Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I'm Lovin Thursday!

Okay so I dont really have anything for ya today!! We just had a great weekend with family and I LOVED that!! Here's a few things to tide you over til I have something else :)

I did LOVE how the bridal shower we gave for my cousin turned out!
 We had SO much fun planning it and decorating! Kayla is beautiful and I can't wait for her wedding in a little over a month!!

I also loved helping my baby sis get ready for her engagement photos! I can't wait to see how they turned out { Can you tell she got a spray tan ;) ha! ha! ha!}

I LOVE these cousins! Pax and Aiden are best friends and they both ADORE Harper! Its just the sweetest thing...

Im lovin dressing Aiden in his Halloween shirts!! I think  he has 5... one for every day next week!! he he

Lovin my new BOOTS! Yup that's right I found them!! Actually the sweestet friend of ours from Mike's home town {its his best friend Matt's mom!} Denise e mailed me last week saying she was looking through an ad she received in the mail and thought she saw the boots I had posted about. She included a link to the store and she was RIGHT!!! I was like a kid on Christmas! I told Mike I loved Denise and was going to marry her! ha!
So you'll never guess where the boots are from...

I was SOO shocked!! I thought the reason Natasha didn't post where she found them was because they were outrageous expensive... um nope they're from Kohl's and I got them for $60. I know that still sounds expensive but boots are ridiculous and all the other ones I've found are atleast $100.. no way. They are pretty tall and I have extremely short legs... like freakishly short... so with skinny jeans and a long shirt and the boots I look like i dont even have legs. Oh well. I still love them and will rock them all winter long. ha!Thanks again Denise!!!

Sorry they were just some simple, silly things Im lovin this week but that's all I got :) Happy Thursday!!

LOVE my boys!!


  1. This post is great- all about LOVE...and you are just so happy and too cute! I want those boots now...wonder how they'll look with a prego belly, skinny jean, and a long shirt!!! lol. love your blog and your adorable family!

  2. You are so fashionable! I wish I could look as good as you do in the latest fashions! I do love those boots but I'm not sure I would ever feel like I look right wearing them. Can't wait to see what outfits you wear them with!

  3. I really, really want those boots. Badly. Why can't Manhattan have a Kohl's? Seriously. Must. Have. Boots.

  4. heath- Its gotta be about the LOVE sometimes right?? you're so sweet :)

    tina- you're crazy!?! but so nice!! you can def pull of anything you want to wear... I JUST DO IT and dont really care about what others think. maybe i dont look good but if i feel good thats all that matters :) i wish i had more money to be fashionable... ha!

    beth- topeka has kohls! get there lady!! With some leggings and a shirt/dress you'll be the cutest prego lady ever!! congrats again!!