Sunday, September 19, 2010

Im baaack!! {Aiden Update!}

So I stayed up until midnight composing this post last night and as I was about done it somehow got deleted! I have no clue what happened, and even though blogger saves the draft every minute or so, it of course saved it a second after I deleted it. I have never been so angry. It was SO long and I had worked so hard on it. I seriously could have thrown the lab top across the room.

Now that i'm done venting about the ordeal I'll get on to more important things...Aiden!  I have SO much to catch you all up on...our move to KC, mike's job and tests, my job seach, our new place...etc! It will have to be composed in a few posts but an Aiden update takes precedent over it all.

I cannot believe in a mere 3 months our BABY BOY is going to be 2 years old!! Where does the time go?!? I also feel so much pressure to have another one because so many girls I shared my pregnancy with are now pregnant with their second! Can you say baby fever!! I love that me and my siblings are 2 yrs apart and always wanted my children the same way. Well that is NOT going to be the case anymore! We have way way way too many things to accomplish before having more kids is even a thought in our minds. And since we are full force into the terrible 2's I tell Aiden daily that he is going to be an only child. :)

Since I have been a horrible blogger I can't even remember when I last updated you all on Aiden. Im going to do the best I can and try to tell you everything he is up to these days!

At 21 months of age Aiden is...

* 32.5 inches tall (31%)
*25 lbs 15oz (37%)
* 50cm head circumference (90%) ba ha ha! Little guy BIG head :)
*Sleeping in his crib from 8pm til 6am (most nights) Taking one nap a day, in the afternoon, 2hrs
*No binky for MONTHS, can't even remember when we got rid of it, just know it was a very easy transition
*Drinking whole milk, usually when he wakes up and with dinner. And ill give it to him for lunch or snack if he wants it
*Pretty good eater. Loves fruit! Eats some vegetables. He eats the best when he's around other kids and sees them eating. I always have a hard time getting him to eat but the babysitter always says he eats great for her so that's good. Breakfast is the hardest. Lately he LOVES yogurt and I gave him cereal WITH milk the other day and although it was a huge mess he gobbled up every little bit. He loves NAKS (snacks!) and will start asking for one at 8am. Stinker. He uses the spoon and fork really well. He really wants to drink out of big boy cups rather than his sippy cups. Sometimes Im nice and will give him water in one but that's its. 95% of the time he spills it. Not ready for that yet but he thinks he is :)

*Doesn't show too much interest in toys anymore. He would rather be outside. His FAVORITE thing to do is color. He has a millions crayons and his favorite are pens. If he sees us using a pen its over. He will say pen! pen! pen! pen! until you give it to him. Needless to say we have crayon marks and pen everywhere. We try to make sure when he is coloring we are watching him really good but he is a sneaky little thing. Goo gone and mr. clean magic erasers usually do the trick so its not the end of the world if there is an accident.

*I have always had a  little magna doodles that I carry in my purse (for restaurants and stuff) and he really likes them so I bought him a Large one and it occupies him for hrs. Mike even said it was a great purchase on my part! (i know... i know...) Other than that his blocks are the only other toy he really plays with. Kind of a bummer since he has a million!

*We got in the bad habit of letting him watch tv in the mornings so he is now obsessed with blues clues and wants to watch it all day long. He will point to the tv and say "clues" and we tell him its not on and he throws a fit. Since we didn't have cable the first 2 weeks in KC we have watched endless amounts of Blues Clues and Elmo on dvd. We have created a monster! Thats ALL he wants to do now. ugh oh!!

*His other favorite "toys" are the remote and our phones. of course. He will carry our phones around saying "hi... good...bye" over and over. Its really cute! And for some reason he always turns the phone around backwords, no clue why. I think he's seen mike put his in his pocket after he gets done using it and Aiden always tries to put it in his pocket when he's done "talking" on it. Its funny.
*He talks alot now. I thought he was a little late talker but I was never worried because he was always "talking" it just didnt' always make sense. But now he jabbers all the time and its still only one to two words but we almost always know what he wants, needs or is saying.

 Here are the things we hear the most... I color, I run, I eat, nak (snack,) cookie, chip, milk, juice, cracker, cup, water, teeth (loves brushing his teeth,) blocks, choo choo, car, cow, dog, cat, elmo, clues, ball, shoe, outside, on, off, I jump, bed, peas (please,) da ba or tu tu (thank you,) up, rek (derek,) nana, papa, mamo, ton (paxton,) joe, go cats, ouch, owie,broke (if something is broke), mommy, dad, ni night, pillow, hi, bye-bye,blanket, yes, no, book, toys, i cold, hot, yum/yummy, drink, wat doin?... the list goes on and on and on. He said a sentence the other night when we were at sarah and derek's for dinner. We were in the kitchen and he was wandering around us and said "sarah wat doin?"  I had never heard him say that! It was adorable. For the most part he can repeat every word I ask him too, he just doesn't use them all the time.

*He can point to his head, nose, ears, teeth, eyes, knees, toes, belly button, hair, mouth, po po

* He can tell you what a dinosaur/alligator (raaaaaa!!!) cow, kitty, monkey, dog, duck say.

*We are working on colors. He can say all of them but if you ask he thinks everything is RED

* Working on counting as well. He loves to count down. If he is running or jumping you will hear him say
2....1! Its so funny. He can count to 3 then I say 4, he says 5, I say 6, he says 7, I say 8 9 and he says 10! ha!

*One night my brother was trying to teach him to spell his name. All day the next day he was walking around saying A... I... and I would say D E and he would say N! Again... so funny!

* He will give high fives and "knucks"

* He will give ANYONE a kiss and If you say I love you he just blows you a kiss. I really want him to say I love you...

* Still in his crib. Not sure when we will make the transition to toddler bed. Since he was a baby he hasn't been the best sleeper so now that he sleeps pretty good we dont want to mess up what we have going! If he knows he can get out of his bed then he will and it is going to be a fight getting him to stay in it and go to sleep.  He has only climbed out of his crib once and I think he learned his lesson that time and hasn't tried since. Im sure after his 2nd birthday we will start discussing it.

*He hasn't really shown any interest in potty training. I told mike I'm going to buy a potty for him and we'll see if he shows any interest then. I dont mind the diapers... not excited at all for the potty training process. So we're not pushing it... yet.

*He is usually in a good mood unless its almost nap time. He can get a bit testy! He has quite the temper these days! If I tell him no or take away something he's not suppose to have he will usually bend down to the ground and starst banging his head on it. CRAZY kid!! Then he cries more because it hurts! He also likes to throw things. Sippy cups, food, crayons, toys... if he's not getting his way. We (who am i kidding... mike is such a softy) I will send him to time out for a minute or so then go in and discuss what got him sent there, he says sorry, we hug and kiss and he will usually go pick up the thing he threw or go start playing nicely but sometimes it takes 2-3 trips to time out before he starts listening. Sometimes we aren't that consistent with the time out and I told mike he is never going to learn unless we are SUPER consistent so we're working on that.
Listening is our biggest issue right now. Everyone says its appropriate for his age but it can really stress me out! It makes me sad because some days it feels like Im constantly getting on to him and I hate it! I know its just a rough time and it will get better but man this parenting thing can be HARD! :)

*He usually plays well with other kids and for the most part does a good job sharing. He has his moments though when its Mine! mine! mine! again... age appropriate so what do you do.

* I love seeing him with paxton. They really love eachother! I hope they include Harper just as much when she gets a little older and can run around with them :)

We love our little guy so much and just can't get enough of him!! We are excited to explore KC as a family and enjoy the endless amount of things to do here! I know this post is overwhelming and I know I left out so much information! I really plan to keep up with it more... I know I've said it a million times. I love reading the blogs and Im jealous of all the good bloggers out there who post daily. I have no life so there is no reason I can't do one a WEEK if not more! I want family to be able to check the blog often and keep up to date with what we're doing!

peace dudes.


  1. Love all the new pics!! He is getting so big, I miss him. Give him loves from Auntie Amy!

  2. Incredible Job! I am so impressed with your blog AND it keeps me updated...he is getting so big! I LOVE the last picture--that is too cute! Good luck on the job search & we hope everything is going well for you guys!!!