Monday, March 29, 2010


Can I just tell you how flippin excited I am for Easter??!! I love ALL holidays, I think it has something to do with my mom always going over the top for all of them, it makes me want to do the SAME for Aiden! So I try. I have been procrastinating getting Easter stuff though. I had BIG plans for his outfit but never got around to ordering off ETSY. Its just so hard to predict what the weather is going to be like!! So this weekend when we were in KC I finally purchased his outfit. It is from children's place and let me tell you I got a steal of a deal on it :) The whole entire outfit (pants, vest, shirt) was $22 including tax! YEA!! I love getting a deal! Thats another thing, I really didn't want to spend a ton of money on an outfit he was only going to wear once. I definitely could have done that, I had my dream Easter outfit picked out for him at Gymboree but it would have been $80 probably. Ummm No. Im proud of my self for having will power and going with the smarter cheaper choice.

So here it is... with his baby blues he is going to look stinkin adorable.

AND... Ofcourse we will all match!! I LOVE matching!! My sisters make fun of me and I dont care. So I was giddy with excitement when I saw mike has a button down super similar to Aiden's and I have a yellow cardigan Ill wear. EEEEK, can't wait!!

We will probably head to Hanover friday night or saturday morning. Im praying every night for no rain. The weather is suppose to be gorgeous all week then rain all weekend. ugh. If for some reason it changes or is even the least bit decent we will have a very fun filled weekend. Hanover has a big easter egg hunt for the kiddos and Washington is having a big bbq, egg hunt and petting zoo with baby chicks and stuff. Aiden will have a bawl!!Then Sunday we'll go to church and have lunch with Mike's whole family.  Im so excited he is going to really get to enjoy easter this year! Im headed to buy his Easter basket goodies tomorrow. I really wanted to get him a cozy coupe but Mike said NO WAY. He said we dont have room for it and Aiden doesn't need it. He is no fun. I think Aiden would absolutely love one! I haven't decided exactly what Im going to get for his basket yet. Probably new pjs, books/dvd, small toys and a little candy. He had reeses pieces on sunday for the first time... he loved them ofcourse. I dont think we'll have time to dye eggs this year but he'll be older next year and will enjoy it more then. We might have to get some though if it rains this weekend and we're inside all day saturday.

I also think im going to hide some eggs around the apartment and have Aiden practice for the weekend... HA!!! He already loves filling his bucket with his toys so I think he'll figure it out fairly quickly :)

Can't wait to post pics after the holiday... stay tuned!!

Here are a few pics of lil man this past week! enjoy!


  1. Yes matching your outfits is NOT cool, sorry sis it totally reminds me of the JCPenney catalogs we looked at when we were little with matching Mom and Daughter/Father and Son outfits.....CHEESY!! And you HAVE to let him dye eggs!! Pax was his age last year and had a blast, if you don't believe me look at pics on my facebook, his face was priceless!! He is going to be stinkin cute though in that outfit.

  2. nope matching is cool... ill do it forever and ever!!

  3. I have the exact same vest and pants for Parker! He wore them for his 2 year pics (in the 12 month size and the pants are even too loose on him...he's a tiny little guy) and for my cousin's wedding though so I think we're going to have him wear something else for Easter even though it's the PeRfEcT Easter outfit! Hope you have a great Easter! :)

  4. I have to say I think matching ROCKS! I just got Easter basket goodies on Sunday and have the basket all put together for Easter. If Aiden likes Elmo, we found a Springtime Elmo Video at Target. We have all of of the other Elmo videos we can find so we were pretty excited to get to "enjoy" a new one for a change.

  5. I can't wait to see pics of Aiden in his Easter outfit! He is going to be so handsome! By the way... I think matching is cute! I do it too :)

  6. yea im so glad everyone else feels the way i do about matching :)

    emily- i just saw an advertisement for the new Elmo dvd and its on my list! Aiden loves elmo!

  7. Amy-If I remember right, you got a cardigan this weekend to match Harper for Easter. You do the matching thing too!

    Amber-I am SO sad I won't see him for Easter. Next year, we are all having Easter together (that includes you guys Amy). In the little Easter basket I got Aiden, there are M&Ms in it :) Can't wait to see pics, he will look sssooo cute!

  8. who the hell wrote that last comment?!!? Bahahaha! Ok I will lay off ya with the matching thing.

  9. Your sister Sarah ya retard! Does it now show my name and pic???