Sunday, June 19, 2011

{Father's Day Weekend: 2011}

What a wonderful Father's day weekend it was! We got to spend a lot of time with my daddy which was great!! Yesterday he and Kelley invited us over to her pool to hang out and grill. It was so much fun! We were there from noon til ten o'clock last night! A very long day but we were just having a blast and Aiden was in hog heaven! My cousin Haley is living at Kelley's this summer, while taking a couple classes from JOCO, so her and her bf and his friends were there hanging out as well. They all were so sweet to Aiden and played with him all day and night. Sarah and Derek were there as well!

This morning Mike's breakfast request was a fruit and yogurt parfait {random... i know :) ha!} So I grabbed the stuff to make some and we had that AND pancakes :)

We wanted to take my dad out to lunch so we met him, Kelley, Sarah, Derek, and my brother Tony at Cheddar's. None of us had ever been there so we checked it out... I thought the food was pretty good and its really inexpensive! We all got my dad a Bass Pro gift  card and I think he was suprised and will def enjoy it :)

The restaurant was right beside Oak Park Mall so Mike, Aiden and I went there after lunch to get Mike's father's day present. We forgot a stroller AND it was way past nap time but suprisingly Aiden did GREAT and was rewarded with some new CARS cars and a new CARS shirt from the Disney store! {CARS 2 comes out THIS friday..can't wait!}

Mike picked out some new tennis shoes as his gift!

We spent the rest of the afternoon napping and relaxing. It was a great day!

Some pics before heading to lunch...

Sadly we didn't get to see Mike's dad, Don, this weekend but we'll get to spend a little time with him next weekend and the weekend after which is good.

Mike and I are very lucky to have such wonderful father's in our lives and very thankful for all they do for us and our family!

Aiden is also extremely lucky to have Mike as a daddy and I couldn't ask for a better man to raise our son with. Thanks for ALL you do for us!!! We love you SO much!

Happy Father's Day to ALL our Daddy's!!

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