Monday, September 26, 2011


 I am writing this post at 2pm  from the comfort of my house... and for once its not because Aiden is sick! ha! I am off work this WHOLE entire week! WooHoo!!

The bank I work at requires us to take off 5 days consecutively each year. Well this is my 5 days and it couldn't have come at a better time! As much as I complain about my job, at the end of the day it is a JOB with pretty good pay, benefits, minimal stress, friendly people and I really need to be grateful for that. But lately I've just been burnt out and pretty grumpy at work... which is NOT me at all!

Originally my vacation was suppose to be next week and Mike had taken off as well. We had plans to head to Omaha and take Aiden to the zoo there!! But there's this thing called LIFE and sometimes it just gets in the way :(  No it really is fine... but because I needed this coming weekend off, for my brother-in-laws 30th birthday in Manhattan, and the weekend of the 15th off, for a wedding, I had to move my vacay up a week and work next weekend. Its actually worked out just fine and although we're sad we wont be able to take Aiden to the Omaha zoo... we plan to take him to the KC zoo instead, since we've never even been to it either.

We're actually headed to Manhattan Thursday night and will be there the whole weekend. Mike's parents are coming to get Aiden and keep him Friday & Saturday night. They are in DESPERATE need of 1 on 1 time with Aiden. This move has been much harder than we had ever imagined. Aiden is missing them like crazy too so I know they will have a great time! Im super excited for the weekend because we're doing a huge tailgate to celebrate my brother in law Derek's 30th Birthday!!  For the first time ever  Sarah, Derek, Tony, Tara, Amy , Josh, Mike and I get to spend time together without ANY kiddos!! This NEVER happens and Im just so excited ... plus K-State football and tailgating...OMG!!! :)

 { We all LOVE the babes more than anything and will miss them terribly though!! They will be in GOOD hands!!}

So that's what we'll be up to at the end of this week and until then Im just taking care of some cleaning and organizing at home, helping Sarah prepare for the party, putting the gym membership that i've had for months  to use and just relaxing!! Its pretty splendid!!!

And here's a real quick catch up of what we've been up to lately...

:: A couple weekends ago we attended my friend Addie's wedding!

Such a great time seeing these girls... its been TOOOO long!! Addie was a gorgeous bride. Her mom MADE her dress {amazing.} and the greatest part was the on the back she stitched a little heart and their initials and the date of their wedding... it was ADORABLE. 

{you can kind of see it on the right shoulder strap. Subtle yet SO cute!}

{amazing group of ladies from high school, it was SO good seeing them!}

Addie and Tyler met in grade school but went their separate ways for many many MANY years. Addie's move to Florida reunited them and the rest is history. Its the sweetest story ever and they are truly a wonderful couple who will have a lifetime of happiness, no doubt!!

It was a fun night!

::This past weekend was BUSY as usual. Friday night I attended a housewarming/stock the bar party for my good friends Mandy and Brady who are getting married in February and who just bought their first home! Sadly Mike couldn't attend with me because we didn't have a sitter and because he had worked RiDiCuLouS hrs last week and was ready to just be at home and spend time with Aiden.

I had a good time though!! :)

{Okay so I had to pat my own back on this gift... I just thought it turned out SO cute! I bought a bottle of wine and wrapped in in a cute dish towel. Then on the outside I included a wine opener and the "saw looking thing" is to cut lemons/limes as well as a bottle opener! Cute right??!! I thought so... :)}

:: On Saturday we headed to the Durler's house for a K-State vs. Miama watch party!
We got to meet some new friends as well as catch up with Mark & Lindsey and the rest of the Bryan family... they are all SO fun and sweet. Us girls hung around the AMAZING food the whole time chit chatting and making sure the little ones were getting along. I honestly didn't start watching the game til things got a little intense at the end. We all had faith our Cats would pull it off and they did! GREAT game!!!
Im so happy Lindsey put this together and we could attend... we hope to do another one soon. We're SO bummed that we wont be able to attend their murder/mystery party... that is def going to be a fun time as well!!

Aiden loved having Madie and Gracie push him. These girls are SO grown up now :( They helped out a ton on Saturday by playing with the 3 little boys.

The past two Sundays we've spent over at my moms. Just watching the Chiefs and having Sunday Family dinner. Its been fun relaxing with the fam but I might gain 2O lbs from all the snackies we make :) Totally worth it though... ha!

:: Babysat little Jackson!

Last Thursday we got the privilege of watching Mr. Jackson Stein while his mommy and daddy attended a wedding rehearsal and dinner. His mom Steph is a good friend of mine who I met used to spend every waking second with  playing softball. Her parents are like my 2nd parents and we just love the whole family!!  Ironically she met her now husband at Amy &  Josh's wedding... Justin was a groomsmen and they met that night and totally hit it off! Fast forward a few yrs and they are now married and have a little man!! Sadly though, they live in Denver. BOO! We are trying so hard {and its actually working!!} to get them to move here! I bet HOPE they do within the next couple years! yay!! 

Jackson is a perfect angel!! He NEVER cries and just smiles all the time! Made my job very easy :) {plus the help from my sister and mom who  had to come over too!} I did have him alone for a couple hrs and definitely got a taste of what 2 kids would be like... lets just say Im not ready for that! ha! Aiden had fun with him and is so gentle and sweet to babies. It was quite obvious though that he is not used to sharing the attention with anyone... he didn't understand why I couldn't cater to his every want/need during that time. All was well though and we had a fun evening with the little guy around!

{Aiden was like "Score! The baby toys are ALL mine now!!"} 

{He would just look over at my mom and LAUGH! It was cute :) }

Okay I think that covers it for now.... I purposely left Aiden out of this post because I'm working on a catch up/ update post all about him. Hopefully tomorrow! 

Seriously I can not WAIT for this weekend!! Bring on the Cats and the GOOD times!! 

The goal is to get a picture of ALL of us this weekend... didn't realize we don't have a SINGLE one! ha!




  1. Enjoy your vacation time off! I think I'm in desparate need of one of those too... :)

  2. SOOO jealous of your vacay. Wish we were coming on Friday, but it's our last group run on Saturday and I don't want to miss out on that (only 5 miles, woop woop). So we will head out as soon as I get home and shower.

    We are going to have sooooooooooooooooo much fun!!! I CANNOT wait!

    PS-Jackson is so adorable, love the pic of Sarah holding him, she looks like such a little Mommy....bring on the bubbies Sarah!!

  3. That bottle of wine is an adorable gift idea! Thank you for sharing!