Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miscellaneous Musings...


 hopefully ill take lots of pics of him soon... I got the call from the geek squad and my camera is fixed! woo hoo! He is still his same ornery, adorable, silly, sweet self these days! We just can't get over how smart he is. He will completely shock us everyday with words we didn't know he knew... its just crazy. He has been a typical two year old lately and really testing mommy and daddy. His new thing is to GROWL at me when I tell him no... it drives me absolutely crazy. If I get more mad it just makes it worse, so I try to ignore him when he does it. Still isn't working that great but hopefully this is just a phase!! He has more good days than bad at school and every once in a great while Ill get a comment on his daily report saying he wasn't listening very well. I guess its not completely horrible, he's not hitting or biting or anythign but I just hate any negative report what so ever :( But EVERY day I hear how loveable and cute and sweet he is... the boy is a CHARMER!! He is his fathers son!! He has one  new teacher in the afternoons, in addition to his other one, she hasn't even been there a week and the secretary tells me last week Aiden already has her wrapped around his little finger. Not suprised... the boy has a way with women, what can I say :) I can't help but laugh and be a little proud when they go on and on about him... 

Other than that nothing else really new with him...
Potty training was a breeze thanks to him being in an older classroom and having wonderful teachers. I have to give ALL the credit to them. He RARELY has accidents anymore, wears underwear all day, even nap and stays dry. Just pull ups at night! He goes number 2 like a champ and STANDS to go potty, I still laugh seeing him do this. He even goes to the bathroom by himself! He'll just go upstairs, turn on the light, get his stool out and Ill hear the lid go up... um... your 2!! what?!?! I just couldn't be happier about how well this all worked out! He is growing up too fast!!

Mr. Serious


 "Fat Tuesday, a day allocated to gluttony and overindulgence"

Sign me up! In the past my friends and I went out and got crazy on fat tuesday... this year, no plans at all  except I made gumbo.... yum! To be honest I made this...

yup... dont judge its AMAZING :) I bought spicy andouille sausage & shrimp  plus  honey cornbread to go with  it. Both boys tore it up! Aiden even ate a little of the shrimp. I might have told him it was chicken...

This is me celebrating these days... with food. shocker! :)

::Anything has to be better than my miserable fail at dinner last night. I actually wasn't making the chicken veggie nuggets for dinner I was making them to freeze and have on hand for Aiden but they did NOT turn out. My Panko crumbs were weird and didnt bake right, or at all really. Ill try the recipe again but even mike and I wouldn't try the ones I made.. yuck!

I also made these green bean fries whtich I was really excited about... BUT I burnt them so they weren't that great. I just thought they were "roasted" but after trying them, they definitely tasted burnt. again, FAIL.
Im going to try both recipes again... and tweak a few things!

After I spent the whole evening last night  in the kitchen making two things that didn't turn out, having a sink full of dishes and a giant mess on the countertops then to top it all off I lit a towel on fire... and its one of my favorites that mike's grandma makes us every year for christmas :(


Got get it NOW!! A little on the pricey side but seriously it smells sooo good. I might even stop buying my beloved

Bounce dryer bars because they are unnecessary now! Im picky about detergent and I haven't had much luck lately... I just dont feel like our clothes are getting as CLEAN as I want them too... so far Im loving this stuff!! 


Hopefully Mike's mom can help me figure out how to do this for Aiden's books... too cute!!
he he. funnies :)

Excited for St. Patty's Day!!
Told you it was going to be some miscellaneous musings... ha


  1. Aiden is so cute, I'm sure he's got everyone wrapped around his finger TIGHTLY! :)

  2. How the heck did you catch the towel on fire?!

    That stinks your food didn't turn out. Both those sound good. Good way to sneak veggies into Aidens meals :) Doesn't suprise me at all that he has his teacher wrapped around his finger. The kids is adorable and SO sweet!

    Random post...random comments :)

    You spend way to much on detergent. We use the cheap kind and it smells good too. Amy said she loves how our laundry smells.

  3. Bahahaha, it totally doesn't surprise me that you caught a towel on fire! That's hilarious!

    I miss Aiden, come see us :(

    I had no idea that fat Tuesday was all about gluttony, I missed that memo and didn't have anything exciting to eat.

    I have actually been thinking about switching to Tide. The price is ridiculous though and Sarah is right, her laundry did smell really good. But I have heard lots of good things about Tide. Does it help with static cause that's our major issue right now and it drives me batty!