Sunday, April 29, 2012

2 Bad days followed by 1 GREAT day!!

{Bad day #1:}

I fell into a manhole. Or water main hole... whatever you want to call it. Long story short-er {not possible for me}...we were outside grilling and Aiden and I were flying his kite. I ran into the neighbor's yard, because it is more open than ours, and while not paying attention to where I was running I stepped on the lid of the hole and fell in. Scared the living sh*t out of me and it hurt like a b*tch. Sorry for the choice of words, but that is honestly how it went down. I've never been so scared and mad all at the same time.  Mike was watching us the whole time but had gone inside for a minute. Aiden was running right behind me and I just thank GOD it wasn't him. The lid wasn't properly on the hole so when I stepped on it, the lid went into the hole, and so did I. I immediately jumped out of the hole and ran inside. I thought it went straight to the sewer and didn't even want to look down into what I fell into. I went inside screaming at Mike to go look!! He said it was like a 3-4 foot drop that just had a water line in it. {whatever, there was totally sewage and rats and alligators down there} Thank god one of us can remain calm. All I could think of was what if that was Aiden or another kid in the neighborhood.... flash backs of Rescue 911 episodes were all over in my mind. {remember that show??!! I feel bad for you if you don't ;) }

I tried to find pics on-line of what I fell in but nothing looks like the one in our neighbors yard... and I am NOT going back over there to take pics. Wonder if they (the neighbors) saw me fall... if they exist...I've NEVER seen them.

I had some pretty wicked bruises to show for it...

2 large, nasty bruises. One on the outside of my leg and one on the inside. This was the leg that fell in the hole, while the other one just crashed into the edge of the lid. The pics don't do them justice, they were so sick! And now they are finally healing and itch like no other! ha!

We're just so thankful it wasn't Aiden!! I still need to call the city and report it... there are too many kids in the neighborhood!

{Bad day #2:}

So the fall was Sunday and around noon on Monday I get an email from Mike. Wish I had it still but I can't find it in my email.. let me try to re create it...

Subject: Look who made CJ online

Let me preface this by saying it was not my fault and she got a ticket.

Talk to you tonight.


reaaallllllly Mike??!! You're just going to nonchalantly email me at NOON about a wreck you had been in??!!! I could kill him sometimes... ;)

Thankfully it was really minor and no one was hurt. Apparently there was construction and a lane ahead was closing.. a semi needed over and everyone had so slam on their brakes. Mike got hit by the lady behind him {that swore it was NOT her fault, that it was the semi trucks fault, and never apologized to mike once, rude.} The jeep has minor damage on the back left side that will be getting repaired.

Just glad everyone is okay!

{The GREAT Day!!}

So after a rough Sunday/Monday the week had to get better... and it did!! :)

Sarah and Derek finally announced to everyone that they are prego!!! Yayyyyyyyyy :) :) :)
They had their second sonogram Wednesday, April 18th and asked me to come over that night to take pics for them :)

I've known for too long, like before she missed her period!! (sorry TMI.) It has been SO hard keeping it in!! You can read about their story here & here. They didn't have the easiest time getting pregnant so this little bean is truly a blessing!! She is 10 weeks and since they've had 2 sonograms and heard his/her strong little heart beat both times, it seemed pretty safe to announce the news. We are beyond excited!! Sarah and Derek will be THE BEST parents ever and I can not wait to spoil my nephew/niecey rotten. So happy they live right up the street from us!! Im moving in guys!! :) :)

So with the bad there is always good... such is LIFE :)



  1. Ha, that sounds like something that would happen to me (falling down the whole) i would definitely be upset and report that! i would be FURIOUS if that happened to one of my kids.I remember one kid fell down one in topeka last yr. they need to mark them better.

    I could totally see derek sending me an email like that. lol guys ust dont see how important these things are! glad everyone made it through the week :)

  2. oh my goodness Amber!! you did have an "exciting" weekend. holy moly. a manhole? really? you need a beer. and I will drink one with you. ;)

  3. Aw thanks sis!! You guys had a terrible 2 days but I'm glad I could cheer you up with a new pic of your niece/nephew. And yes, you can most definitely move in!