Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reunited & it feels SO good! {Part 2}

In a mere 48 hrs I will be back in Manhappiness with my beautiful best friends getting ready to celebrate an extraordinary event...

Ramey & Greg's WEDDING!!!!

I can not wait to celebrate their special day. They are truly an amazing couple, and their love for each other is so rare and unexplainable.

 I couldn't imagine a better man to marry my best friend, I know Greg will love her and provide for her "til death do them part" no doubt!!! He has definitely become one of the "girls" and we all just adore him!! Thank you Greg for being such a great guy and for treating our girl Ramey like a queen, we know you'll take good care of her forever!!

 I can not WAIT to see Ramey, I know she is going to make an INCREDIBLY stunning bride. It seems like yesterday we were cruising to cheerleading practice in her blue neon... those were the days!!! I love you SO much and am so happy for you and Greg!!

I also can't wait to spend ALLLL weekend with these loves of my life!!!! If only I could scan in old high school pictures :( We've all been friends for 15+ yrs... CrAzY to think about but very true!! LOVE YOU GIRLS!!! Not sure Manhattan is ready for us all to be back...

the ONLY high school pic... oldie but goodie! ha!

Seriously Can.Not.Wait for this weekend! I haven't stopped smiling ALL week!! Im planning on being like paparazzi and taking a bunch of pics so Ill have a full follow up post after the BIG weekend!

Congrats Ramey and Greg!! We all LOOOVE you guys!!

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  1. Have a blast this weekend!! I can't wait to see the pics - and you're right, I know Ramey will be a gorgeous bride! :)