Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Fun!

This weekend was BUSY BUSY! Our VERY dear friends Brooke and Jeremy were in town as well as my siblings Amy and Tony and my niece and nephew. Saturday morning we all headed to Aggie ville for the St Patrick's day parade. Mike had the afternoon off so I was THRILLED we got to do something as a family! We met my dad, brother and sister and the kiddos at So Long. Thankfully they had a spot in the restuarant to we could hang out in there and stay warm before the parade got started. I was having a good time but was also stewing (in mike's language) because it was SO cold out, there were so many people and GOD.FOR.BID they start the parade on time! Everyone gets down to aggieville around 10:30am to get a spot to see the parade which is suppose to start at 11am. Well on saturday it was COLD so all the kids were freezing. It was so sad looking around at all the shivering, red nosed kiddos anxiously waiting for a parade to start and it did... almost thirty min late! By that time aiden was over it and we had plans to go to the ksu baseball game afterwards so it was time to leave anyways.

Aiden did WONDERFUL at the baseball game! He was so good and had all the attention on him in the suite. Thankfully willies has 4 suite passes for the games so we got to go and invite brooke and jeremy. It was nice to enjoy the game in side and out of the cold!

That night we all went to willies to watch the cats. Such a sad loss, I was so pumped for them to be big 12 champions, i really thought they were going to do it! But we're loyal cat fans and are very proud of the team and can't wait to cheer them on in the tournament. We only made it to half time then headed back to our place to let the boys play. They had SO MUCH FUN! It was the first weekend that I saw Aiden have interest in playing with pax. Pax always wants him to play but up until now they just play in the same room but Aiden doesn't really interact... but this weekend they actually PLAYED. It was so cute, they love to chase eachother and scream and see who can laugh the loudest. Absolutely adorable and it melts my heart!

I realized today i took ONE picture of Harper. So mad at myself! She is seriously the sweetest most easy baby. You almost forget she's there ;) She just sleeps and when she isn't sleeping she is just awake and looking around. NEVER CRIES! She is perfect and beautiful and Im having a photo shoot next time I see her to make up for this weekend.

Sunday my dad made us all a seafood feast. We sat around laughing and talking and it was so much fun. I miss family dinners SO much!!

On another note it was also daylight savings. Aiden adapted very well and im super pleased. He even slept time 9:15 this morning. I ofcourse was at work at 7:30 but mike let me know the news. I was so jealous of them getting to sleep in! Mike is on spring break this week so him aiden are getting a lot of quality time together. I love coming home to the both of them and a clean apartment and being able to run errands ALONE after work if i want! We'll probably head to El Dorado or Hanover this weekend to give my a mini vacation before school starts again monday. He's itching to golf with the boys and i think he deserves an afternoon of male bonding. From now until graduation in may (yea!!!) he'll be super busy with grad school,  CPA review,  CPA exam and then starts his new job... CRAZY! We're so proud of him :)

Enjoy the pics from our weekend!

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  1. :*( I miss all my babies!!! I really was hoping to not travel this weekend but if you go to el dog, I am totally there!