Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Please excuse my absence!

Sorry we've been MIA!! Honestly im just too tired and lazy to blog lately! Im sorry!

Here's why... (long boring post.. fyi!)

Mike is completing the Becker CPA review right now. Its a six week course, M-F, in Lawrence.

When Mike was in school he got up with Aiden in the mornings while I got ready for work. Then 3 days a week he went to our friend Heidi's from 10-3 and 2 days a week my grandma would come over and watch him for those few hours. It was so nice and CHEAP ;) ha! WELL... we knew this wouldn't work for us when he started the CPA review so we had to find full time day care for Aiden. We were VERY fortunate to find an amazing lady who is a friend of mine's aunt and a co-workers sister to watch him in her in-home daycare. She is amazing and Aiden really enjoys going there.

SO... I've pretty much been a single mommy these days :) Mike leaves monday morning, stays in kc with his bro til friday after class, comes home for an hour or so and heads to work at Willies/The Pub. And he usually works saturday night and sunday day as well. So we see him saturday afternoons for a bit and sunday evenings which by that point he is exhausted and usually falls asleep on the couch. It sucks :( But its totally worth it and Im so proud of his hard work and discipline during this extremely hard and very time consuming course. His is actually done next thurs!! I can't believe these 5 weeks have gone by so fast!!

Its actually been going pretty good! I wouldn't choose to be a single mom but I think I've done a great job! I don't know if Aiden realizes mike's gone or if its because of me taking his pacifier away or WHAT IT COULD BE but he's consistantly been waking up before 6am for the past 2 going on 3 weeks! AHHH! Some mornings its 4:30! I try to go in there lay him down  tell him its night-night time and see if he'll go back to sleep but he wont. I've even tried just letting him cry it out but he will literally cry for hours if I let him. When he's up he's UP! It stinks big time! So we get up, lay on the couch and sometimes he falls back asleep on the couch right about the time I have to get in the shower for work. Must be nice... lil stinker. So I'm beyond exhausted when he goes to bed at 8pm and sometimes Ill get in bed at that time to and watch my shows.

The funny thing is I was always running late to work when Mike was there to take care of Aiden. I only had to get myself ready and out the door and I couldn't do it. Now that its only me and I have to do EVERYTHING in the morning, and be out the door by 7:10am Im on time and on most days EARLY to the sitters and work! Whats up with that!?!?

We are definitely ready for Mike to be back though. I get bored when aiden goes to bed, I hate cooking meals for myself, and we really just miss him being home with us! After next thurs he will be back and then he'll just spend the next few weeks studying and completing the CPA exam and his job starts September 13th in KC so we'll make the big move the last weekend in august. I can't believe its almost time to go, Im excited and anxious but at the same time DEEPLY sad to leave manhattan! I ADORE manhattan and I love  my job and my friends here. The town is getting bigger and better by the day and I would be happy living here forever. No joke. The big city will be great for us and great for aiden though and I know we'll be extremely happy there as well.

So far we have no daycare lined up, no job for myself and no place to live yet. HA! Dont' worry Im on it :)

I just felt I needed to update everyone on my absence and my next post will be picture overload of Aiden and all the things he's been up to lately... which is A LOT!!

PS,  Im so excited to head to KC (ALONE) next weekend and spend the afternoon and evening saturday with almost ALL of my besties from highschool!! Grandma and grandpa Schuessler are watching aiden and taking him to the amazing PFB PYROS  fireworks display in Hanover that night (a little depressed im missing it, first time in 3 yrs!)

BUT  Im even more excited to finally spend a whole weekend as a family for the 4th of July! Can't wait!!


  1. OMG you finally did a post! I am so proud of you for doing this whole single mom thing. I could NEVER do it. I can't wait for you guys to move to KC. I already told Derek i'm gonna be at your house like every night :) Maybe one day, we can all move back to Manhattan because I love that place too. Now hurry and do another post with pics and updates!!

  2. Oh yeah and one more thing, you have 11 followers...........WOWZA, you're kind of a big deal!! :)

  3. yes I am so proud of you as well, I don't know how you do it. I mean I am alone a lot of time also, but nothing compared to what you are doing right now. You are a great Mommy and Aiden is lucky to have you. PS- Hey sisters lets not talk about how FUN it's going to be to live in KC and how you're ALWAYS going to be together, blah blah blah. It makes THIS sister sad :(