Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

I have been thinking a lot today about the day Mike became a dad. I had to be induced because I was a week over due. I had an appt on Thursday and we did a stress test and although everything looked fine the Doc thought we should start talking about inducing me. I told her "how about tomorrow!" It wasn't because I wanted him out (although i did) It was more because it was finals week starting on Monday and Mike had 6 finals! So I left the appt called mike and said "we're having a baby... TOMORROW!!"  I couldn't stop crying! I was so happy yet so scared so you can only imagine how he felt.

We headed up to the hospital friday morning bright and early! Mike was super quiet the whole day. He was studying a lot and played a couple card games with my sisters. Even between pushes (completely out of breath) I would look up at him and ask him if he was doing okay. What was I thinking, I was the one in labor! Ha! I knew he was freaking out inside so I felt the need to assure him I was doing fine and it was all going to be okay. Even after Aiden came out Mike was quiet. Didn't cry, didn't say much. But that's Mike. I knew inside he was happy and proud and once again freaking out :)

Mike had never been around babies, never held one, never changed a diaper. Completely clueless. I was nervous through out my pregnancy how he was going to be as a father. I knew deep down he'd do fine but I thought about it a lot.

The second Aiden arrived Mike was a complete pro. They handed Aiden to Mike to hand to me and he was so calm and a real natural. He was SOO proud. He went to willies that night to hand out cigars and have a victory beer. (lucky him!) He was beaming. He did great his first time changing aiden and even told me it was easy!

From the time he got home from the hospital and to this current day he helps with EVERYTHING. He got up with him during the middle of the night just as much as I did. He changed him, bathed him, fed him... he did it all.

Thank you Mike. Thank you for being an incredible father to our son. Thank you for being so helpful and hands on. I can't wait to see you and Aiden's relationship grow. He adores you already and I think he's definitely a daddy's boy. I wouldn't have it any other way.

We love you VERY MUCH!!!

Here are some pics of Aiden HELPING me make Father's Day breakfast for Mike. We had so much fun making Quiche and a fruit salad. Both were SO yummy!! Mike had to work today so Aiden and I spent the day lounging. Mike's parents came in town and Linda and I went to target and home depot. After, we met the boys at willies and when Mike got off we all headed out to dinner. It was nice even though Aiden was a mess at the restaurant. Good thing it wasn't very busy there, i think we only ruined one family's dinner.

Sadly I didn't get to spend any time with my daddy today. He is in FLORIDA! lucky dog!! I talked to him though and Im sure he had  a great day as well. Im very blessed with an amazing father who is the most loving, caring, hardworking man in the whole world. Love you dad!!


  1. What a sweet post. I didn't get a glance at Aiden at target. Wow what a cutie he is! Those eyes are killer. Getting so big.

  2. Cute!! Mike really has been a great daddy. You and Aiden are very lucky. Love the pics of him helping you make breakfast. He looks like a little boy now.

  3. I'm sure the cake will be great. Can't believe you don't like Reeses! I froze mine and let it sit out a bit to served it after dinner. It helps keep the frosting together (I traveled with it on a hot day though)

  4. Not potty trained yet...I WISH! He does have a diaper on under those. Kelsy had been to Old Navy yesterday and everything was 30% off so she picked them up for the future. He is ready to start though. He brings us diapers when he pees and asks to be changed. Yesterday at Grandma JoAnn's he refused to even wear one after running through the sprinkler. I just need to start setting the timer and do the dreaded taking off of the diaper and just let the accidents happen.