Thursday, November 12, 2009

1 Month til 1 year Old!!

Yes its true we have exactly one month til our little one is 1 yrs old!! Aiden is 11 months old today!! So crazy. It makes me so sad to utter the words... 1 year old... i just want him to be a baby forever!! Of course im now realizing I have completely procrastinated on planning his party. With halloween, my nephews party, my sisters baby shower, best friends wedding + a million other things i have just put it off and now im stressing to get invites ordered and pictures taken. It will be a wonderful day no matter what and im so emotional thinking about it!

Our internet is still not working at home but mike has been in contact with COX so by the end of the weekend ill be back in business, WOO HOO!! I have a lot of pics to upload and its killing me to wait 3 weeks to get halloween pics up! Oh well, he was such a cute little monkey i dont mind looking at the pics again and can't wait to share them!

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