Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend in El Dorado & CHUBBY CHECKERS!

Okay I really mean CHUCKIE CHEESE but ever since my dad called it chubby checkers one time I always refer to it as that because its so hilarious. Last weekend Aiden and I headed to El Dorado to visit my sister Amy, her husband Josh and my ADORABLE nephew Paxton and niece Harper. We had to drive in some pretty terriying fog on the way there.  Seriously I can't even explain how scary it was. Doesn't help there were SO many morons on the road. No, I do not feel bad saying morons because thats what they are. Who PASSES (its a 2 lane highway!) in ThIcK THICK ThIcK fog and who doesn't have their dims/lights on!!! (um about 80% of the people on the road that day!) I didn't even take drivers ed and I STILL know these things, its COMMON SENSE! But thankfully we did make it safely and I was so happy to finally be there.

After getting Aiden dressed and letting him  check out his cousin harper and play with pax for a while I started packing up the car to head to Wichita. We were going to meet our other sister Sarah who lives there and do a little shopping and then head to chuckie cheese!

(let me point out that we live in an apartment right now so Aiden loves going to auntie Amy's because he can RUN from one side of the house to the other, he loves it)

Miss Harper was WIDE awake and ready to go!!

 Packing up the car... what a PAIN!! I never thought I would say this but a mini van would have been amazing that day! We had 2 toddler car seats and 1 infant car seat to fit in the back of Amy's honda accord. I have always thought that car had a super roomy back seat until the day I had to fit 3 car seats in the back of it. After tugging and pulling and safely securing all 3 seats we were on our way!

We first went to the mall to do a little shopping. I swear people were looking at us like we were crazy with 2 strollers and harper in a sling. We had it all figured out though!!

Shopping was a success and now it was time to head to chuckie cheese!! As soon as we pulled into the parking lot we knew it was going to be CrAzY. Seriously who goes to chuckie cheese on a saturday afternoon with  1yr old, 2 yr old  and 6 week old children...

WE DO!!!

We walked in the door and there was a line. Found out there was a 15/20 minute wait. Great. Amy was ready to skip out but Sarah would not let that happen. (Im pretty sure she was more excited than the boys!) At this point aiden is squirming to get down and explore and Pax is in tears. He caught a glimpse of Chuckie Cheese himself and was terrified! The wait went fairly quick, we ordered our pizza and were seated. PHEW! The pizza came up pretty fast and we were all so starving by that point I don't even think we cared that it didn't really taste that great at all.

The boys were eager to go play so we let them loose! I really didn't get that many pictures because I had my hands full with Aiden and I was trying to capture video as well! It was just packed at chuckie cheese. Hundreds of people and kids and birthday parties... I was super overwhelmed! Aiden just wanted to RUN and I had never seen him run that fast in my life. It was hilarious and I really wanted to just let him go but he would take off and either fall on his face or run into a complete stranger. So i tried to keep him busy with the rides and stuff. I think we were really only there a couple hours but it seemed like an eternity and I was ready to go as was amy... and for sarah, Im sure you can guess. We had to pry her and Pax away. It was nap time anyways and the boys were fast asleep before we hit the highway. My camera had died but i took cute pics of them sleeping with Amy's. Harper on the other hand slept through chuckie cheese and was wide awake for the car ride home, silly girl. We spent the rest of the night relaxing, went to dinner at the mexican restaurant and after putting the boys to bed us sisters enjoyed some wine and watched The Hangover. Very FUN (exhausting) weekend!!  Im excited to go back again with Aiden the 2nd weekend in february to help Sarah watch Pax and Harper while Amy and Josh go to VEGAS!

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  1. haha I admit it, I like Chuckie Cheese just as much (if not more) then the boys. Ask Derek, I keep begging him to take me to Abe and Jakes (I think that's what it's called) because it's a grown up Chuckie Cheese!! I was dripping in sweat and ready to go soon after you and Amy though. We'll have to go again when the kids can go off by themselves and we can just sit at a table and watch :)