Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Britches

The Little Britches sale was this past weekend! Im always so exhausted after the weekend is over but I always get so much good stuff so it's worth it. I had cleaned out Aiden's drawers and closet the weekend before. Packed away all the winter stuff and got out the summer wardrobe. Its so nice that Pax and Aiden were born in the same season, Amy always sends me all of Pax's clothes he's grown out of and they fit Aiden perfectly. So after getting it all organized I realized Aiden was pretty set for the summer! I was already signed up to work two shifts so I was going to be at the sale no matter what. I always volunteer to work the pre-sale which is the night before the big sale and its for all the volunteers and consignors to shop. Well since I work the pre-sale I get to shop the PREMIER sale which is before the pre sale. A little confusing... pretty much a group of 10 or so of us get to shop before ANYONE else and its so peaceful and stress free and I get to have first pick. woo hoo! The actual sale is a mad house and I did that once (granted I was also pretty prego at the time) but it gives me anxiety just thinking about it. People take off RUNNING for stuff and you have 10 people trying to look at a rack of clothing. So annoying. So its worth spending my whole weekend volunteering so I can shop before all the crazies. I spent my hour of shopping looking for aiden and found some great stuff. I then started looking for Harper but it was time to start working my shift so I only picked her up a couple things. Well the next day when I got there it was the half off sale so I looked for Harper again and got her 10 outfits for $20. And they are all ADORABLE. By that time everything in the sizes for pax and aiden was completely picked over so I didnt get anything for them. It was also the first sale I didn't get a baby swing, bouncer, bassinet, book and not.a.single.toy. Im sure Mike was super glad I didn't come home with anything big this year :) Its such a great sale and hopefully one day when me and my siblings are done having babies we can make some money off the kids stuff but for now im fine just shopping. I always meet the NICEST woman and even though we're moving Ill be coming back for every sale!

Here is the stuff I got for mr. aiden.

My favorite purchase! These BEAUTIFUL boots! They are so cute, and I dont think they have ever been worn. Hopefully they fit him perfect next winter. They also had the exact same pair our friend Casey got him for his birthday but in a bigger size so i got them too :) The kid can't ever have enough boots!

I think he is SET for the summer!!

OH I FORGOT, I also got aiden the yellow button down he wore yesterday to the tulip festival. Another one of my favorite purchases :)

Here is Harper's stuff! SO CUTE!!

The yello one above is to DIE for! I have to mail them because I dont know when Ill see them again and Harper needs to wear this stuff asap! Plus she is getting so big so fast she might grow out of a few things pretty quick!


  1. HOLY COW!! You better not buy Aiden anymore stuff, his closest is packed! All those new polos are so cute! I never thought I would say this but I hope one day I have a boy so he can have all of Aiden's stuff (I suppose 1 boy and 3 girls is ok) :)

  2. So Sarah are you sayin Pax's stuff is ugly? :) Yeah Amber I think he may need a FEW more polos for the summer before he is set. Can't wait to get Harper's stuff!! Thank you so much for getting all that for her! You guys better have a girl so they can wear all this stuff too. Good work on the blogs Amber. Would have commented on the other ones but I am always feeding Harper and can't type one handed very well.

  3. Congrats to Mike on graduation. (I don't know if he would know me but I recognized him and Aiden at little gym the other day and didn't introduce myself...I felt rude later but I'm sure he would've been weirded out!) I bet you are just as excited as he is. Joe has one semester left!!! All the clothes you found are very cute. Just one of those polos at Gap would run $11! I went to the sale too(I was one of the crazies running to the goods). I learned from a previous year of going that you have to be one of the first in line, so I talked a few new mommies into going an hour early and we were still about 20 back. I was wanting to find some outdoor play equipment but they didn't have ANY this year. It was better for the other two. I knew what to do so since I didn't have anything to get I was grabbing up anything I thought they needed. Anyways, I really posted to ask if the little swim class you took was worth your time? How many classes did you take? I called UFM and they said you pay for 3 at a time. That didn't sound like very much of a lesson to me. Did you do it through someone else?

  4. Emily- mike wouldn't have been weirded out at all but i totally understand that you didn't. I probably wouldn't have either. I feel like im getting more and more SHY these days which is totally weird for me :)

    The swimming class was OKAY. Our instructor was really young and didn't seem like she cared at all about them really learning. I thought she would come around and help us moms who were there doing it alone and struggling to show the babies what to do. Nope she didn't. But if joe is willing to go with i think its a good class. Its $30 and 5 sessions through UFM. We did it all online,

    - i was one of those "crazies" the first year. met ash kenney hours before the sale and we were first in line! When she told me about volunteering 2 shifts and shopping the premier sale I did it the next sale and now its the only way to go for me! I was looking for out door equipment as well for a friend and they had NOTHING. I was so disappointed!

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