Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life Lately...

Has been busy, busy busy!! I haven't blogged since Easter! We are just flying through April and May is almost here which means Mike's Graduation!! SO CRAZY! Im already an emotional wreck just thinking about it. He was trying on his "thing" that goes over his robe and I teared up! I just can't believe its almost here! We are so proud of him! My goals in the very near future are to start looking for places for us to live in kc, a job for myself and daycare for Aiden. I dont even know where to start, it stresses me out just thinking about it! But September will be here before we know it so I need to get on the ball!

Ill just make this post primarily pictures to catch us up and PROMISE to be a better blogger. Weekly posts from here on out if not more! Pinky swear! :)

We had a farewell playdate for our friends Ashley and Tyson who moved to Houston. We miss them already but get to see them when they come back to visit in May!

Easter at the Schuessler's. We had a fun weekend and beautiful weather! The Easter bunny spoiled Aiden as usual! :)

With the weather being so nice it was time to hang out on papa's deck and grill out! Hopefully we'll be doing this a lot this summer before we move!! We LOVE it!

Celebrating Nana Jana's 50th birthday with a BBQ at Anneberg Park. It was a great day and we had a blast!

My boys. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

Aiden and I went to Wamego's Tulip Festival! Just the 2 of us! :) Mike had to work and my friend Ashley and her son Cole  ended up not being able to go so we went alone and had such a great time!

This coming weekend is K-State football's Spring Game! We dont have any plans yet but I'm sure we'll be up at the stadium tailgating and enjoying all the fun things they have going on for the kiddos! Also my sister Sarah and Derek will be in town and looking at Colbert Hills' new club house. HOPEFULLY its big enough and they can have their wedding reception there! Mike and I drove up by it today and it looks really nice. Mike golfed there yesterday and said the inside is beautiful so we're PRAYING it works out for them! I just want them to set a date so we can start planning and dress shopping! yea!

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  1. Weekly blogs? Yeah right! I am praying that the clubhouse is big enough too! Seriously gonna go elope(sp) if it's not because I am so sick of trying to find a venue!