Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things I'm Lovin!

Remember this?!?! Im such a slacker but honestly Im having a hard time thinking of things I'm lovin right now...
Usually I have a new decoration, clothing item, event or something for Aiden to share but Im drawing a complete blank lately. That's sad...
Its been so long so I had to dig up SOMETHING to post, so here it goes... holy randomness :)

1:: Wedding Planning : I'm actually have a love/hate relationship with helping my sister plan her wedding. It really is so much fun looking at all the different flowers, centerpieces, invitations etc. but unbelievably overwhelming at the same time. My baby sis is SUCH a trooper and is doing a phenomenal job planning this wedding... I can't wait to see how it all comes together on April 30th... ahhh that's soooo close! Can't wait!! Im super pumped we finally decided on bridesmaids dresses... she hasn't divulged which one she chose yet so i shouldn't either but Ill just say its one of these... he he ;)

All the ones I tried on were from the Watters or Wtoo collections and were all so cute. Although we waited til the absolute last minute to decide, Im super pleased with her decision and can't wait for the dresses to come in. Only a million other things to get done in the next few months but it'll ALL come together and she needs to not stress :)

2:: Feeling crafty...
Not sure exactly WHAT Im going to do but I have an itch to paint, create, build or put together something. A Hobby lobby trip is in my very near future

{one idea} I really want to paint Aiden a personalized step stool for using the potty, washing his hands etc. Think it'd be fun!

{idea 2} Been trying to do a weekly Menu so we're not ALWAYS going to the store or trying to throw together meals last minute... so I want to make a menu board. A frame or a cute chalk board or something funky :)

3:: Country Music...
I love, love, love country music. I dont know how some people despise it... but if you do STOP.READING.NOW. ha
here are my favorite jams right now :)

{thompson square}

{jerrod niemann: sexiest man alive!} he he!

{Blake Shelton: second sexiest man} ha

{do they date?? if not they should!! LOVE THIS SONG!!}

{aww kenny! love you!}

I dont know why but I can't get enough of these songs lately... poor Aiden has to listen to mommy belt them out each morning if they come on. ha

4::  Zoo Pals!

No post would be complete without something Im lovin for the sweetest lil man in my life!!
Zoo pals are my absolute fave! I have been buying the plates for awhile now and I just found these cups!! I about died!! Aiden is obsessed with ALL my coffee cups and throws a fit when I get starbucks and he can't have it. These cups are like miniature coffee cups for him!! I will put milk, water, juice and he absolutely loves it. He thinks its his coffee and will say "mmmm mom... coffee good. Its hot!"  okay buddy, its cold milk, but whatever you want. ha! And the plates have always been great because i can fill the "ears" with a pile of fruit or veggies or his favorite DIP. ketchup, ranch, bbq...any dip :)  They are fairly in expensive and check out what good ol Target had...

Plastic ones!! Definitely had to get the plates and I use them EVERY day!! Go getcha some for your little ones!

5:: Scentsy...
I am NOT going to tell you AGAIN how I feel about scentsy..

 just wanted to share the new one I got as a gift...

Go Cats!

The one I have coming...

So sassy :) LOVE it.

And the one I want for Aiden...
Scentsy Buddies!! Adorable and smell super yummy!!

So I told you this would be an uber random post... Ha! Hope everyone else has some things to share soon!


  1. love number 2! both great ideas!!

  2. I'm lovin all that your lovin! I have a love/hate relationship with my wedding as well. More hate though :) Thanks for keeping the BM dresses a secret. I like how you mixed it in with all the dresses we liked, think I'll have to steal your pic for my next blog post. Love the menu boards too! I can't thank you enough for all your help. My wedding would look awful if it weren't for you. Your the best!

  3. I JUST ordered Scentsy buddies for my kiddos Saturday! My mom is a consultant! Addie picked out the Elephant and Paradise Punch for her fragrance. Mia picked out the lamb and Sweet Pea and Vanilla for her fragrance. I picked the lion for Jack and My Dear Watson for his fragrance! I can't wait for them to get here!