Sunday, August 21, 2011

{Our Weekend}

For the first time in A WHILE we had a low key, no plans, relaxing weekend. Woo Hoo!

Yesterday we bummed around all day and I worked on a couple of craft projects...

Since Aiden will be moving up to the 3 yr old room early (yay!!!) he is leaving his teachers who he's had since we moved here. :( {SAD!}
 He has 2 morning and 2 afternoon teachers, so we're making them all these framed crayon letters. Idea found HERE.
These suckers are SO much harder than they look! Im still not done...

For my second project I took a picture that was hanging over our couch and turned it into a chalk board for the kitchen. It'll go above our table and have cute sayings and stuff. I just took it and spray painted the frame red then painted the glass area with chalk board paint. Easy Peasy and its CUTE! I've found a lot of cute ideas to do with old picture frames... I just need to find some. Might be hitting up some garage sales and antique stores next weekend!

Today we celebrate Mike's 26th Birthday!! Aiden was up bright and early at 6am so him and I headed on a "donut adventure!" to get Mike the BEST donuts KC has to offer and let him sleep in while we did it. While searching for donut shops I stumbled upon this blog that insists on John's Space Age donuts being great, so that's where we went. I wanted a place where we could sit and eat a donut and people watch for a bit :) It was such a cute, vintage shop! I was in LOVE!! Aiden and I ate a donut, had a carton of milk and took a bunch home for Mike! It was SUCH  a great morning! {I just wish we would have made Mike come with us... we'll just have to go again!}

{ps, the donuts were the BEST I've ever had!! Screw krispy kreme, dunkin and daylight, i'll never go back :)}

Mike enjoyed the donuts  and opened his gift. He requested a new coffee cup. I tend to get cute, cheap ones that end up being crap.. so I went to Starbucks since their cups are good quality. I ended up grabbing him 2 for coffee and the other for iced coffee. Mike really likes his iced coffee :) I filled that cup with some of these.{anxious to see if they're good}

Super simple, low key birthday... the only way Mike likes it :)

We played cars with Aiden for awhile before nap time then Mike mowed and I cleaned the house.

{Check out mommy's brilliant idea using Aiden's soccer cones as the "cozy cone" motel. bahaha!}

I had big plans for his birthday dessert but in the end pulled a lazy move...

Good thing Mike is super easy to please and LOVES this dessert :)

I made home made chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight. I told Mike to pick ANYTHING and since he wasn't feeling good {cold/allergies} he said this... SO good!

Although it was SO nice not having much going on this weekend, at times I was a little bored :( I wish I wasn't so go go go  all the time but I am!! Oh well, we're re-charged, the house is clean and laundry done and we're starting the week on a great foot!

Hope you all had a boring relaxing weekend as well!!

{Here are a couple pics of mr. aiden... he is LOVING all his hand me down jammies from cousin Pax!!}

He only poses for me if I tell him we're sending the pic to Pax :)


  1. cute, cute, cute! Have you tried Lamars in OP? Heaven on earth!! :)

  2. I love the monogram craft project!