Thursday, December 8, 2011

mr. aiden

{Can we just pretend I HAVEN'T been on a 3 month blogging hiatus....okay, thanks.}

Aiden Michael you are {almost} THREE yrs old!!! I can't even believe it... I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday but the past 3 yrs have happened in a flash and Im praying time will slow down!

I've been looking through baby pics of Aiden and last weekend I read his baby book and went through all his 1st birthday stuff while rearranging his closet. Wahhhhh!! I would do anything for one more day with him as an infant!!! {mind you I said DAY not NIGHT because lord knows that child did not sleep...ever.... man, I do not miss that. ha}

I can't even put into words how honored I am to be Aiden's mom. He has been the best thing in my life and has taught me SO much. When I look at him I cannot believe he is mine forever and Mike and I created him together... its so miraculous and I think we did a pretty good job :) {hence the reason Aiden NEEDS a brother or sister! ha!}

Aiden has become my little buddy!  He has gotten to the age that I really ENJOY taking him places and to run my errands. He usually behaves pretty well and keeps me laughing the whole time! He is mr. social and likes to tell EVERYONE hello!  He is too sweet and just wants to be friends with everyone... just like his mama! :) When I get the chance to go to the store alone {gasp! that never happens!!} I actually miss him and wish he was there to talk too!

He is also very polite and I rarely have to remind him to use his please and thank you's. I especially love when I sneeze and even if Im upstairs and he is down... Ill hear him yell "bless you!!!" ... cracks me up every time!

He does have his moments though...Let's just say...


*He does NOT help or listen to me at all... I have to force him to get dressed and brush his teeth and he has to be told 3 trillion times before he does it.
*He only wants to watch tv, which I hate, and as soon as I ask him to come get dressed he decided he wants to play with his toys. grrrrr.
*Besides waffles and sugary cereals he is impossible to feed in the morning. On rare occasion I can get him to eat toast and yogurt but usually its waffles and fruit. I just dont have time in the mornings to fight with him but Im ALWAYS looking for new ideas for breakfast. I actually have a granola bar/healthy cookie recipe Im going to try soon! I just wish he'd eat eggs... there are so many things i could do with eggs and they are quick AND good for him! *sigh*
*This morning I caught him playing with a remote control car that he had gotten for his birthday. Well the car was defective when we got it out of the box so it was in its bag to be exchanged at Toys R Us. Aiden found the bag and proceeded to get the Car out. He told me he knew the remote was broke but it was okay because he was just going to play with the car. Sorry buddy, not an option. So after numerous times of telling him to put it away he finally walks downstairs to do so. I decided to quietly watch to make sure he does it and found him STILL playing with the car! When I caught him he looks at me and says "Just go get ready mommy."
ughhh... little stinker!!!

So after all the hustle and bustle of getting us both ready and out the door for school/work... I miss him the SECOND I drop him off and count down the minutes til Im back to pick him up.

If only he felt the same way... ha! Im kidding, he loves his mommy, but he also LOVES school and hates leaving there!! {breaks my heart} I always figured he'd drop everything and run towards me with open arms and smiles as soon as I walked in the door, but that does NOT happen!! He usually ignores me or hides from me. No joke. I guess its a good thing that he likes school so much and I try not to take it too personal. :)

{2010 vs. 2011 school pic}

He is doing really well in school. I think he's had 1 bad report since moving to the 3yr old room, which he's been in for months.  Either that or the teacher is too nice to tell me if he's being naughty.... but I dont think that is the case. He thrives around kids his age, he always listens better and definitely eats better!! Even though he doesn't eat too well for us I KNOW he eats good at school... every day there is a x2 by lunch and snack :) chunky monkey!!

I have to share this pic of his "tracing worksheet".... they've been working on this and the last time they sent one home to do over the weekend, he could NOT even begin to know what he was doing. I thought it was a little advanced so I didn't harp on the fact that he couldn't do it. One month later and he ROCKS the tracing sheet! Ms. Hannah said he did it ALL by himself and even she was completely blown away when he showed her. Go Aiden!!

He just amazes us everyday. I can't even begin to go into detail about all the things he is saying... he doesn't quit talking ever!! Ill have to start writing stuff down.

Like I said earlier, he is not the best eater. The past two nights I've gotten him to eat chicken, peas & carrots and mashed potatoes. This is HUGE. He loves ALL fruit but hates veggies :( I've tried everything over and over and over and he just is not a fan. Same with potatoes, its a struggle to get him to eat his 2 bites. {he can NOT be my child}  I can usually get him to eat any meat we are eating {with ketchup, vomit} and any sort of noodle/pasta dish. Its a constant struggle that STRESSES me out.  Of course he loves all "treats."

He is still our early riser!! He goes to bed between 8-9pm and is up at 6am {sometimes earlier, ha!} He is still taking a 2 1/2 hr nap each day as well. Im so glad he still naps. I will take the early mornings if I can have 2 quiet hrs in the afternoon. I know Mike really wishes he would sleep in, especially on the weekends,  but again he is like me and we can function with little sleep and are definitely morning people!

I'm convinced he will be in pull ups {only at night} til he's 18. Potty training went beyond quick for us and was SO easy but the whole night time thing isn't going as well. We tried doing underwear at night for a few weeks but I got SO sick of changing bed sheets in the middle of the night and doing laundry that I said screw it, we'll try again later. Not sure why its so hard.  He would go 2-3 nights with no accidents then have accidents the next few nights. It was weird and really inconsistent. He has milk or water with dinner and a small drink of water before bed and his pull up is FULL when he wakes up! ugh! I dont think the sensation to pee (sorry!) wakes him up! Not sure what to do... oy.
Some people have mentioned setting an alarm and waking them up to go during the night...might be worth a shot. Joy, its like having a newborn again!! ;)

He hasn't had his 3 yr check up yet so I have no measurements. Im guessing he is still skinny and tall with a big head just like he's been since day 1. ha.
Aiden does have the sweetest/kindest soul. He will hug and kiss me ALL day long and tells me hundreds of times "I love you mommy." It never gets old. He loves all babies and animals too and is always like "awww mommy, that doggie is weady cute!" and vice versa with babies. He loves to snuggle and if im on the couch or chair he has to be RIGHT beside me.

With that said...

he is also ALL BOY. Lately he is really into fighting/wrestling. If you will get down on the ground with him, he will attack you for hours and it gets him SO riled up. I can't wait to get him involved in sports to take care of some of this energy! His amazing aunties, Amy & Sarah, got him signed up for gymnastics for his birthday! Yayy!! We start that in January and can not wait!

Aiden is still very independent and wants to do everything himself. Shutting car doors, opening doors, dressing himself, turning off and on lights, turning off and on the tv. He is also likes to be the "line-leader" so he always wants to be FIRST in whatever we're doing.

His favorite toys include all cars,tractors,trucks, trains... puzzles and his new leapster explorer. He loves to play basketball, pretend he's a pirate with his sword and LOVES hide and seek.

Okay this is getting REALLY long so Ill wrap it up now :) Stay tuned for a recap of his 3rd birthday and the holidays!

Aiden, you are truly the greatest gift from god... I dont know how I deserve you, but I thank the lord Your kisses, laugh, smile, hilarious personality, kind heart and sweet face MAKE my world complete. Your daddy and I love you SO much bubba!!



  1. Hey Amber! Nighttime potty training (especially for boys) does take a bit longer than day time. That being said, what worked for us was I would make the girls go to the bathroom right before bed and then I would set an alarm for midnight, go in and wake them up (which they were never happy about), make them go potty again and then put them back in bed. That seemed to help. I would also put their diaper or pull up OVER their panties so they felt it when they peed but their bed stayed dry. We did that on road trips too. Then when they refused to let me put a diaper on them at night but I was still afraid they would have an accident, I tried a different method to make nighttime potty training easier... Now this is going to sound super duper weird BUT you do what you gotta do, right? So hopefully you won't think I am insane when I tell you I would layer their beds....with doggie pee pads! LOL Mattress pad, doggie pee pad, sheet, doggie pee pad, sheet. Seriously. That way if they peed in the middle of the night, I would just have to take off the top layer and get them cleaned up and back to bed. Is that weird or genius? I never have quite decided! : )

  2. Erica... its absolutely genius... not weird at all!! I have heard about the pee pads, I just keep forgetting! Thank you SO much for the advice. We are definitely going to try it ALL!

  3. LoVe the BW family picture! Mr. Aiden sounds like such a sweetie. I love reading your posts about him, it is really evident how much you love him and how much you are soaking up his childhood and making it special for him.

  4. Love the family pics!! aiden sounds so much like dane. they would be best buds!! he doesn't eat much either except junk!! i guess its better than him starving though. he grazes all day it drives me nuts. I also love to take him with me to a store he points out everything, asks me what things are, its so fun. I love this age. He is like my partner. I don't like leaving him. I have a great bond with Knox, but Dane and I have something special..not sure if it's a first born thing or not!

  5. Well that was a tear jerker. He is seriously the sweetest boy (when he wants to be)! So funny that he hides from you when you pick him up. That black and white family pic is sssooo good. Hope it made the Christmas card!

  6. Ahh, all the things I have to look forward to:). He is such a sweetie. Love the black and white family photo of the three of you!