Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sicky boo

Today I am home from work with my sicky boo Aiden :( The poor little guy has been sick since Saturday night! He was suppose to have a sleep over with my mom that night but after they watched the K-State basketball game, mom thought he felt a little warm. I was out to dinner with some girlfriends and she texted me seeing if I would bring some tylenol. Mike was in Manhattan so I left immediately and headed to the CVS pharmacy by her house and grabbed cough medicine, childrens advil and a thermometer. My mom wanted us to just stay there but when we're sick we just want to be HOME. He had a fever of 101 when I got there and after giving him medicine we headed home. By the time we got there he was a whole new kid... talking, laughing and wanting to play. Since Mike was gone I put him in bed with me and we hit the sack.

Sunday he was good as long as he had medicine in him. As soon as it would wear off he would get really warm again. Then Sunday night he was burning up and we were up from 2am-5am. Mike took the day off to stay with him while I went to work. By this point we are convinced it was his 2 year molars. The fever and runny nose plus he is drooling like crazy and chewing on his fingers. He even complained to my mom that his mouth hurt. BUT he has a horrific cough as well which is not part of teething... so I was confused. He was the same yesterday as Sunday, good as long as medicine was in him. We even took a nice walk and found a new playground, he had a blast. Then at bed time he didn't want to go down and found any and every excuse to come out of his room. He finally went to sleep but was in our bed at midnight then we were up again from 2am to 5am.

This morning I had a meeting at work so I was up early and he was sound asleep in our bed. I finally had to wake him up to get him ready and he would not stop crying. He didn't want to get dressed, he refused to eat, he was warm and his eyes were super droopy. We were pretty much out the door when every instinct I have was telling me to stay. I just HATE calling in to work and I HATE taking him to the doctor for them to tell us nothing! But I knew he needed to be home again and that I needed to stay and take care of him. I didn't listen to my instincts the last time (pink eye) and I wasn't at work 5 min before the school called to have me pick him up, I didn't want that to happen again. He is clearly sick and did not need to be anywhere but home with his mama. So instead we headed out the door to the doctors office. They did a strep test and a flu test and both were negative. I told her how we thought it was his 2 yr molars and she agreed it could be a little of that but it wouldn't cause such a high fever. His fever was 102 when we were at the doctor :( She pretty much had no clue what was wrong but since one of his ears was a little red she called us in a prescription for amoxicillan and sent us on our way. Boo! I just want to know what is wrong! He has been pretty miserable all day. We've been taking it really easy and he's just been napping off and on and watching Thomas the Train. He finally ate a little but not much, but he is drinking plenty of fluids and is def not dehydrated which is good.

Poor little guy!! Im hoping he can get a good nights sleep tonight and be better tomorrow! The doctors office is right by his school and when we drove by it he flipped out! He wanted to go so bad! He misses his little friends. :(

On another {random}subject... Mike's co worker told him about this tom cat app that her 18mo daughter likes. We're always looking for kid apps that can occupy him at a restaurant, grocery store, doctors office waiting room etc. when all else fails. I wouldn't say this app is kid friendly (you can hit the cat and knock it down. how horrible!!) But Aiden talks to the cat and it repeats anything he says. Its so cute listening to him talk to it, and today he was showing the cat something out the car window. It was hilarious, its like his little friend.
He can mess up our phones real quick if we dont watch him so we try to not let him play with them but honesly sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and if its going tokeep him quiet and occupied in certain situations then bring it on!

I've gotten the chance today to go through Aiden's summer clothes. Let's just say he needs a whole new wardrobe. AHH! $$$$$$
I didn't get to go to the little britches sale this year which is where I get 70% of his wardrobe from so im freaking out a bit. I see a shopping spree in our very near future. And maybe cousin Pax has some things he can pass down as well. They grow so fast and clothes are so pricey. But with him being an ornery, messy, clumsy, ALL BOY 2 year old Ill stick to the cheap tee's and cotten shorts that he can mess up at school. I can't resist the polos and plaid shorts though!! :) He IS my little dress up doll ya know...

And summer wouldn't be complete...

Can't wait for the pool!!

Alright, my sicky boo has gotten a second wind and is ready to play a little! The sun is shining so we might need to head out for alittle vitamin D. That always makes you feel better! Plus since he's not eating much and his teeth hurt  the doctor suggested popsicles...perfect to eat outside and not make a sticky mess inside!
 gotta listen to doctor's orders :)


  1. Dane LOVES that cat game too!! he freaks out and always wants his cat! so funny!

  2. Those outfits are super cute EXCEPT for the first one. What's with the polo shirt and comfy shorts? negative. Hope my bubba gets to feeling better soon!

  3. Poor little buddy. I hope he does get rid of that fever. Those definitely make you feel miserable. I think those flu tests are a joke. Everyone I know that has had similar symptoms (including myself) tests negative for the A/B strands but they still continue to take your money to run the test. He looks like Paxton to me in these pictures! Take care.

  4. Both of my girls ran pretty high fevers when they were getting their two year old molars. Those teeth are rough! Jack has had a cough this past week too. He has had a runny nose and has been drooling like crazy so I thought he was teething. At his appointment today, the nurse practitioner told me he has allergies! Maybe that is the cause of Aiden's cough too? I hope he feels better!

  5. Oh, poor little Aiden. I'm so sorry he was sick or just getting those darn molars! Myla had a 101.3 fever last week for three days right at the time her first tooth erupted, but I thought the fever was too high for it to be teething too. She had no other symptoms so I guess it was her teeth. I wish I knew. Hang in there!