink in those dresser drawers! It was a beautiful shower and harper is going to be one stylin little lady! Here are some pics of the BaBy BliNg party. Hurry up miss harper, i can't wait to meet you!! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


sorry had to re post it and black out the address, probably a good idea (thanks sarah)
invites are done... but lots more to do!! 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

1 Month til 1 year Old!!

Yes its true we have exactly one month til our little one is 1 yrs old!! Aiden is 11 months old today!! So crazy. It makes me so sad to utter the words... 1 year old... i just want him to be a baby forever!! Of course im now realizing I have completely procrastinated on planning his party. With halloween, my nephews party, my sisters baby shower, best friends wedding + a million other things i have just put it off and now im stressing to get invites ordered and pictures taken. It will be a wonderful day no matter what and im so emotional thinking about it!

Our internet is still not working at home but mike has been in contact with COX so by the end of the weekend ill be back in business, WOO HOO!! I have a lot of pics to upload and its killing me to wait 3 weeks to get halloween pics up! Oh well, he was such a cute little monkey i dont mind looking at the pics again and can't wait to share them!