Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday: Back in Business!!

So for the past couple days my lap top has been out of commission :( While blogging Sunday night I was using google images to find pics for my post and when I clicked on a picture of this cup I've been wanting to get Aiden, the computer went CrAzY. All these virus alerts came up and I had no clue WHAT to do. Apparently our anti virus software had expired so a screen for me to renew it KEPT popping up when I tried to do anything. I decided it would be best to wake Mike up and let him know what was going on instead of waiting til the morning. It was useless because he just mumbled that he'd look at it in the morning but I still think it was a good idea letting him know then instead of waiting.

Sometimes I get nervous and tend to not tell him things for fear he might be angry with me (which he never does he just lectures me like a dad. ha)  so I'll  just try to fix things myself and more times then not I end up telling him what i've done because I cant fix it. ha. but NOT this issue... if it were my way I would have run straight to the geek squad! {Glad I didn't do that though... Mike said they wont even look at it without charging minimum $100. No thank you. }

So the next night after getting home at almost 8pm (the usual these days)  he ran and got new antivirus software.  {god bless him} After attempting to install it a few times and no luck he gave up that night. Then last night he gave it another go because he had researched a few things to do while at work yesterday. I went to bed at 10 thinking he'd be up right behind me but I woke up at 3am to a bed all to myself. So when Aiden and I came downstairs this morning he was on the couch and rolled over and said "the computer is fixed" followed by... "will you make some coffee" The poor thing was up til midnight fixing MY mistake! But like I said he DID fix it and its back to normal and running great!! He swears its my blog and blogs I follow that have the viruses and I completely disagree... really not sure what happened but it was not good and Im so scared to do anything anymore! Im just so happy to be back in business, although I finally have internet on my phone... I just LOVE my lap top and its huge screen. :0)

When I opened it up this morning I found this on the background....

Mike is Amazing... you are welcome.
He cracks me up though :) Must not have been TOO tired...

So of course Im back to blogging today but being very catious about what Im doing.

Today is my half day!! I LOVE my half days. Its completely worth working 3 hrs every other saturday to get a half day during the week. I can usually get a lot accomplished... cleaning, errands, hair appointments which is really nice. I have yet to spend a half day relaxing or taking a nap... maybe one day.

I took Aiden to daycare at the usual time today... I hate taking him when im in sweats and no make up like Im just a mom slugging it out, but I like to keep him on a schedule and we pay WAY too much to not take him everyday so he goes the full day even on my half days. Occasionally Ill keep him home if I schedule a play date and sporadically he will stay home if my sister or Mike's brother has off, they like to spend time with him and do fun things when they can.

So I took him at 8 and hit up Wally World. How do I got there with a list of 4 things and spend $72??? grrrr
But I stumbled onto their clearance aisle which I usually avoid because its so overwhelming and cluttered and too many people rumaging through it... gives me anxiety just thinking about it... so I usually just stroll on by. But today there were only like 10 people in all of wal mart (praise jesus!!) and I took my time going up and down alot of the aisles. I was so glad I went down the clearance aisle because I found a steal of a deal!
We are officially DONE buying diapers so while strolling along I found a 40pack of Easy Ups (pull ups) for $13! I thought that was amazing because pull ups are SO expensive... more than diapers and you get WAY less! I was so pumped to be done buying diapers just to find out that pull ups and toddler underwear are MORE expensive. ahhh!

 So it looks like I might be hitting up the clearance aisle more these days if I can find deals like that!

Aiden is doing great with the potty training... just having a few set backs here and there but Im really impressed with how he is doing. We've run into an issue with going #2.. he is terrified of doing it in his pants (have had a couple accidents that scarred him for life i guess)  so he has been refusing to do it!! He will hold it for a couple days which is horrible. I have had him sit on the pot and he just cries and cries and cries so we end up putting a diaper on and he'll go in that. He immediately tells me when he is done by laying down and saying CHANGE. Ummmm do you think he is ready to be potty trained?!! I think so! So we're still working on it and his teacher suggested giving him a LITTLE amount of a laxative, so he HAS to go but I think im going to avoid that unless we get desperate... I just for see that going REALLY bad. ha. So instead I bought him a pack of thomas the train undies and Im going to wrap it and tell him he gets this present if he poops... I guess thats bribery huh? Whatever works! :)

We drove through Manhattan this weekend just to get Aiden a hair cut and grab a quick lunch at Rock a Belly.  I get so excited and giddy as soon as we turn off I-70 and onto 77 highway. Nothing better than that drive down into Manhattan, I love it.

I was telling him to say YAY MANHATTAN!! Mom was a LITTLE excited to be there :) I decided that day Aiden WILL go to k-state. ha

Roger is the BEST. He is so fast and just amazing with kids. Plus he always has fun toys for them to hold and play with while getting their hair cut... he had thomas and friends this time so aiden was in heaven!! We got a couple gift certificates to Campus Hairstyling for Aidens birthday... Carol gave them to us which was a great gift...very thoughtful AND useful!!

We proceeded to Hanover and had a playdate with the Sedlacek's!! It was so great seeing Krista and Coby, meeting baby Ryder and letting Aiden and Brody duke it out  play! Aiden had SO MUCH FUN with all Brody's toys and in his amazing bedroom. They had a few issues with sharing but of course when it was time to leave they were having a bawl!! Aiden even asked "where brody??" when we left sunday :(

We went to church with his parents then enjoyed pizza at the bar afterwards. ALL our friends had already made plans to go to an event in Marysville so we didn't have anyone to hit up Snappers with so  I went back to his parents house and went to bed (9pm... so embarrassing) and Mike had a guys night with his buddy Nathan.

Mike's mom and I went to my friend Brooke's baby shower  on Sunday and the boys "rested" HA!

It was a LONG 3 hr ride home with chatty kathy in the back and his little piggies in my face while i was trying to nap :)

silly boy.

Not a whole lot else going on. My sister Amy is coming this weekend {she is running a 5k in the caves} and I can't wait to see the kiddos!! And sunday is my 27th Birthday!! No plans set in stone yet... just wishing for a Wildcat Victory against KU!!! They always end up playing eachother my birthday weekend... and they HAVE won in the past so lets do it again boys!!

** Happy Hump Day to All**

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things I'm Lovin!

Remember this?!?! Im such a slacker but honestly Im having a hard time thinking of things I'm lovin right now...
Usually I have a new decoration, clothing item, event or something for Aiden to share but Im drawing a complete blank lately. That's sad...
Its been so long so I had to dig up SOMETHING to post, so here it goes... holy randomness :)

1:: Wedding Planning : I'm actually have a love/hate relationship with helping my sister plan her wedding. It really is so much fun looking at all the different flowers, centerpieces, invitations etc. but unbelievably overwhelming at the same time. My baby sis is SUCH a trooper and is doing a phenomenal job planning this wedding... I can't wait to see how it all comes together on April 30th... ahhh that's soooo close! Can't wait!! Im super pumped we finally decided on bridesmaids dresses... she hasn't divulged which one she chose yet so i shouldn't either but Ill just say its one of these... he he ;)

All the ones I tried on were from the Watters or Wtoo collections and were all so cute. Although we waited til the absolute last minute to decide, Im super pleased with her decision and can't wait for the dresses to come in. Only a million other things to get done in the next few months but it'll ALL come together and she needs to not stress :)

2:: Feeling crafty...
Not sure exactly WHAT Im going to do but I have an itch to paint, create, build or put together something. A Hobby lobby trip is in my very near future

{one idea} I really want to paint Aiden a personalized step stool for using the potty, washing his hands etc. Think it'd be fun!

{idea 2} Been trying to do a weekly Menu so we're not ALWAYS going to the store or trying to throw together meals last minute... so I want to make a menu board. A frame or a cute chalk board or something funky :)

3:: Country Music...
I love, love, love country music. I dont know how some people despise it... but if you do STOP.READING.NOW. ha
here are my favorite jams right now :)

{thompson square}

{jerrod niemann: sexiest man alive!} he he!

{Blake Shelton: second sexiest man} ha

{do they date?? if not they should!! LOVE THIS SONG!!}

{aww kenny! love you!}

I dont know why but I can't get enough of these songs lately... poor Aiden has to listen to mommy belt them out each morning if they come on. ha

4::  Zoo Pals!

No post would be complete without something Im lovin for the sweetest lil man in my life!!
Zoo pals are my absolute fave! I have been buying the plates for awhile now and I just found these cups!! I about died!! Aiden is obsessed with ALL my coffee cups and throws a fit when I get starbucks and he can't have it. These cups are like miniature coffee cups for him!! I will put milk, water, juice and he absolutely loves it. He thinks its his coffee and will say "mmmm mom... coffee good. Its hot!"  okay buddy, its cold milk, but whatever you want. ha! And the plates have always been great because i can fill the "ears" with a pile of fruit or veggies or his favorite DIP. ketchup, ranch, bbq...any dip :)  They are fairly in expensive and check out what good ol Target had...

Plastic ones!! Definitely had to get the plates and I use them EVERY day!! Go getcha some for your little ones!

5:: Scentsy...
I am NOT going to tell you AGAIN how I feel about scentsy..

 just wanted to share the new one I got as a gift...

Go Cats!

The one I have coming...

So sassy :) LOVE it.

And the one I want for Aiden...
Scentsy Buddies!! Adorable and smell super yummy!!

So I told you this would be an uber random post... Ha! Hope everyone else has some things to share soon!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

well hello there....

Lets begin this post like I begin ALL posts... apologizing for being a HORRIBLE blogger!! At one point recently I contemplated deleting my blog! I LOVE reading blogs and once I have a post done Im so happy but the time its takes... gah!! Plus my camera is still broke and whats a blog post with out pics?!? Im going to use the ones i've taken from my phone recently... you'll get what you get k?!? ha :)
 {good news: I found the receipt for my camera and it turns out we DID infact purchase a 2 yr warranty so fixing it (AGAIN) will be free! Need to get to best buy asap!}

Aiden has changed SOOO much lately and Ill kick my self if I dont document it sooo...

 Its time for an Aiden Update!! {hooray!!}

Aiden is 2yrs and 1 month today!
He is a whole new boy since this post just 4 months ago! Crazy how they change. Too lazy to dig up his 2 year stats from his appointment but he is "perfect" according to the doctor! {duh, dont have to tell us that!}The doctor was very impressed with his language skills and thought he was very advanced and a very inquisitive little boy.

:: He is doing great at "school" He has good reports everyday and I crack up when the teachers write he had seconds of everything at lunch. Fat kid... just like his mommy. ha!

:: Since he is in the 2-3 year old room and has been since we moved here, he is pretty much one of the only kids who isn't potty trained. Since he sees the other kids go he is very intrigued so the training has begun! Still not pushing it too hard, I still think he is a little young. But we send pull ups and big boy underwear to school every day and twice this week he has came home in the pants i sent him in which means no accidents!! He goes in the potty ALL day at school and will tell the teachers when he has to go and will even stay dry during his nap. Impressive!! He has had a couple accidents this week when it comes to going #2... one happened at the dinner table the other night and he was SO embarrassed and started crying. Poor guy! He was sitting down to go but once again was very intrigued by the other boys standing so now he ONLY stands and refuses to sit. (another reason the #2 thing is a struggle) He likes to watch himself go so sometimes he misses the toilet and will potty ALL over. Potty training is fun ;)
I really am impressed at how well he is doing though!! {even when mommy lets the toilet lid AND seat fall on his head... happened the other night :( oops!}

:: The toddler bed has been a breeze! I was SO afraid of this transition but it went smoother than I could ever imagine! He lays right down when its time for bed and just like his cousin pax he has his "friends" aka... hippo, george, baby and puppy... and will go right to sleep. His "baby" is a stuffed precious moments angel doll thats hands are sewn together like its praying and its says a little prayer when you squeeze it. Paxton also had this doll and my sister used it for his first prayer when he would go to bed. So we have been doing the same thing and we say it over and over and over again before he goes to bed. He can say it along with the doll and it just melts my heart hearing him say "amen".  He hasn't gotten out of his bed once but Im sure that will change eventually. Im loving it right now. I still check on him more now that i have ever done in the past... every noise I hear on the moniter freaks me out so I go in there! He still sleeps his usual 8pm-6:30am.

:: I DO IT!!! The 3 words I hear the most these days! He wants to un dress himself, put his dishes in the sink, throw away his diapers, brush his teeth, brush his hair, pull his pants down then up when he goes potty, flush the toilet, take his hat and coat off and hang it up, get in his car seat on his own,  open doors, take his shoes off, help un load the dishwasher, turn lights off and on, put his movies in and push play, changing the channels himself, putting his clothes in the hamper... everything himself!! Which is completely fine and Im usually willing to let him do it all  UNLESS Im running late for work, then its a battle :)  I can forget about holding him or even holding his hand he is Mr. Independent! But he is also a huge helper and I love that he enjoys doing all these things, I just can get over that he is truly becoming a little man! :***(

:: He rarely uses a sippy cup, he HAS to have a big boy cup, no lid! He doesn't even like using his toddler silver ware, he usually wines until I give him MY fork at dinner every night. He sometimes throws a fit when I use his toddler plates as well... he wants a big plate like ours. silly boy. He also loves to "trade" This cracks us up. We'll be eating and Ill have water and he'll have milk and he'll say "wanna trade" he wants to trade everything! ha ha ha...
I think he picked it up at school. no wonder he is sick all the time, he is probably trading forks with his little friends at the lunch table! Stinker.

:: I just cant get over how smart he is and he SHOCKS me every day with the words that come out of his mouth. We were in the car saturday and I hear him saying "March, April, May, June, July, August, Member (thats september) I about died! when did he learn to say the months!?!? I have been trying to get it on video but he gets super bashful when I ask him to do it.
And he knows how to count and he knows which shapes are which and he knows the alphabet and twinkle twinkle. His favorite song is "happy birthday"... sings it

:: He says his name and it cracks us up! He can say Schuessler better than most!!
He also says Amber Schuessler, Amber Schuessler, Amber Schuessler ALL the time. I just dont have the heart to correct him, he is so proud.
BTW yes, my son is calling me Amber. Not okay!! I thought it was hilarious a month ago when he started calling mike, Mike but when he started calling ME, Amber... ummm NO. NO. NO.
this is absolutely not acceptable to me, I am MOMMY!! He know it irritates me and does it on purpose too!

::He is obsessed with Thomas the Train right now. Its his movie of choice and I have the theme song stuck in my head all day at work usually. ugh. Its a nice break from blues clues though!

:: He is very polite and good about saying please, thank you and excuse me.

:: He has been super good lately and we've even gotten past that little phase where he was super grumpy when I got him home from daycare. That was a very exhausting and trying time for us, but I think it was just the whole transition with the move, new daycare, new schedule etc. He is great now and nights have been going a lot smoother.

:: He really is a sweet boy and has such a kind soul... I can already tell. He loves babies and he is always making sure everyone is okay if they are crying or have hurt themselves.

Here's some pics from my phone and from Christmas. Enjoy!

Hope you got your Aiden fix!! :)