Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday: Back in Business!!

So for the past couple days my lap top has been out of commission :( While blogging Sunday night I was using google images to find pics for my post and when I clicked on a picture of this cup I've been wanting to get Aiden, the computer went CrAzY. All these virus alerts came up and I had no clue WHAT to do. Apparently our anti virus software had expired so a screen for me to renew it KEPT popping up when I tried to do anything. I decided it would be best to wake Mike up and let him know what was going on instead of waiting til the morning. It was useless because he just mumbled that he'd look at it in the morning but I still think it was a good idea letting him know then instead of waiting.

Sometimes I get nervous and tend to not tell him things for fear he might be angry with me (which he never does he just lectures me like a dad. ha)  so I'll  just try to fix things myself and more times then not I end up telling him what i've done because I cant fix it. ha. but NOT this issue... if it were my way I would have run straight to the geek squad! {Glad I didn't do that though... Mike said they wont even look at it without charging minimum $100. No thank you. }

So the next night after getting home at almost 8pm (the usual these days)  he ran and got new antivirus software.  {god bless him} After attempting to install it a few times and no luck he gave up that night. Then last night he gave it another go because he had researched a few things to do while at work yesterday. I went to bed at 10 thinking he'd be up right behind me but I woke up at 3am to a bed all to myself. So when Aiden and I came downstairs this morning he was on the couch and rolled over and said "the computer is fixed" followed by... "will you make some coffee" The poor thing was up til midnight fixing MY mistake! But like I said he DID fix it and its back to normal and running great!! He swears its my blog and blogs I follow that have the viruses and I completely disagree... really not sure what happened but it was not good and Im so scared to do anything anymore! Im just so happy to be back in business, although I finally have internet on my phone... I just LOVE my lap top and its huge screen. :0)

When I opened it up this morning I found this on the background....

Mike is Amazing... you are welcome.
He cracks me up though :) Must not have been TOO tired...

So of course Im back to blogging today but being very catious about what Im doing.

Today is my half day!! I LOVE my half days. Its completely worth working 3 hrs every other saturday to get a half day during the week. I can usually get a lot accomplished... cleaning, errands, hair appointments which is really nice. I have yet to spend a half day relaxing or taking a nap... maybe one day.

I took Aiden to daycare at the usual time today... I hate taking him when im in sweats and no make up like Im just a mom slugging it out, but I like to keep him on a schedule and we pay WAY too much to not take him everyday so he goes the full day even on my half days. Occasionally Ill keep him home if I schedule a play date and sporadically he will stay home if my sister or Mike's brother has off, they like to spend time with him and do fun things when they can.

So I took him at 8 and hit up Wally World. How do I got there with a list of 4 things and spend $72??? grrrr
But I stumbled onto their clearance aisle which I usually avoid because its so overwhelming and cluttered and too many people rumaging through it... gives me anxiety just thinking about it... so I usually just stroll on by. But today there were only like 10 people in all of wal mart (praise jesus!!) and I took my time going up and down alot of the aisles. I was so glad I went down the clearance aisle because I found a steal of a deal!
We are officially DONE buying diapers so while strolling along I found a 40pack of Easy Ups (pull ups) for $13! I thought that was amazing because pull ups are SO expensive... more than diapers and you get WAY less! I was so pumped to be done buying diapers just to find out that pull ups and toddler underwear are MORE expensive. ahhh!

 So it looks like I might be hitting up the clearance aisle more these days if I can find deals like that!

Aiden is doing great with the potty training... just having a few set backs here and there but Im really impressed with how he is doing. We've run into an issue with going #2.. he is terrified of doing it in his pants (have had a couple accidents that scarred him for life i guess)  so he has been refusing to do it!! He will hold it for a couple days which is horrible. I have had him sit on the pot and he just cries and cries and cries so we end up putting a diaper on and he'll go in that. He immediately tells me when he is done by laying down and saying CHANGE. Ummmm do you think he is ready to be potty trained?!! I think so! So we're still working on it and his teacher suggested giving him a LITTLE amount of a laxative, so he HAS to go but I think im going to avoid that unless we get desperate... I just for see that going REALLY bad. ha. So instead I bought him a pack of thomas the train undies and Im going to wrap it and tell him he gets this present if he poops... I guess thats bribery huh? Whatever works! :)

We drove through Manhattan this weekend just to get Aiden a hair cut and grab a quick lunch at Rock a Belly.  I get so excited and giddy as soon as we turn off I-70 and onto 77 highway. Nothing better than that drive down into Manhattan, I love it.

I was telling him to say YAY MANHATTAN!! Mom was a LITTLE excited to be there :) I decided that day Aiden WILL go to k-state. ha

Roger is the BEST. He is so fast and just amazing with kids. Plus he always has fun toys for them to hold and play with while getting their hair cut... he had thomas and friends this time so aiden was in heaven!! We got a couple gift certificates to Campus Hairstyling for Aidens birthday... Carol gave them to us which was a great gift...very thoughtful AND useful!!

We proceeded to Hanover and had a playdate with the Sedlacek's!! It was so great seeing Krista and Coby, meeting baby Ryder and letting Aiden and Brody duke it out  play! Aiden had SO MUCH FUN with all Brody's toys and in his amazing bedroom. They had a few issues with sharing but of course when it was time to leave they were having a bawl!! Aiden even asked "where brody??" when we left sunday :(

We went to church with his parents then enjoyed pizza at the bar afterwards. ALL our friends had already made plans to go to an event in Marysville so we didn't have anyone to hit up Snappers with so  I went back to his parents house and went to bed (9pm... so embarrassing) and Mike had a guys night with his buddy Nathan.

Mike's mom and I went to my friend Brooke's baby shower  on Sunday and the boys "rested" HA!

It was a LONG 3 hr ride home with chatty kathy in the back and his little piggies in my face while i was trying to nap :)

silly boy.

Not a whole lot else going on. My sister Amy is coming this weekend {she is running a 5k in the caves} and I can't wait to see the kiddos!! And sunday is my 27th Birthday!! No plans set in stone yet... just wishing for a Wildcat Victory against KU!!! They always end up playing eachother my birthday weekend... and they HAVE won in the past so lets do it again boys!!

** Happy Hump Day to All**


  1. Wow that was a long post! Man you are on top of your blog lately! I am brainstorming Things I'm Lovin, I have 1 thing so far. I was cracking up at what Mike put on the computer. Totally something he would do! Also laughing at Aiden's feet up on your chair in the car. haha! He is totally going to K-State. He looks so good walking the sidewalks of Aggiville. Couple more years and he'll be stumbling down them :)

  2. Love the baby feet pics! I have always thought feet were so gross but I am totally in love with Will's little thumpers:) I am with you on the blogs causing viruses...I haven't ever had any problems??? I had no idea Amy was a runner. I ran in that race last year (groundhog run right?) Anyways tell her not to dress as if she is running outside because it is not cold in there. I was WAY over dressed.

  3. I am SO glad you posted a long update :) I've had to give the nanny kids laxatives b/c they did the same really works. I know it sounds terrible, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! And it wasn't long before they were not needing the "help." Why is #2 always so tough for kids?? LOVE all the pics. Your little boy is just too cute.