Monday, April 19, 2010

Its O-FISH-AL!!!

Our littly fishy has completed parent/toddler aquatics!! Tonight was our last night and Aiden got a certificate and all. So proud of my little guy! Sadly Mike works monday nights and its 1 of the 4 days a week he can actually work so he never got to come to a single class. So sad. He is the hardest worker I know but  he would have taken a night off if I asked but I really didn't want him to do that. I only wish we had some pics of Aiden in the water but it'll be pool time soon enough and Ill get plenty then. Honestly Aiden didn't LOVE the class and I dont think he learned a single thing. HA! He was a little too young for what they were teaching. I also think if I would have had an extra set of arms it would have helped. I couldn't show him what to do while I was holding him and we were in 5ft deep water so I couldn't let go of him either. If he would have had someone to swim to I think he would have picked up on some of the stuff. He can kick his legs and push off the edge and he was one of the only ones his age strong enough to pull himself out of the water with little to no help from me! He's our little baby beef cake :) He never blew any bubbles... he would just drink the water and say ahhhh! after he did. It was kind of embarrassing but also hilarious. He LOVED his instructor and he is such a CHARMER. He would be squealing and squirming trying to get away from me and she would come around and he would start smiling and laughing. The little stinker...
One of the classes we put them in life jackets and he did really well floating on his back. I thought for sure we'd be dunking them the first night but it wasn't until the third class that we had to. I had been wanting to do it so bad but when she finally told us to I was so hesitant. We were suppose to blow in their face so they would hold their breath but I think Aiden is too old for that because I would do it and he just looked at me like "why are you doing that." Then I would blow harder and he still stared at me like I was crazy. So I would just dunk him and the poor thing would come up choking and gagging because he swallowed half the water in the pool!! It made me so sad so I stopped doing it. Well... tonight being the last night he couldn't get a ball to play with til we showed the instructor that they could go under water. I debated but knew he'd be fine and I tried a new way that my sitter showed me. It worked! He came out of the water totally fine and didn't drink any water! The teacher was like "yea!!  no coughing!" So he got to play with a ball and had so much fun. I definitely think Aiden will LOVE the pool this summer and I can't wait to take him!

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  1. No ball until you dunk the poor child into the water?! That's so mean! I can't wait to see him in to pool this summer. I think if he sees Pax and us swimming, he will want to do it.