Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{Easter 2012}

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! It was a bit hectic so we weren't able to travel back to Hanover like we usually do. I had to work Saturday, plus I had a baby shower for my friend Brie and Easter happened to fall on my mama's birthday so we decided to celebrate in KC and invite the family to come to us! We were sad we didn't get to see Mike's family but are excited for his parents to visit this coming weekend!

 Only thing missing was the Hall family :( They stayed in El Dorado to celebrate with Josh's family.

Mike had off Friday (lucky dog!) and spent the afternoon and evening making scoreboards for his corn hole boards. He is so meticulous and quite the perfectionist when it comes to his "projects."  It always pays off because they turned out great!! He really needs to start selling those things...they are AWESOME! Aiden wanted to help daddy out...they both had drills {aiden's was a toy of course} and it was SO cute! :)

Saturday I had to work in the morning then headed straight to a shower for Brie and her baby girl Aubrey. It was a beautiful shower and they ended up with a ton of PINK!!! Yay for girls!

{love shopping for little girls!!} 

Saturday evening we all went over to my moms to have dinner and let Aiden dye eggs! Of course the boys {and my mom} had to put the new scoreboards to use and played quite a few games of corn hole.

Sunday morning Aiden decided to "sleep in" for once and Mike and I were awake just twiddling our thumbs waiting for him to get up. Growing up the Easter bunny always hid our baskets and that is a tradition I want to continue with Aiden. I knew he wouldn't know to LOOK for his basket so the Easter Bunny left him a little trail to it. Aiden walked right past the eggs when he woke up! silly boy!! Once we pointed him in the direction he was super excited!! He found his basket and was SO pumped about his goodies... and eating candy at 8am :)


The Easter bunny brought Aiden the movie HOP, an Iron Man tervis tumbler, an Iron Man figurine (think he likes Iron Man??!!) a Transformers spin brush, swim trunks, flip flops and of course a little candy.

I was lazy Sunday morning and instead of getting up and ready while Aiden slept, I laid in bed doing nothing :) Then I realized if I went to the 9am church I wouldn't have time to cook my sides in time for lunch. So I was bad and sent the boys off to church with out me and stayed home to cook and get ready.

 After they got home we headed to Sarah's for the rest of the afternoon. Nana Jana totally outdid herself and spoiled her grand babies rotten!

 Happy Birthday Nana!!

This is when I stopped taking pics :( I'm SO horrible at that!! My grandparents came, my brother and his fiance and his little bro Noah (big brothers/big sisters) as well as my aunt, uncle and cousins. It was a BLAST!! There is never a dull moment with this family :)

Noah is such a sweet heart and kept Aiden entertained all day... so glad he got to spend Easter with us!

{I put money in some of the eggs and he's trying to put the change in his back pocket. ha!}

We spent ALL afternoon and evening outside on Sarah and Derek's deck... it was glorious!!
Even the pups had a little too much fun :)

We hope you all had a great Easter too!!


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  1. I can't believe how big Aiden is getting! The name Nana Jana cracks me up! That's my mom's name! Maybe she should change from Grandma to Nana Jana:)