Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas 2011 {Part 1}

I need to do a quick recap of Christmas thus far so I dont have a LOOOONG post after the holiday!

::Lets back wayyyy up til after Thanksgiving when we put up our tree. Even though Im absolutely embarrassed to admit... this is our FIRST tree EVER!! Let me make excuses  explain...  Year 1,as a family, was a blur... c'mon we had a 13 day old baby and were NOT concerned about decorating. Year 2 we were still in our apartment and just didn't have the room. Year 3 we were just lazy :) but FINALLY year 4 we made it happen! ha! :) Its still not perfect because I never bought anything for the top of the tree or even a tree skirt. I just couldn't find one that I liked!! Im too picky!! We also dont have stockings because the ones I want might cost a small fortune :) ha. Maybe next year!! :) The tree looks great and so does the mantle and thats good enough for our first year at it.

{We hadn't vacuumed yet... so dont mind the disgusting floor}
Notice those little feetsies behind the tree??!! Silly boy :)

We had so much fun decorating the tree!! I got teary putting on our ornaments from the past few years!! Such a sap I am...

I had found this pic one Pinterest and had to recreate it for our mantle!

Here's my version....

It was my first time working with deco mesh (which I LOVE) but it was a pain in the rear!! I pretty much gave up on the mantle after messing with it for hours. Thats when I decided I wasn't going to even attempt putting it on the tree like I had planned. I need the amazing Linda Schuessler to come give me some help with it next year :) Gotta love having florists in the family!
{dont mind the awful tree thing on the end of the mantle...}

And I ended up clipping the Christmas cards we received to the mesh... I like how it turned out!

Here is what I plan on doing after the holidays with all the cards we received... plus adding the ones I kept from last year. SO cute!

::Speaking of Christmas cards... here is ours from this year!! I actually got them out BY Christmas... actually with a few days to spare. Go me!

I honestly wasn't going to do them this year. Things just got hectic and I just kept putting it off. Then one day there was a Living Social deal that was 40 Christmas cards for $28 from My . I thought that seemed like a pretty good deal so I purchased it! I had a wonderful experience using this site!! I didn't love love love the card choices (Im pretty partial to Shutterfly!) but for that price I picked one and said the heck with it. The cards printed beautifully and on nice thick card stock. I also got to choose a color for the inside of the envelopes, for free, which I thought was cute AND they printed our return address on the back of the envelope, also for free. I was very pleased and would reccomend this site to everyone!

:: Aiden got to bring treats to his class twice in one week for his birthday then his class Christmas party.
 I of course found some recipes via Pinterest!! Here is what he brought!

Okay, I thinks thats enough for now... its late late on Christmas eve's eve and Im exhausted!! We are headed to Hanover bright and early tomorrow morning to begin all the holiday festivities! Can't wait!!

Merry Christmas!!


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  1. Those cupcakes are adorable!! I used My Publisher for a photo book Christmas gift this year. I too thought the choices were limited, but overall, the price and quality were great!