Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet tooth

I have been CRAVING something sweet lately. Its like ever since I was pregnant I can't have a meal without a little treat afterwards. Its really awful actually, especially when you're trying to watch what you're eating. These days stores offer plenty low fat, low sugar "healthy" goodies that wont sabotage your efforts but this weekend I really didn't care and just wanted to make some yummy treats for me and my boys! More like my boys, co workers and whoever else would like to take some of these cookies off our hands, we have MORE than I know what to do with!! I wonder what would happen if i froze some... hmmmm.
Anyways...  here is what i made!!

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies
The ingredients include applesauce and whole wheat flour. I found the recipe on this healthy living website. They really aren't THAT good for you so I might as well just make regular chocolate chips cookies but they do taste great and Im glad I gave them a shot. I think ill use half a bag of choc chips next time, don't get me wrong I LOVE chocolate but I think there were just too many, thats all I could taste!!

Aiden's new favorite snack is craisins. My sister Amy had some in her purse for Pax while we were  out to eat one night and we gave some to aiden to try. He loved them. He has always like raisins so i decided to buy some at the store. I bought 100 calorie packs to keep in the diaper bag and a bag to keep at home. (Those things are not cheap! )
So i saw the recipe in a craisin ad in Taste Of Home magazine and have also heard my co worker Megan  rave about them so I decided to make some since I had all the ingredients. (minus the white choc chips which Mike so graciously picked up for me after work last night. Love him.) They are super easy to make and are quite tasty!

Here is Aiden enjoying some of the choc chip cookes... quite messy but well worth it!

I have the day off today and its super cold and insanely WINDY so Aiden and I are cooped up in the house all day! Plus he's not feeling very well so unless we go to the doctor we're not going anywhere! Wish I would have saved the baking for today but guess Ill tackle the laundry instead. FUN :)

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