Sunday, June 12, 2011

{Things I'm Lovin!}

:: Homemade Twix Bars!::

I stumbled upon this recipe on a blog I follow... they seemed SO easy to make and looked oh so yummy too! We had a BBQ to go to on Saturday night so I decided to try them out to take to it.  Im not even sure a single person had one since they were all so full from the burgers, brats and other goodies we had there.  :)

 I  had tried a tiny peice myself just to see how they were and at first I thought they were too rich and I wasn't a huge gan. Then this morning, {yes i said morning, like 8am, with my coffee... dont judge!} after sitting in the fridge over night, I had a bigger peice and OH MY HEAVEN it tasted sooo good!!! I had TWO!! I think what makes them sooo rich is the chocolate/peanut butter frosting so if you just do a thin layer to top it, they will be PERFECT. Such an easy recipe and who would have thought club crackers??!!! 

 Who knows... who cares.... they are good :)


I get daily emails from and finally made my first purchase today! I just hadn't found anything yet that I but I really thought this was a cute thing for Aiden.

Its a little chalk n doodle table perfect for him to use in the car or just hanging out at home. It will sit perfectly on his lap like a little table. Those elastic bands in the corner will also hold down a book, coloring book, paper etc. which I though was really neat! It comes with chalk but also has a place to store crayons or markers! What sold me was that it was only $9.99. DEAL!! {but then I went to check out and had to pay $5.95 shipping... ugghhh I HATE shipping prices. I think it should be free on every site for every item. period.}  Oh well, I really think he'll enjoy it!

I also liked the nap sack... which is a little bag with a pillow and blanket in it for traveling or in our case, perfect to take to daycare! I didn't like the fabrics they had for boys so I skipped that....AND I know Mike's mom could probably whip up the same thing for cheaper, with the fabric of my choice... she's amazing :)
these were both from The Piggy Story.

I always find endless items on Zulily for girls though.... Im sure Id use the site more if I had a little lady... I think god knew I needed a boy to keep me from going bankrupt :) ha!

check these out...

to.die. for. Completely impractical but equally amazing at the same time!!! :)
If any of you mommy's haven't visited Zulily yet (which most have) then go check it out and at least sign up for the daily emails! Maybe eventually you'll stumble upon something you have to have! {and make sure if you do, when you check out refer me for sending you and i get $15 to use on the site. ha! thanks :) he he}

:: Fun Summery Nail Polish::

Just a new nail color I purchased....

                                                               Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

from OPI's South beach collection...
Last summer I was all about the coral's.... this summer is all about the PINK's! Love it!


I swore I already posted about my love for bounce dryer bars... but I can't find that post. But if you didn't already know... I LOVE these things. Screw fabric  sheets... this bar just sticks to the dryer wall and make your clothes smell so fresh and so clean clean! ;)

As I was crusin down the laundry detergent aisle,  {mmmm I could stay there and smell the detergents all day long :) ha!}  I found Bounce ironing spray!

I pretty much iron every day and dont use any sort of spray... but I thought I'd give this a try. Im not sure how much it helps with the ironing, the only thing I care about is the AMAZING smell it gives my clothes! I LOOOVE this stuff!!

This isn't a bounce product but I picked it up as well that day
I love the clorox bleach pens but this is for colors! brilliant!  Im horrilble at treating stains so Im anxious to see if this works.Ill let you know how it goes :) Go figure since i've purchase it, Aiden has remained pretty clean so I haven't got to bust it out yet. ha

I just realized I have a sick obsession with laundry products... which is weird considering I hate doing laundry! :)

I love my "Things Im Lovin" posts... I need to do them more often!! I'd love to hear what YOUR lovin too!!

happy sunday*

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