Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year*

Happy New Years everyone!! There is nothing better than spending the first day of 2010 with my boys in our pajamas playing and watching football. I've decided to reflect back on the past year... I have so many things to be thankful for and i'd like to share a few with you! 2009 was THE BEST year and we feel incredibly blessed.

1. Technically Aiden was born in 2008 but the majority of his first year has been in 2009 :) To be able to carry and give birth to a child is an absolute miracle and it truly changes your outlook on life. We are so fortunate to have had a healthy baby boy and Aiden has made this past year unforgettable! He has brought so much joy to our lives and i can't describe the LOVE you have for your child. All the sleepless nights, crying, diaper changing, bottle washing etc. doesn't compare to all the smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses, milestones and MEMORIES we have created this past year. Thank you Aiden for making this year the best year of my life, I love you more than you'll ever know!!

 2. My best friend and boyfriend Mike. We are incredibly lucky to have him in our lives and I don't tell him nearly enough how much I appreciate and love him! Im thankful for his PATIENCE and all his help with Aiden. Im thankful for how HARD he works in school, his job and at home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Aiden's face LIGHT UP when his daddy walks in the room. Thank you Mike for  being and amazing boyfriend and dad and for making this year the best year of my life!

3. Im thankful for both our families. All of their support and everything they do for us! I am most thankful for  their love for our son. He has no idea how lucky he is!!! Thank you all for making this the best year of my life, we love you all and we appreciate all you do!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2010!! 

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  1. ok this made me cry!!!! I might copy you and do a similar post, it's a good idea. Also love the new header!