Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today...  I talked to Aiden's teachers about his behavior. EVERY STINKIN TIME I do a blog post bragging about how sweet and adorable Aiden is, things completely change. Ever since that post last week he has gotten bad reports every day. I shouldn't say bad because he still eats all his food, takes a good nap, is a big helper... but every day there has been a little note about him not listening very well. :( I've been freaking out. Good thing Mike is so chill because I stress enough for the BOTH of us. I have been losing sleep over this. Today I had extra time so when I dropped him off I brought it up to his teachers. I just wanted to see what exactly was going on and how they have been handling the situation. I think consistancy is very important especially during these terrible twos... so I wanted to make sure we are all on the same page. Not FIVE seconds into the conversation I'm already crying. Yep... crying. {Seriously for once in my life could I JUST keep it together?!!! Nope.}

I just know Aiden is so sweet and is a good boy and it kills me to hear he is misbehaving and I dont want his teachers to dread him coming to school because he is naughty or look at me like im a bad parent. { do you see the twisted things that run through my mind?!} The teachers were so sweet and immediately reassured me he is no where NEAR the point of being concerned or having to take further measures... that he is a typical 2 year old and that this behavior is very  normal. They just wanted to make sure we're informed on what is going on during the day.

So of course when I picked him up today the owner mentioned he had heard what happened {me:cry baby} and once again assured me that they all adore Aiden and I shouln't be concerned at all. He also had a good report and apparently was listening well today. Oh brother... we shall see how it goes :)

Today... I went shopping for Aiden a green shirt for St. Patrick's Day... and being the huge procrastinator that I am, the selection was slim, actually... none. Ha. Which ended up being fine because I always get him shirts for each holiday, he wears them once then I dont want to put him in them again. You can't just bust out halloween shirts in April, or Valentine's shirts in July.... ya know?! So I just went with green. So he can wear them a lot and not just tomorrow!
Honestly, its really all they had... but its cute and comfy and most importantly... GREEN! A t-shirt and shorts at that... its suppose to be 80 tomorrow! A jacket in the morning... and he should be good!!

We have zero plans for St. Pattys. K-State is on so we'll just chill at home and watch that!

Today... I got these fabulous new shoes from Target. OBSESSED.

Not really sure if they are grey or beige or what but they literally go with everything and you just can't beat  a cute shoe at a great price. Thank you Target... you never fail me!!

Today... we also played outside! Mike got home earlier than usual so we took Aiden outside and played! This weather is amazing and tomorrow is suppose to be even better!! I love it, even if im stuck at work. With the time change it still gives us plenty of time to head outside when we get home and enjoy it before dinner, bath and bedtime. much as we love getting to enjoy the wonderful weather I ask myself each time if its worth the BATTLE getting Aiden inside... seriously its a knock.down.drag.out. Ha! :)

Tonight... Im blogging and watching this movie...

                                                                            cute so far!

Hope everyone had a great day today as well... and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Get your GREEN on!!


  1. Amber DON'T STRESS about Aiden!! Every kid goes through a ornery stage (actually like 5 of them!) They will constantly test you! Aiden is a wonderful sweet and caring little boy, he just has a mind of his own (hmmmmm, wonder where he gets THAT from.) Love his outfit, love the shoes, might have to go get them for myself :)

  2. It's good that you talked to his teachers to see what they were doing about the situation but you shouldn't stress over it. He's a typical 2 year old that is learning to test peoples patience. Just make sure his teachers are telling him what he's doing wrong and how he should act instead. I have a hard time believing my sweet little Aiden would EVER be the kid the teachers dread coming to class. He may be onery but what 2 year old isn't?

  3. I'm sure you are a fabulous mommy and from what I hear it's just the age! I love the shoes too!!! :)