Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catch up

Im playing catch up right now.... I need to do about 5 posts but instead Im going to condense it into one LONG one... with little words {very hard for me, I tend to over explain and ramble a lot! ha!} and LOTS of pictures. Enjoy :)

:: Recently Aiden went to his first  big kid birthday party. I call it a big kid party because it wasn't at someones house and it was with all the kids in his class. Kael and Cameron had a joint party at a gymnastics center! Of course he isn't of the age where we can just drop him off and come back 3 hrs later... so Mike and I accompanied him to the party. It was very fun but the place wasn't air conditioned so needless to say we all melted. It was a great time and we went straight from the 3 yr olds party to Mike's grandma's sisters 90th birthday party... what a day! :)

 Not wanting to share the pool balls and throwing a fit under the table=

total meltown/time to head home for NAP.

::Good Eats...What's been cookin in our kitchen...

Homemade pizza... a Sunday night ritual for us... we're pretty much pros at it now :)

banana bread

sloppy joes

Aiden approved!!

Strawberry, banana, and angel food cake skewers...served with chocolate mousse!

Chicken Tacos

::Last weekend we headed to Topeka for the Bruna wedding reception! Mike was in Vegas for work so me and Aiden went with my sister and the girls and met up with Mike's parents. The reception was at the Kansas Museum of History and it was a neat place. There was a childrens area that kept all the little kiddos occupied which was really nice. Between that and the dance floor Aiden was a tuckered out little boy by the end of it! of course I didn't take but a few pics...

::This past Thursday we took Aiden to the JoCo County Fair in Gardner. I was beyond excited and shocked that Aiden was willing to ride ALL the rides. {he has refused in past years and doesn't even like carousels} And he rode them all multiple times! We met up with a girl I work with, her husband and their son who is a few months older than Aiden. We all had a GREAT time!

 :: We just got back today from Manhattan! We spent the weekend with my family just hanging out, celebrating my dad's birthday and going to a welcome home party for our good friend Christopher Frakes, who just returned from Air force training, and is moving with his fiance to Phoenix soon. We're exhausted but it was a great time!!

Harper looooooves the puppies!!

Lunch before the pool

Aiden's new pose... always has his hands on his hips. ha!

our little fishies!!



Our attempt at eating at the new Japanese steakhouse in Manhattan. Even WITH reservations we waited 30min to be seated then another 30 min to get our drinks... with all that plus it being almost 8pm and Harper's unknown FEAR of fire... we up and left and settled for sliders and fries at the going away party. What a night :) 

So that's what we've been up too!! Busy Busy! I think things should settle down now that summer has come to an end. So sad!! 

Bring on football season!!!



  1. We ate there on Saturday night too! We got there at 6, waited an hour at our table for them to come out and cook for us and then it was another hour to eat! Love all the pics!

  2. this food is making me hungry!! i love banana bread, chicken tacos, and sloppy joes :)

  3. Your little family is so cute Amber! I'm so impressed by all your cooking. I hope I get it back someday:). This pregnancy has really killed all motivation!