Monday, January 25, 2010

HI! WOW! and UH-O!!

Its been awhile since I have done a blog post that was actually ALL ABOUT AIDEN!! Its definitely time to update you on what our little man is up to these days!

Lets just start off by saying he is definitely a toddler! (Which makes me so sad and secretly i whisper in his ear every day that he is still my BABY and always will be) It seems like every time I look at him he looks older and bigger :(

Aiden is still very easy going. He is almost always in a great mood and rarely gets upset. He does have a temper though and does NOT like to be told no. Some days I feel like I just say no no no all day long and I hate it!! I try to tell him no and re direct his attention to something he is allowed to play with but most the time he could care less about ALL his toys.  I mean the kid is completely spoiled and has too many toys but will spend an entire day playing with an empty water bottle or his FAVORITE an empty puffs container. He is SO silly! Whatever makes him happy as long as its not the remote, my cell phone, the lab top or the cords behind the tv. Mike and I both decided we need a new tv stand and a new desk ALL with DOORS so he can't get into them. HA!

Aiden is becoming more interested in some of his toys and its so cute how he will go in his room and actually PLAY. Ill find him in there looking at his books or crawling around his laugh and learn kitchen, its so adorable. Today he was being awfully quiet in there so I took a peek and he was playing with a cup (see i told you) and he was pulling out his dresser drawer putting the cup in it then pushing it back in. Then he would pull it out, take the cup out and start all over. No idea what he was thinking but he was having such a good time! Also when I was doing some dishes in the kitchen I heard him saying UH-O! in his room. He has NEVER said that  so i had to go check out what was going on. He was just playing and I have no idea why he was saying Uh-o but he was and said it ALL day long. It was the cutest thing! His other favorite words right now are HI! and WOW! He also says mama, dada and will repeat you if you say baby and pretty. He tries so hard to say other things but they just don't come out quite right yet. Im not concerned at all. He "talks" all the time and one of these days it'll all just come out perfect  :)

this post could get pretty long so Ill just make a list now of some other things he is up to!

*Pacifier- Aiden RARELY has his pacifier. We use it for bed time and as soon as he wakes up I say "spit it out" and he takes it out of his mouth and puts it in his crib. He's such a good boy! I don't leave the house without one though... just in case, there is always one in the diaper bag for emergencies. I do give it to him though for long car rides because he doesn't always fall asleep any more and even gets bored with his dvd player.  Im glad he isn't dependent on it at all and I think i could take it away completely and he would be fine. I think its harder for me! He looks like a baby with it in and as I have already pointed out I want him to be a baby forever! :)

*Milk- I switched Aiden to whole milk right around his first birthday. He loved it right away and I didn't have to ease him into it by mixing it with formula or anything. I was happy. He drinks it cold with meals but I warm it up first thing in the morning and before bed. I don't think he really has a preference at all its just what we do!

*Bed time/night time/nap time- Aiden hasn't always been the best sleeper. These days he is going to bed around 8. He wont let me rock him anymore :( so we just lay him down turn his music on and he's out. He usually sleeps until til 6 or 7 and on a rare occasion 8am! We still have some nights where he'll wake up crying and we just have to go in there lay him back down and turn his music box on. Not horrible. He was taking 2- 2 hr naps a day but now its usually just one in the afternoon that will last a couple hrs and sometimes he'll lay down in the mornings for about 45 min to and hour.

*Meal time- Aiden is a good eater and everyone is usually shocked at how much he can consume! He still doesn't like veggies all too much but we have found ways to get him to eat them. I was concerned awhile back but then I read about other foods that can give him the same nutrients and I also read about serving sizes and it all put my mind to ease. He is definitely a healthy little boy!

*Aiden's babysitters include my grandma and our friend Heidi. Heidi has a 3 yr old son Hunter and is expecting. Aiden LOVES Heidi and Hunter and they are always having play dates with lots of other kids and moms.  I love that she always has them outside when its nice, does art projects and I know he is learning when he is with them. We're very lucky!

*Aiden is becoming more shy and its adorable. It doesn't last long and he warms up to people very quickly but he can be quite bashful at first.

* He still LOVES bath time and will yank at his shirt and diaper until I take them off then he runs to the bathroom. ha ha  ha!

obviously I could go on and on and on but this is getting LONG. Most importantly our guy is happy and healthy and so much fun! My love for him is SO unexplainable, Im honored to be his mommy. Im going to be better about these updates ALL ABOUT AIDEN... this blog IS suppose to be all about him :)

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  1. He looks so old :*( This is the kind of update I am talking about. Now keep it up! Good job on the pacifier! Use it only when you have to! Hate when kids over 2 (and that's pushing it) use a binkie. So funny about him ripping his clothes off and running to the bath. I can totally see it!