Tuesday, February 1, 2011

*Snow Day*

Due to KC's blizzard warning we are home sweet home today!! Thank goodness because I was absolutely DREADING driving in this disaster!!
We made a quick trip to starbucks then Wal-mart this morning to get a few things before the weather got too bad. Right after we got home and I was unloading the groceries Mike arrived home as well. He was in Burlington, KS working yesterday and was suppose to today but they decided to come home so they didn't get stuck there. Thank goodness for technology... he can do a lot of his work from home!!
So while he is up in the bed room Aiden and I are just hanging out! I got him a new Thomas the Train dvd, we cleaned up his room and have been slaving away in the kitchen :)

I just have.to.have. homemade chicken noodle soup on days like today. Nothing better!! It is my absolute favorite home cooked, hearty, comfort meal by far! And its sooo easy to make thanks to the delicious...

Reames Egg Noodles. omg yum-o!! My dad still makes his own egg noodles which is fun for him and he enjoys it but really why bother when these are just as good!

 So thats what we had for lunch (and dinner im sure!) and it tasted amazing!! Aiden tears it up!

Then I had a bit of a craving and totally splurged for it at the store... :)

strawberry cupcakes and rainbow chip frosting. Rainbow chip is absolutely to.die.for and I could probably eat the whole tub. For not being a huge frosting lover... I LOVE this stuff. ha

I had a little bit of help :)

I hope Aiden wasn't eating the batter when I wasn't looking... we came up a little short. ha!

I seriously could not love snow days more. I had all this ambition this morning to be super productive but besides one load of laundry and unloading and loading the dishwasher... Im calling it a day! We are all snuggled up, still in our jammies and just hanging out and its amazing.

Im BEGGING mike to go get fire wood... a fire in the never been used fireplace would complete this perfect day!!

I just want to put this thing to use!!!

I just talked to my mom though and she was on the verge of tears because her drive home was so scary! yikes!! Im so happy she is home safe... wish everyone would just close up shop and get home!! Guess Mike shouldn't get out in it to get wood...

 Anxious to see what else this winter storm has in store and if we'll be able to make it to work tomorrow. Hopefully this is the last bit of snow (highly doubtful) and we can just fast forward to Spring. Here's hoping!!

Can't wait for day time television (Oprah!!!) and more snuggling the rest of the afternoon!! Hope everyone is safely getting where they need to be today!

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