Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Im looking forward to...

There are TONS of fun events coming up in the next few months but first things first...

Baby Sis's Bachelorette Party!!

 Im having SO much fun planning this party and even though my BIG IDEA fell through, its still going to be a great time!

My original plan was to find a country concert to go to. Nothing big like at the Sprint Center but a good band at a bar or something. In college my sister and I and our roomies were (and still are!!) HUGE Randy Rogers fans... we went to every.single.concert that they played in Manhattan. It was our thing and I thought it'd be fun to do it like old times for her fling before the ring!

After searching KC as well as every surrounding town, city, state I could NOT find a concert that would work :( Biggest sad face ever. It was back to the drawing board and I was not happy.

I emailed a group of her friends and gave them other options I had in mind. After talking to them and talking to our bachelorette we decided on a fun weekend in Manhattan. If weather permits we will be able to take over my dads and enjoy his beautiful house and amazing deck. The plan is to eat dinner then do presents and drinks and games out there... then head to Willies and other west side bars then end up in the ville.

Sarah is SO chill and she swore she didnt care what we did, she just wanted us all to be together... that and NO P&L. Thank god... that was the LAST place we wanted to go!!

Manhattan will be fun and all the girls will crash at my dads and it'll be a big ol' slumber party!

One thing all the girls agreed on was sticking with the western theme, even though we didn't have a concert to go to. I thought that was a great idea so we're doing a "bachelorette in boots" theme and I could NOT be more excited.

I just happened to find western themed bachelorette stuff. What are the odds!!?? Im sooooo over the bling bling pink and black bachelorette party theme...

check out the FUN stuff Im finding...

 Im SOOO obsessed with these koozies!!

Unfortunately Sarah refuses to wear this hat. Such a bummer because I think its hilarious. A sash is what she wants because she hates hats and thinks she looks bad in them. Whatevs... it is her day though :)

Us girls are rocking some fun western shirts and boots ofcourse!! It's going to be really cute!!

Can't wait for the end of the month and this ...


  1. I never thought I would have a cowgirl bachelorette party but I couldn't be any more excited! I am so over the pink and black too. This is going to be ssoo cute! I LOVE the coozies! It would have been cool to go to a concert but I know we'll all have a blast no matter what!

    Maybe Burns should contact Randy Rogers Band and have them put on a private concert for us. He is their #1 fan so i'm sure they'd do it. Plus i'm sure they remember us crazy girls in the first row singing out hearts out to Kiss Me In The Dark. Great memories!

  2. Love the new blog, how do you get your font to look so cute!?!?!? I can't figure it out at all.

    So excited for the bach. party, we are gonna take over Manhattan!!