Thursday, July 22, 2010

under construction

TCBOTB was going to delete my back ground tomorrow. Didn't really read why exactly, something to do with photobucket. There was a way to fix it so it didn't get deleted but i messed it up and my back ground was gone. Oops. So I deleted everything and since we have ZERO plans this weekend Ill hopefully get a new back ground and header completed as well as AIDEN'S post!!


  1. I messed mine up too! When I went back and read a more detailed description of how it was supposed to be done, I saw what I had done wrong. They should have made it more clear. My background's gone too. :(

  2. You better! Your blog is UGLY :) Everone wants an Aiden post too. He is talking SO much now!!

  3. that really sucks!! I got mine from here