Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a little something I threw together...

In all seriousness I did just throw this project  (that im about to share)  together tonight, within minutes!!

This weekend I was alllll alone! My boys went to Hanover for the weekend and I couldn't go because they planned on staying til today and I had to work :( Mike is off this WHOLE week. He had some floating holidays he decided to use up.  I wish Aiden hadn't been sick so much this winter, along with those couple snow days, or I would have taken off too. But I need to save my PTO for lots of upcoming events!

So I had the idea that I was going to be super productive but after working Saturday morning, then sending my boys off, I sat down for a minute and it turned into hours. Woops. It just felt soooo good to just lay around like a total bum for once. I NEVER EVER EVER get to do that these days!

So after being super lazy saturday I HAD to be productive Sunday... and I was. I cleaned, did laundry and did LOTS of shopping!! :) If it wasn't so windy I had planned to plant some flowers but it just wasn't the day to do that.. plus I want mike's help so I held off.

I DID go buy my supplies to do this little project tonight! It was sooo easy and turned out super cute!

I have the perfect area already outlined in our back yard for a little garden but the jalapenos and banana peppers I bought need to be planted indoors for weeks before planting outdoors. I knew I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do but i needed  google images (my life saver) for some inspiration.

And I found EXACTLY what I was looking for!


So I ran to Lowe's {for the first time in my life and btw LOVE that store... who'd a thought?!!?}
and got all the goodies to make them. { except the twine stuff... couldn't find that and I was in one of those moods that I didn't feel like asking for help so i said forget it} ha.

I went to watch the CMA's with the ladies and put the project off til tonight. Aiden needed to decorate an egg for school so we sat at the table and he painted his egg and I painted my pots. It was fun!!

this chalk board paint is sooo fun! Dont be suprised if I paint all the walls in our house with it and do many more projects.. im slightly obsessed.

paint, brush, tape, pot and chalk... courtesy of Aiden! ha

And my finished product...

Cute right?!! I love them :) My paint job looks whack around the top but im wrapping the twine stuff around that part {when I go get some} so you wont even see it!  Im glad I used Aiden's fun colored chalk too, I like BRIGHT! :)

Now I just have to plant the seeds and pray they grow!


  1. how cute, i will have to get some of this chalkboard paint for some projects! i have seen people make some cute things using that paint...good job!

  2. What a great idea! I am sure Aiden would love a chalkboard wall! Don't you have a crap ton of twine leftover from my bachelorette party?! Where are pics of Aiden coloring his egg??

  3. Cute Amber! You have really neat, fun handwriting. Mine would NEVER look that good:).