Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{ Fun Weekends}

The past two weekends have been BUSY but SO fun!!

::Memorial Day weekend we headed South. We hadn't been to El Dorado in SO long so we decided that would be our destination for the 3 day weekend! Aiden went down friday with Sarah, Derek and my mom because I had to work Saturday morning. Mike picked me up at noon and we headed out! That night we ate at Willies and spent the evening inside because it was cold and rainy. Sarah's birthday was Sunday so Derek suprised her before the trip with an XBOX 360 with Kinect and the Michael Jackson dance game! Amy and Sarah could barely contain their excitement about this :) ha! Mike and I got her another game that had a bunch of sports on it. WoW those games are intense!! Even though we were drinking and eating alot... i think we burned all our calories doing them! :) I have never laughed so hard in my life! Ha!

We were up bright and early Sunday morning! By 8am the kids were outside playing in their jammies. I decided to fill up the pool so it'd be warm for them by the afternoon but they decided to jump right in! Crazy kids! The water was FREEZING! We decided we might as well get their suits on and let them have at it! They had so much fun! Mike brought his corn hole game and the adults had a lot of fun too! Josh smoked some chicken and ribs, on the new smoker he got, and the food was DELISH*


{the tunes. Thanks Justin!!}


{look at dat belly! }

{summer beers for the ladies!! YUM!}

{cool hats! cute pic :) }


{sweet snuggle buddies}

{corn hole}

{funny story about this.... since the boys were soaking wet they'd just go potty in the corner of the yard... Aiden sometimes does this at our house and always at the farm. Well... i forgot to have a talk with him come tuesday when he went back to school so when i went to pick him up the teachers were like "ummm yeah, outside today.... " I knew right then they what they were going to tell me.
Yup... he went potty outside on the playground. OOPS!! Totally embarrassing. So we had a little chat and he knows he cant do that everywhere... great parenting moment ;) }

The weekend was perfect and we had so much fun! It was so hard leaving and going back to work tuesday :(

:: This past weekend Amy and the kids headed our way so she could join me in my first ever 5k RUN! My intentions were to start running before Sarah's wedding to lose weight and get in shape. {I've pretty much accepted Ill be fat forever, ha!} Well that didn't exactly happen but I had signed up for the 5k way before that, so i've just been trying to run as much as I can {which isn't very much, ha!} 

I knew nothing about this race... I just saw it was in June and signed up. I should have realized then what Hospital HILL  was...


Oh well, there was no backing out allowed!

Mike's parents were in town as well so we spent Friday night hanging with them and I tried to get to bed early. 5am came QUICK and Amy called to see if I really wanted to do it. She had been up ALLL night with her kids. She got about and hour of sleep and was exhausted :( I felt so bad but I told her to get her A** over here because I refused to not do it!

Mike and Aiden got up at 5:45am to take up down there and cheer us on! So sweet!

I couldn't believe ALL the people there... over 7,000!! What had we got ourselves into??!!!

I was freaking out at first, the only thing I wanted to do was run far far far away from this! ha!
But we were down there and it was GO time.

We started in the back and as soon as that gun shot went off I got a SURGE of adrenaline! The music was loud and motivating and I was pumped!!
I felt like I could run for days! It was SO MUCH FUN! {I never thought i'd say that, ever in my whole life, about running!!}  There were so many people of all ages, shapes and sizes... you really saw it all and all insecurites and nerves I had were out the window!

Poor Amy had NO energy :( She has done a few races so this was not her first rodeo but it just wasn't her day.  She is amazing though, and pushed through to the finish! So proud of her :) Im so glad we did this together!! Im a little proud of myself as well... ha! Never in my life did I think I could run, not a 5k, not up a hill, no where, and I did it and LIKED it!! Already looking to sign up for my next one!!!

{sweaty and SOOO red... hotness}

{my biggest fans!}

{my bib had my name on it :) }

After a short nap Aiden headed to a carnival at Aunt Sissa's work, I went straight to the pool with my fam and Mike mowed the lawn. That night we had both families over to our house for a bbq... It was a perfect day!!

{My dad's girlfriend Kelley has a pool in her backyard... its glorious!! }

      Sunday we had lunch at On The Border and said our goodbyes to everyone. Never any fun! :(

{who falls asleep at On The Border??!! Poor lil guy was exhausted!!}

Lots more good times coming up this summer!!

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  1. OMG...Aiden peeing outside! Hilarious! Congrats on the Hospital Hill, I've heard it's brutal. Oh, and that little girl's belly looks like mine these days:)