Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wildcat Weekend!

{Gah!! Im SO behind on blogging!! I have at least 3 posts to do!! Such a slacker....}

{A much needed snooze on the way to Manhattan}

Anywho.... Ill first catch you up on our WonDeRfuL Wildcat Weekend!!! We hadn't planned on going to the first home game but when we found out it was at 6pm we figured why not??!! I also thought it'd be a great idea to take Aiden to his FIRST game! {In our defense... we haven't ever felt like it would go real well taking him to a game. He was always such a busy baby/toddler and wasn't EVER content just sitting on our laps... it would have been a disaster for us and the poor people stuck sitting by us. PLUS Mike's parents loved getting the chance to watch him whenever we wanted to go. So we're not completely horrible for waiting this long} I finally felt he was at the age he would enjoy the game. He loves to watch/play sports plus with the band and crowd there is just SO much to look at. Plus Willie the Wildcat!!

{at this point I was shaking and in tears... ridiculous I know! I just LOVE the Cats!!}

Our seats were BEYOND perfect. In the shade... at the end of the aisle (thank god).... and BONUS the people right next to us had a little girl Aiden's age! {hallelujah & praise the lord, this was our saving grace!!} Aiden had SO much fun with his little "girlfriend" and we stayed from the minute the game started til the minute it ended AND the fireworks following. Mike and I were beyond  pleased with how the day went and were so happy we finally did this as a family. {and that it didn't completely blow up in our faces like usual. ha!}

Dont' get me wrong we were EXHUASTED at the end of the day... but it was all completely worth it!!

Aiden thought it was pretty great too... he was slightly envious though and kept asking when it was his turn to play football... and the instruments {the band}. I had packed a bag of snacks that he and his little friend shared and I was completly shocked that he only went to the bathroom once the whole game. I was sure he would want to run around, up and down the stairs and have to go "potty" a lot just so he didn't have to sit ...but he was competely fine just playing with his friend and actually "watched" the game! It wasn't til towards the end of the game that he got a little antsy but was completely content playing games on my phone and showing his little friend how to work it.

I was so proud of my little man, he is really growing up and that day totally proved it :(

We're headed back to Manhattan for the game on October 1st... but NO kiddos!! I can.not.wait to tailgate with friends and family and celebrate my brother-in-law's 30th Birthday! woop.woop!

Sunday my grandparents had us all out to their place for a HUGE lunch before we all left town. On the way out there I had to take a trip down memory lane and show Mike my "old stompin grounds." The neighborhood where I spent most my childhood, the TWO houses my dad built in that same neighborhood, the gas station that my bff T.Chard and I rode our bikes to get candy and glass bottles of Clearly Canadian {remember that stuff??!!}  ... oh the good times we had :) Such a wonderful childhood :) Im sure Mike was thrilled... ha!  Its SO crazy how that neighborhood has changed and now instead of Timbercreek I and II there are Timbercreeks 3, 4 & 5! Craziness... 

Lunch was beyond amazing and my grandparents still have their touch with cooking, even though it was exhausting for them, it was so nice and we appreciated them doing it for us! My grandma wanted to take Aiden over to the playground before we left so she and I drove him over there. Lake Elbo is where I spent SO much time growing up. Weeks at a time in the summers, and EVERY 4th of July. The lake, the beach, the fishing... it was heaven growing up. Such a sweet memory for me being there again with my grandma and my child. Seeing him play in the sand and throwing rocks... makes me wish we had spent more time out there when we lived in Manhattan. :( He had so much fun and we promised when he was a little older my grandpa would take him out on his fishin boat!

AND being the super cool, laid back mommy I am... I let him sit on my lap and DRIVE us back to the house {GASP!!!!}
Settle down people... Lake Elbo has a speed limit of 5mph and its completely its own secluded community. Everyone drives around in golf carts, its very quiet, and the house was less than a mile away. Heck, growing up my grandparents let us drive home from church which was MILES from thier house... on back country roads and "killer" hills :) Its all good... we survived and I was in the moment and said the heck with it :) And he LOVED it!!!

 Funniest thing was him getting on my lap, before he drove, and saying...
"I need the keys mommy."
 So I put them in.Then...
"I need music mommy"
 All before he was ready to drive...Ha! He must be watching his mama in the car! :)

{If you all think THATS bad then you dont even want to know about him not riding in a car seat at all sometimes when we're back in Mike's hometown... ugh oh! someone call SRS!! ;) HA!}

Its always so good for my heart when Im back in Manhattan... it really takes me back everytime Im there and I love it.

We spent Labor Day OUTSIDE! This weather makes me beyond happy!! Fall is just around the corner... my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year!! {minus the pale skin and 20 extra lbs I gain from all the comfort food!}  Im quickly planning  our weekends with tons of trips to festivals, farmers markets, pumpkin patches, craft fairs, K-State Football games and MUCH more! And we thought Summer was busy... ha ;)

Stay tuned for and Aiden update and a post all about FOOD! :)


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  1. Aiden looks so big in the Lake Elbo pictures and the beach looks exactly the same!!

    I was JUST thinking the other day that I would totally beat up a Clearly Canadian!! Remember Crystal Clear Pepsi? Whatever happened to that stuff, so good!

    We need to TRY to take the boys to another home game this year together, they would have a blast, baby girl might be scared of............well everything!