Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BUSY Weekend!!

Today is my half day at work so I thought I'd get a quick post in about our weekend.

 It was RiDiCulOuS busy...

Friday night, Mike's work put on a Casino night. It was a lot of fun and we spent most the evening playing some black jack! {I suck btw!!} Sadly we didn't win any gift cards that went to the high rollers or the IPAD that they raffled.
Everyone at his company is SO nice and its always nice to meet and get to know the people he works with everyday. After that got over a group of us headed to Johnny's to chat some more and have a couple drinks. We had a really good time!

Saturday morning I had to work til noon and Mike took the car to get an oil change. I came straight home from work, laid down for a bit then met over at Michelle's for the Kenny Chesney concert!!
I had to take a pic of my outfit and send it to mike... im sure it was the last thing he wanted to see after he got done with the warrior dash... HA! {I doubt I EVER wear my boots again, they gave me horrible blisters!!}

I can't believe I bought a romper... Im not a HUGE fan but I thought its seemed so "country" :) Thank goodness for phones these days because I couldn't decide if I liked it so I took a pic in the dressing room and sent it to my sisters for approval :) ha!

There we a lot of INTERESTING get ups at the concert. People watching is the best :)

The concert was a blast and we found a nice parking spot in the shade a hung out for a couple hours before the concert. Kenny did great... its fun since we know most of his songs! He even wore a cut off chiefs shirt... I thought that was really cool. We opted for cheap seats so we were high but could still see perfect and thankfully in the shade the whole time.

Mike spent his afternoon at the Warrior Dash and he SURVIVED!! This is a 5k race/obstacle course. I was really nervous since he was in the 3pm heat and it was SOOO hot... Im so glad he finished and didn't die ;) I heard today that some guy is in the hospital in critical condition from heat stroke and exhaustion from the Warrior Dash... so sad! Im so glad Mike, his brother Joe and my brother Tony all are okay!!

My brother posted a similar race on facebook today, RunRukus, and we joked about us siblings and spouses doing it... doubt that happens :)

Sunday I had a bridal shower for my good friend Erin aka Buffy. She is getting married in October in DC... its going to be an amazing wedding and I hope my work schedule allows for me to go!!
It was at a yummy place called Yia Yia's Eurocafe. I had never been there or heard of it and I already told Mike we'll be going back. Its a really pretty place and GOOD food :)
Erin's sister Sarah did an amazing job...it was a beautiful shower!! After taking a quiz about Erin I won some pancake mix and a wire whisk!

Erin got some really neat stuff but my fave was her apron and that neat towel cake. SO CUTE!!

We spent the rest of Sunday relaxing. Mike had kickball at 5 so Aiden and I went to the grocery store.
I was DYING for a taco salad so we made those and then watched Rango.

{These shells are YUMMY. Try them!!}

Sarah, Derek and my mom were SO gracious to take Aiden Friday night and ALL day Saturday!! He had SO much fun. They took him to some indoor kids festival on Saturday and he got to meet Elmo and Buzz!!

 They also went to the pool Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Apparently he is jumping in the pool with NO fear...finally!!  I love my family and I am SO grateful that they are here to help when we need them. Mike's mom was going to take off and come watch him but we'll be spending this weekend with them in Topeka at a wedding reception then they'll be in KC the following weekend. I felt bad making her drive all THREE weekends!! We are truly blessed with the most helpful and wonderful families!!

This weekend Mike is traveling for work and Aiden and I are headed to a wedding reception in Topeka. Can't wait to see a lot of my Willie's girls and a ton of people from Mike's home town... it will SURELY be a blast :)

Have a great week and Happy August!!




  1. That romper is so cute on you! I've never been brave enough to buy one but maybe I'll have to try!

  2. that romper is super cute! :) i love KC, i saw him at stampede a LONG time ago, it was one of the best one's i've seen in concert!