Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pancake Sunday!

Seriously how cute is this pan?!?
I almost forgot about something else she gave us and almost started spooning the batter onto the pan with a measuring cup! Silly me... good thing Mike reminded me! 

Check out this nifty thing!! 
You poor the batter in it and squeeze the handle and the mix comes out. You decide how much at a time making either large, medium or small pancakes. I was wondering how i was going to fill each one by hand knowing they would need to be flipped before I was done. I could have lowered the heat but thats me being a very amateur cook, I use HIGH HEAT for everything! 

I did the monkey, hippo and crocodile first, they were my favorites :) Im officially obsessed with this pan and had so much fun this morning making Aiden's breakfast. Of course he could care less and had no idea what was going on. Im sure he was thinking " mom why are you showing me my food and talking to me about it... just FEED ME!! " He'll appreciate it more one day.


So I COULD just end this post now making you all think that this was a perfect breakfast and I made perfect animal pancakes for my perfect son but that definitely wasn't the case. Yes the pictures above were the first three pancakes I made and they did turn out great but then I got cocky and decided to them all at once...

Ha Ha Ha! I think it had something to do with the HIGH HEAT thing I was talking about earlier.  So that batch when straight in the trash and I stuck with doing 2-3 animals at a time after that :)

To make matters worse, Aiden must not have been feeling well because he threw up his whole entire breakfast ten minutes after eating it! POOR BABY!!

The joys of motherhood...

I wouldn't change it for the WORLD though!!



  1. lol! You can't make pancakes on high heat! Even the ones you made for Aiden look burnt. No wonder he puked! That pan is super cute though. Pancakes cook very fast. Even on low heat!

  2. his were NOT burnt, they were perfect. He always eats fast then CHUGS his milk, im sure that is why he threw up.

  3. Amber your little man is such a cutie. I love the new pan...what a fun idea. You made me want one! I am a sucker for all things kitchen.